Farm Fresh Flowers

Beautiful, responsibly grown flowers

Nanz & Kraft is proud to offer local, farm-fresh flowers through our partnership with Eden Roots Flower Farm. Each week, we will be featuring an arrangement of quality, organically-grown flowers, freshly cut and free of any harmful chemicals, from the Eden Roots field.

About Eden Roots Flower Farm

Eden Roots Flower Farm is a family-owned, eco-conscious flower farm located in Simpsonville, KY. Besides some flowering branches and a few select perennials, all of the flowers and foliage are grown on-site from seeds using organic and sustainable growing practices. The owners of Eden Roots Flower Farm are mindful of green farming and actively do their part to reduce plastic consumption by recycling and using natural, environmentally-friendly products and supplies as much as possible.

Why Purchase Flowers from a Local Flower Farm?

You'll Get the Best of Seasonal Flowers

When you purchase flowers from a local grower, you'll see varieties of flowers you won't find elsewhere. Plus, when you buy locally-grown, in-season blooms, they will look and smell fresher for longer than if you were to purchase them from afar.

They'll Be Very Fresh

Imported flowers can sometimes be cut a week or more before arriving in the country, causing quality and vase life to decline. When buying from a local grower, you'll likely have your blooms cut that morning and on your table by evening.

You'll Help Support the Local Bee and Wildlife Habitat

A healthy garden of flowers and foliage provides an organic habitat for bees, birds, and insects, all of which help contribute to the natural symbiosis that keeps the soil sustainable and the plants healthy.

You'll Help Support a Local Business

By purchasing from a local grower, you're not only supporting a small business, but you're putting money back into your local economy as well. Plus, you'll be supporting the overall floral industry, and where would we be if we didn't have flowers in our life?