Origins of July 4th

July 4thIn 1776, the Declaration of Independence was written even as the British armies were heading across the ocean to our shores. The document’s intention was to justify a revolt against the British rule, and included a long list of charges against the King of England. The Declaration of Independence was authorized by 56 men representing each of the 13 colonies. The signing of the document indicated the onset of official war, although the Revolutionary War was already considered underway.

On July 6, 1776, the Pennsylvania Evening Post became the first newspaper to print the now-historic Declaration of Independence. At the time of the first Independence Day, there were 2.5 million Americans to celebrate. By 2014, census data indicates that the number of American citizens has now grown to over 318 million, a testament to the beacon our free society has been through the years. Amazingly, John Adams wrote just after the signing that “this day will be marked by pomp and parades and fireworks.” Nearly 250 years later, the red, white and blue is still celebrated in much the same way – with the addition, of course, of the iconic barbecue or picnic!

July 4th

Star Spangled Beauty

Nanz and Kraft is ready to help you celebrate with beautiful floral arrangements that reflect American tradition and legacy. Red, White & True showcases an arrangement of blooms in a deep blue vase, sure to make you swell with pride. Star Spangled Beauty displays the spirit of America with classic arrangement of red Roses, white Hydrangea, and blue Delphinium.

Whether to honor a loved one or decorate your backyard gathering, Nanz & Kraft Florists have three Louisville flower shop locations to help you create the perfect July 4th floral arrangement. So don your red, white and blue, wave your flag, and call us at 800-897-6551 . We are ready to help you celebrate Independence Day in style!


Outdoor Plants- Hanging Around All Summer

outdoor plantsThere’s simply nothing like summer. Beautiful weather, longer days, vacations from work and school – and lots of time spent outdoors. Many of us use this opportunity to decorate our patios, porches and yards with flowers and plants that bring the spaces to life. Whether lush greenery or vibrant blooms, outdoor plants are a versatile and creative way to accessorize and decorate.

Many people utilize Boston ferns to dress up decks and porches during the long summer months. They grow exceptionally well in humidity, as they are native to sub tropical and tropical rain forests. In addition to the humid conditions of the forest, the ferns thrive in indirect sunlight, as they would be used to sun filtering through the canopy. Because they do best in temperatures over 70, the warm nights of summer are perfect.

outdoor plants

Hanging Boston Fern

If you love the idea of hanging baskets, but want a bit more color, there are many vibrant summer flowers that can bring color to your outdoor spaces. These flowers drape well over the side of baskets and love the outdoors – whether you hang them from a porch rail or a shepherds hook. Flowers like lobelia, which come on many rich colors; nemesia offers sprawling, dark green foliage with small, purple-blue blooms. You may also consider the gorgeous hydrangea – it grows well in morning sun and afternoon shade, so a basket container is a great way to decorate your yard or patio.

outdoor plants

Hope’s hydrangea

Outdoor plants and flowers provide a vivid way to adorn your outdoor spaces. Whether you choose to hang baskets, arrange potted plants or fill gardens with seasonal plantings, Nanz & Kraft has three locations in Louisville that can help you in your decision process. We love being outdoors in the summer – Nanz & Kraft can help you make your personal oasis as beautiful as you like.

Give Dad His Due this Father’s Day

Father's DayAlthough Mother’s day was named a national holiday in 1908, attempts at establishing a day similarly commemorating fathers had a little more trouble getting off the ground. It was Washington State which first observed a statewide Father’s Day on July 19, 1910. In 1916, President Wilson honored the day; in 1924, President Coolidge encouraged state governments to establish an official Father’s Day.

Father's Day

Gone Fishin’

In the 1930s, many gathered yearly on Mother’s Day to promote an alternative to both Mother’s & Father’s Day – a combination holiday called Parents’ Day, of which activist and radio actor Robert Spere argued “that both parents should be loved and respected together.” However, the Great Depression and the onset of World War II worked together to promote a “Second Christmas: for hardworking fathers, and subsequently to honor the troop and support the war effort. By the end of the war, Father’s Day was a national institution, if not yet a federal holiday. That proclamation came from Richard Nixon in 1972, many years later.

Father's Day

Dad’s Grill Basket

Although many may not think of florists when it comes to Father’s Day, Nanz & Kraft Florists have a variety of gifts designed just for Dad – sports and fishing themed planters, like our Gone Fishin’ Planter; or Dad’s Grill Basket, worthy of a world champion barbecue master.

Nanz & Kraft Florists of Louisville have great gifts for Dad for Father’s Day, and every day. Call us at 800-897-6551 to place your order before the rush – and make sure Dad knows just how special he is. Father’s Day is June 21 – call or stop in today!

Summer Flowers Add Cheer and Color

summer flowers“There is no real need for decorations when throwing a barbecue party – let the summer garden, in all its vibrant and luscious splendor, say it all”   – Pippa Middleton

Summer flowers have a magnificent aura all their own. Rich colors, cheerful bouquets and a sense of wild beauty are enough to brighten anyone’s day. They exude carefree happiness and bring vibrancy to any location. So as we enter the summer months, we at Nanz & Kraft Florist wanted to share with you some of our favorite summer blooms.

summer flowers

Golden Sunflowers

Perhaps the most quintessential summer flower is, of course, the sunflower. With stalks reaching towards the sky and a brilliant yellow head constantly seeking to bask in the sun’s rays, the iconic sunflower practically represents summer. It also is a classically American flower, being one of the very few that was first cultivated by Native American Indians right here in North America. The flower has been used for medicinal purposes and as a food source, and grows easily, providing thousands of seeds for the next season. As its roots do an excellent job of extracting water from the soil, it grew exceptionally well across Midwestern plains, and still can be seen for miles in country fields across this country. Their bright yellow color lends to its meaning as a cheerful flower, one used for encouragement and well wishing. Nanz & Kraft’s Golden Sunflowers is the perfect arrangement to bring sunshine to those you love.

summer flowers

Gerbera Daisy Vase

Gerbera daisies are bright, happy and welcoming flowers that will warmly greet the guests in your home, or send a cheerful greeting. With only a vase and fresh water needed, Gerbera daisies make a the perfect centerpiece, and invoke that feeling of fresh-cut wildflowers. The large heads are made up of hundreds of petals of varying hues and shades, making each individual Gerbera a veritable color wheel all on its own; assembling multiple colored Gerbera ensure that your bouquet is a vibrant rainbow. Originating in South Africa and discovered in the late 1800s, Gerbera daisies arrested the imagination of gardeners and botanists as it was discovered that so many varieties could be easily cultivated.

Today your fresh summer arrangement can be had as easily as calling Nanz & Kraft Florists. Our three Louisville locations will be happy to create a summer floral arrangement sure to bring happiness. Whether you envision sunflowers in your window or gerbera daisies on your table, Nanz & Kraft professional florists are ready to craft a beautiful bouquet of summer blooms. Because as they say – in summer, flowers are the only decoration you really need.

Roses for June

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 2.59.41 PMJust as every month has a birthstone, each month also has a birth flower; and June has the privilege of representing perhaps one of the most prolific and treasured flowers of all time, the rose. The rose has a rich history that can be traced to traditions as varied as Greek and Roman goddesses, the blood of the martyrs, ancient secret societies and the sacrifice of Jesus. Regardless of the story behind them, it is clear that roses have held an iconic place in history from ages past, due to their timeless beauty.

Roses are available in a wide variety of colors, and each serves to deliver its very own message to the recipient. Perhaps the best known representation is that of red roses being symbolic of true love; they remain the most recognizable expression of love throughout the year. But there are a host of other sentiments that can be expressed through roses. For instance, dark pink roses represent gratitude and appreciation, and are perfect to thank someone. Yellow roses are most appropriately sent to close friends in your life, as they express happiness and amity. Purple roses represent new excitement and a sense of enthrallment, and so are perfect for promising first impressions; as are orange roses, which can convey a sense of excitement for a budding relationship.


Perhaps lesser known is the fact that there are also symbolic meanings behind the number of roses given. While a single rose may mean love at first sight, twelve roses attempts to seal the deal by asking “Will you be mine?” 365 roses, one for each day of the year, is said to carry the message that you cannot get them off your mind, and 999 roses emphasizes that your love is eternal and never ending. If your June birthday girl is the love of your life, tell her you cherish your romance with 36 Equadorian Red Roses arranged with greenery, one of the many arrangement available at Nanz & Kraft Florists.

We make it easy to honor the June tradition of sending roses by providing an assortment of rose bouquets in a wide variety of colors, designed to let them know just how special they are. Visit any of our three Nanz & Kraft Louisville florist shops today and let us help you choose the perfect floral arrangement.

Wreaths for Memorial Day

memorial dayThe true origination of Memorial Day (originally named Decoration Day) is a bit lost in the annals of American history. Tradition holds that after the traumatic losses both sides suffered in the Civil War, a group of women from Pennsylvania showed their support as early as 1864, when they laid flowers on the grave sites of those lost in the Battle of Gettysburg. In 1865, a group of women in Vicksburg, Mississippi did the same, remembering their local battles, and from that point on, leaving flowers as a memorial became a tradition. Although Waterloo, NY claims that it was the first town to celebrate Decoration Day officially, many other places also lay claim to its genesis. Regardless of who was truly first, General John Logan made the holiday official in May 1868, guaranteeing its place in our history.


Through the years, many other traditions have evolved. Flags fly at half mast until noon, when they are once again raised in recognition of those still living. Taps is played as a memorial to those lost. Many towns have parades and picnics to gather together in a spirit of American pride. And Vietnam Veterans take to the streets of Washington DC with over 300,000 bikers in an annual tribute to POW and MIA brethren.


memorial day

Love, Memory, and Honor

But still and all, the original act of honor – laying a wreath of flowers at a loved one’s graveside – remains one of the most time honored traditions of the day.


It is in this spirit that Nanz & Kraft Florists proudly offer Love, Memory and Honor. This patriotic arrangement is comprised of red roses and gerbers, as well as a variety of white and blue blooms, to elegantly remember your heroes. Aptly named, the wreath acknowledges the attributes of American servicemen and women throughout all of American history, while recognizing them for their contributions. To order this or any other arrangement for Memorial Day, visit us in one of our three Louisville floral shops. We look forward to helping you honor and express gratitude to your loved ones this Memorial Day,

Spring Flowers: Hydrangea

HydrangeaWhen you think of the quintessential southern garden, you probably picture one or more hydrangea shrubs, because no formal garden would be complete without plenty of show-stopping hydrangea flowers spreading their delightful fragrance everywhere. Hydrangea is a genus to which no fewer than 100 species belong. This luxurious shrub is native to Eastern and Southern Asia, including China, Japan, places in the Himalayas, and Indonesia. There are also native North and South American Species.

Hydrangeas have an exceptionally long blooming season. That gives the people who love these magnificent giants of the floral world, the chance to enjoy them for as long as possible. Hydrangeas are enjoyable as cut flowers in vases all by themselves, in arrangements with other flowers, or as dried flowers. They still look lovely when they are dried.

Today, it is possible to grow some hydrangea species as potted plants. That may be why it is such a popular mother’s day gift and virtual symbol of the holiday in France.

Hydrangeas are unique in that they can adapt to a variety of growing conditions. Some species like Oakleaf, for example, thrive in shady areas, while others need full sun to part shade. Soil condition has a lot to do with color variations in flowers. Shrubs that grow in neutral soil pH produce flowers that are cream-color, whereas those grown in acidic soil have blue flowers. In soil with a very alkaline pH, the flowers turn pink to purple.

We think that hydrangeas are so spectacular, they’re ideal for any gift for any occasion. We’ve come up with some of our arrangements that incorporate hydrangeas, making them even more special.


New TV

For a gift that looks like it’s straight from the garden, give someone our “New TV” arrangement. This combination of pink roses, green Bells of Ireland and green accents, comes to life with pure white hydrangeas. We add accents of curly willow to give it a whimsical garden-like feel.


Susan Marie

Say hello to spring color, spring flowers and tantalizing fragrance with our Susan Marie arrangement. Colorful pink hydrangea, roses, and rosemary make up a delightful and unique arrangement that delivers the delight of spring to any recipient.


Happy Birthday Sis

You don’t have to have a sister to enjoy our delightful “Happy Birthday, Sis” arrangement. We use a classic short cylinder vase to combine velvety red roses, stargazer lilies, hydrangeas, and splashes of lime green accents. This delightful arrangement can deliver any message you want to send – even though its name suggests it is meant as a birthday gift to your sister.

Let our expert floral designers here at Nanz & Kraft, help you with all your floral arrangement and flower gift needs.


TV Mom Showdown

TV Mom ShowdownSome of the greatest TV moms were laid back, others were a bit overbearing, a few taught us lessons with their animated (literally) personalities, and so many of them tried just a little too hard to be cool. Whatever their onscreen personalities were, these TV moms helped raise us while filling our homes with laughter and tears. They gave us a peek into the lives of families we fell in love with and grew with each week. But whoever they were, none could compare to our real life moms.

This Mother’s Day choose from a mix of classic and modern moms to help us decide who the ultimate TV mom is! You just might win the chance to celebrate your real mom with a $100 gift certificate from Nanz and Kraft Florists!

Enter your email address, first & last name, then cast your vote! If the TV Mom that you pick wins, you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate — so you can give a great gift this Mother’s Day! Enter once per day to make sure your mom wins, and share your story on Facebook. 

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A Winner will be chosen at random on May 8th and notified by email. Happy Mother’s Day!

Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother's DayThe idea of recognizing and honoring mothers isn’t a modern one. The earliest Mother’s Day celebrations date back to the days of the Ancient Greeks. They honored Rhea, the Mother of the Gods during springtime celebrations. In 15th century England, Mothering Day was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was a day devoted to celebrating all mothers throughout the United Kingdom. Here at Nanz & Kraft Florists, we drew inspiration from the moms of all of our employees to come up with some gifts that range from sophisticated to whimsical. We’re sure that your mom will love our selection as much as we do.

Mother’s Day History in the United States

Julia Ward Howe was the first woman to come up with the idea to honor mothers. She conceived of the idea in 1872. She was so passionate about the idea, she decided to host women’s gatherings in her Boston home. After she stopped contributing money for the celebrations, people stopped recognizing mothers on a designated day.

When Anna Jarvis’ mother died on May 5, 1905, she asked the pastor of her West Virginia church to deliver a sermon in remembrance. After that, Mrs. Jarvis called upon members of the church to help her write letters to send to business owners, clergymen and politicians, hoping to convince them to lobby for a National Mother’s Day holiday. Her efforts eventually paid off.

By 1911, almost every state was honoring mothers with Mother’s Day celebrations. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill proclaiming the second Sunday of May as an annual National Mother’s Day holiday.

Today, Mother’s Day continues to be observed on the second Sunday of May. We chose a few of the lovely Mother’s Day floral gifts we are offering this year. We hope our suggestions will help you in choosing the perfect gift for your own mother.

Our most lavish, sophisticated and elegant Mother’s Day gift is 12 Roses in Waterford Crystal Vase. This arrangement is simple, but over the top. We arrange a dozen velvety red roses in a gorgeous Waterford crystal vase. Your mom will remember your generosity because of the keepsake collectible vase.

Mother's Day

12 Roses

The Carol Ann is named after current Nanz & Kraft owners Eddie, Michael, and David’s mom. She possesses the cherished qualities of a true Kentucky mom – a love of cooking for lots of people, and gardening. This pink and purple arrangement combines liatris, roses, lilies, and other seasonal flowers.

Mother's Day

Carol Ann

The Marina arrangement is a favorite and has been renamed after the mother of one of our designers, Keila Soto. This bouquet bursts with color and features roses, hydrangea, and other beautiful spring flowers.

Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is May 10. Plan ahead and order the special flowers of your choice to honor your mother.


The History of Administrative Professionals Week

social-2Are you ready for Administrative Professionals Week? It’s the last full week of April every year. This special holiday is reserved to call attention to the important role that secretaries, support staff and other administrative professionals play. While Administrative Professionals Day falls mid-week on Wednesday, the entire week is an opportunity to honor those who do so much in the workplace.

The Heart and Soul of Your Business

Truth be told, administrative professionals are the heart and soul of business; without them, success would be much more difficult. The Administrative Professionals Week holiday was started in 1952 and originally called National Secretaries Week. It was renamed in the year 2000 and is called Administrative Professionals Week to this day.

The holiday marks a time to show gratitude to these professionals who work so tirelessly and drive the engine of business success. Employers and supervisors often give rewards or hold special events to show appreciation during this week. Another popular way to honor Administrative Professionals Week is by sending flowers or giving gifts to your secretaries and support staff.

The History of Administrative Professionals Week

World War 2 brought with it an increased need for secretaries and other skilled support staff in in the U.S. In light of this, The National Secretaries Association was formed in order to help recognize their key contributions, support worker development and attract more qualified applicants. The association is currently called the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

The IAAP along with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce held the first National Secretaries Week in 1952. Various manufacturers and office supply companies also participated. The name change to Administrative Professionals Week (and Day) occurred in 2000 to stay in sync with the expanding responsibilities within the administrative workforce around the world.

Celebrating Administrative Professionals Week

This year, Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. The entire week is the perfect time to let the support staff in your company know how special and appreciated they are. Some of the best ways to show your appreciation include:

Flowers. Spring bouquets are in season in April, and a beautiful bouquet can send a message of gratitude.

April Passion

April Passion

Gift Baskets. Fruit and gourmet gift baskets are another great way to express your appreciation.

Garden Gourmet Basket

Garden Gourmet Basket

Louisville Stoneware Gifts. From designer mugs to birdhouses, Louisville stoneware is a unique and unforgettable gift.

Wren House Birdhouse

Wren House Birdhouse

Contact Nanz & Kraft for more flower and gift ideas for celebrating Administrative Professionals Week this year.