Farm Fresh Fridays

A perfect summer garden mix of locally grown blooms from the Farm of Mel Green. Each bouquet will feature some of the season's best wildflowers like Sunflowers, Zinnias or Queen Anne's Lace. The bouquet will come wrapped in brown paper and ready for your favorite vase. 

Favorites in Farm Fresh Fridays

A Farm-Fresh bouquet from Nanz & Kraft in Louisville, KY, is a delightful celebration of nature's beauty and the local farming community's bounty. These bouquets are a testament to freshness, sustainability, and the artistry of floral design, offering a vibrant array of flowers that seem to carry the very essence of a sunny day in the countryside right into your home or office.

Crafted with care, each Farm-Fresh bouquet at Nanz & Kraft is composed of the season's best blooms, sourced directly from farms. This ensures that the flowers are not only stunning in their variety and colors but also exceptionally long-lasting. The bouquets might feature a mix of classic favorites such as roses and lilies, alongside unique and seasonal offerings like dahlias or wildflowers, all coming together in a harmonious display that captures the heart of Kentucky's natural beauty. Receiving or sending a Farm-Fresh bouquet from Nanz & Kraft is more than just a floral delivery; it's an experience. It brings a piece of the lush, verdant fields into urban settings, bridging the gap between rural charm and city elegance. For those in Louisville and beyond, these bouquets are a way to celebrate special moments, express emotions, or simply bring a touch of freshness and color into everyday life, all while supporting local agriculture and sustainable practices.

A Word from Our Customers