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I just placed an order for 2 new baby flower arrangements after having been up all night traveling to louisville. Nadine took my order and she was wonderful! I didn't expect such friendliness, helpfulness, and professionalism. So often we are quick to express criticism and complaint; rarely do we acknowledge a job well done... Nadine, THANKS! Sincerely, Dr. RH Mercke
"Just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation to Lindsay Hale for the beautiful arm bouquet she designed for me following my visit to the store last Friday, 10/8. I don't know how she translated my need for something special for my Mother's birthday into such a beautiful expression of flowers, but it was perfect. When I picked them up the next day, I couldn't help but have a few tears escape. It was almost like she reached into my soul . I knew when I laid them at the cemetary that my Mother would know how much I love her. Thank you Lindsay! Rosemary" Rosemary A.
"You have a great website! I 'wasted' three hours calling around asking about specific planters and memorial stones for a dear friend of mine. Then I visited your website and was so amazed and impressed how organized and user friendly it was. You had exactly what I was looking for and eliminated so much stress going on at the time. My time is very valuable to me. Lesson learned. In the future, I'm going straight to your website - no other calling around. Thank you!" Teresa Gipperich
Brenda, Thank you and your team for a job well done! Everything looked beautiful, beyond dazzling! It is a comfort to know we are in good hands with you and the Nanz and Kraft team. The bow tie was a big hit! Just the perfect accent! I think Hal might choke with the bill... but I will talk him down from the ledge as I remind him we had more tables, and the lounge this year. He usually doesn't get how important the flowers and décor are to an event. You know, he is a guy! By the way, the American Girl doll and accessories went for over $500! Can you believe that! I never really looked at what was in there, were there gold bricks too? No give a ways on the condo's either!!! Bummer for us, but great for a our bottom line. The evening was great fun and I think we may have had record earnings! We will let you know when our next McDazzle will be!!! Hope to see you before then too. Robyn Bischoff
I received the roses from Nanz and Kraft on Thursday, February 11th, after winning my first ever call in on WVEZ on Wednesday. The flowers are BEAUTIFUL! They are the biggest roses I've ever seen. They were delivered to my office, and we have one on all of the womens' desks so that the enjoyment could be shared. I just wanted to say thank you!!! For the big mid-winter pick me up!!!!! Jeri Strauss
Last night's Flower Hour was a huge success. We raised $525 for Brightside in just a two-hour time span. We're receiving more and more publicity and buzz for this event every year. News of Flower Hour appeared on TV (WHAS, FOX, WAVE, The CW), newspaper (Courier-Journal, Voice Tribune, LEO) and online social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and local food blogs. Thanks to everyone who played a part in making this year's event a success, and especially Al, Jim and Eddie for waking up in the wee hours of the morning to promote on morning TV. Nick Clark
Franklin, I spoke with someone at your office today, and it sounded like the silk plants were getting picked up without a hitch. I just want you to know that I received SO many compliments on the flowers! Everyone absolutely loved them! We had almost 5,000 people at our meetings on Saturday and all the meetings were televised--some of them live. The arrangements and plants made our stage look so beautiful for this! I cannot thank you enough! You were very professional and easy to work with, and your product was outstanding! May God richly bless you in the new year! 1/5/10 Stephanie McNeilus -GYC
Dear Mr. Kraft, I am writing to convey my experience with Joseph Hess and the Nanz & Kraft Florists while recently in Louisville. Perhaps a bit of background is in order. I do production for Aglow International – an international, trans-denominational ministry. Recently we held our worldwide conference in Louisville at the Kentucky International Convention Center. We hosted over 3500 attendees from 103 nations (we are currently in 170 nations in the world). Joseph Hess was my contact with Nanz & Kraft. From the beginning, Joseph became a friend and not just a vendor. His attention to detail, obvious care and attention to my needs, and genuine hospitality as an ambassador for your company caught my attention. Aside from his friendly & winning attitude, his knowledge of flowers as well as his creative suggestions were invaluable. One thing became very, very clear from the onset of our business relationship was that I felt secure that it would not be necessary to call daily to insure that deliveries would be fresh, on time, and without error. And the added emails confirming deliveries was a delightful surprise. I had such a wonderful time working with Joseph and with the Nanz and Kraft Florist. Please convey my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Joseph and to all who helped make my experience in Louisville with Nanz and Kraft a great success. You are truly blessed with a great company and great people. Nov. 2009 Leesha H
Thanks for fine long-distance service! I appreciated your delivery confirming e-mail -- and just at the time I anticipated. As a former Louisville resident with family members and friends still there, it's so nice to know I can call on fairly short notice from NC and have flowers delivered just as I wish re time and freshness Jean N
Dear Pat, Where do I start? The flowers were absolutely perfect! Words cannnot expess our appreciation for the special care and talent you showed in designing the Eight Belles display. I last visited the museum yesterday, on my way to the airport and the flowers were still as beautiful as the day they were delivered. My heart could not handle destroying the arrangement. The museum had removed all flowers from the gravesite except yours. So I left it standing there. I hope there is some way you can pick up the vase for our use next year. If that is not possible, please save it for your own use. Be assured that whenever we are in Louisville, we will use Nanz and Kraft for all our floral needs. You are not only the oldest, but you are also the best in Louisville. All the best, Pat. Don't be surprised when we call with our next crazy request. Linda Walker
WOW! I've been ordering flowers for years, and this is the best service I've ever received - truly a great experience. Laurie C. Edmonds, WA
We had a bit of a mix-up in getting a basket to an employee who was in the hospital. He ended up being discharged before the basket could get to him. Shannon was FANTASTIC in helping me track the basket down and then making certain that she got his home address and the basket delivered today. I truly appreciate the extra miles that she went yesterday and this morning. Shannon truly exemplifies the customer service that I know I can count on at Nanz and Kraft. For me, there is no other option but to order from you all. I know that I will always be taken care of and Shannon just proved that again. Thank you! Erika Napier
I want you to know what a wonderful field trip we had at your store today! Kathleen was fantastic and she did a great job of modifying her presentation to meet the needs of my special students. Everyone on your staff was full of smiles and made us feel so welcome. My students made some fun memories and learned some important things about plants. We had many fun discussions about what we saw and heard. Thank you for this positive learning experience. Dianne Bynum Zachary Taylor Elementary School Dianne Bynum
You are the only florist I will use and for good reason! My most recent purchase was, again, perfect. So perfect in fact, that my Mom (so hard to please) actually said 'Where do you order your flowers from? They are always the prettiest arrangement in the room!' Now that is confirmation that I picked a good florist! Thanks so much! Ann Barczak
I just want to thank you all for doing such a wonderful job! I moved away from Louisville in 1992, and have lived in North Carolina since 2000. It is very comforting to know that each occasion from Mother's Day to Birthdays I can call you, get a good suggestion from your always friendly staff, and in a matter of hours after the always on time delivery get a call from my mother telling me how beautiful her gift is, and how much she loves it! You did it once again this year. I had mums delivered to her for her 70th birthday on Sunday and sure enough she was filled with joy. Today it is hard to find a dependable company to do most anything, a staff that is always willing to go the extra mile, and never once have I not been satisfied with the job you do. I just wanted to make sure you knew you were a special company and and I appreciate the job you do. Gil Sturtzel , NC
Pat I wanted to thank you again for everything you did for our wedding. It was beautiful Pat. It was just as I pictured and more. You were amazing to work with and such a blessing. I will be sure to refer you to others for you were such a pleasure and joy. I know I’m not always the easiest to work with and on top of that you had my mom as well. When you put us together it can be even more difficult but, you handled it so well. Thank you so very much for all the effort you put in to making my day wonderful. Again, it was a dream come true. -Oct 2009 Kym
"Hello, I think you have an outstanding website! Keep up the good work. Your company is my florist of choice!!! -July, 2009 Sincerely, J. Stubbs, LMFT
HI Pat, got your email….we have no “formal” photos yet, but here are some candid shots….Everything was absolutely stunning! Frankly, I couldn’t think of a more beautiful bouquet for Sarah or the girls!! You are terrific! The Galt house tables were so lovely as well, and so many people commented on the flowers, decorations etc. I will send more pics as I get them…. Ps. You guys have me as a customer forever! And I have two more girls to go! 11/23/09 Brenda C. Parker, Ph.D.
This was my first on line order and it was wonderful! Sending something to California--couldn't have been easier. Lucy Bickett
Missy, My (Petal Points) merchandise arrived on Saturday and it was delightful! Thank you so much! I certainly did not expect a lovely thank you and such a pretty little package. Just continues to remind me why I refuse to use any other florist. You guys always take the extra time to make things special. Thank you! Erika Napier
I would like to express my appreciation for the BEAUTIFUL FRESH CUT flowers delivered to my husband Kenneth Panke at (the) Hospital. He is rehab following back surgery and the flowers are still beautiful. We are customers of your florist and always know we can count on you for great service. Thanks again, Dee Panke Dee Panke
Very impressive email notification you provide, I knew there was a reason I chose the best ! Thanks , have a great weekend, and buy Florida Orange juice, it keeps our taxes down here in Florida! Robert T.
Michael and Eddie: A HUGE thank you for the white lillys/carnations and for using Land Dev. Services over the years. Thanks, again. Bonny Manning