Summer Flowers

Capture the warmth & colors of summer!

Favorites in Summer Flowers & Gifts

Nanz and Kraft Florists (502 897-6551) specializes in exotic and tropical summer flowers, bright flower arrangements, and gifts perfect for celebrating the year's hottest season. We deliver locally and across the country! Check out our summer selection to help bring the season's warmth into your life. 

Sending summer flowers to the Greater Louisville, KY area from Nanz & Kraft is akin to delivering a sonnet of the season, composed in the elegant and luscious language of nature’s finest blooms. Esteemed for their exquisite floral artistry, Nanz & Kraft transforms the simple act of gifting flowers into an opulent experience, celebrating the lavish abundance and vivid hues of summer. Each bouquet is a masterful ensemble of color, texture, and fragrance, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of summer’s splendor. Imagine delicate petals unfurling like the early morning sun, vibrant blossoms that mirror the azure skies, and lush greenery that evokes the richness of summer meadows. From sunflowers' radiant glory to wildflowers' subtle grace, Nanz & Kraft’s arrangements are a symphony of nature's most extravagant expressions.

Opting for Nanz & Kraft means choosing \an experience—a luxurious, sensory journey transcending the ordinary. It’s a timeless gift that conveys your sentiments with sophistication and grace, making any moment in the Greater Louisville area feel as enchanting and memorable as a midsummer’s dream.

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