Nanz & Kraft – Valentine’s Day for Everyone

valentine's day Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly for couples, but they aren’t the only ones who can enjoy February 14…this day is set aside for the love we feel for everyone in our lives! There are so many people that you can celebrate on this special day – and just imagine their joy when a gorgeous bouquet arrives at the door!

  • It’s not every day that your children experience the unexpected surprise of a delivery just for them! Your daughter will love this teddy bear holding a vases of sweet flowers, while your son is sure to appreciate his own plush toy which comes bearing Valentine’s Day balloons.
  • Your sister is more than family, she’s your best friend. For as long as you can remember, she’s been there. Let her know how important she is to you, with this arrangement of pink stargazer lilies that will bring gorgeous color to her home.


  • You may be colleagues, but this co-worker is something special. They are always there for advice and a willing ear; and they even make the commute worth it. This elegant and sophisticated orchid display fits well into any office, while reminding them every day of your appreciation.
  • This teacher not only taught you well, she became a trusted friend, mentor and a true inspiration who greatly impacted your life. Thank her for the guidance with a gift of gourmet sweet treats!
  • Your first Valentine will always be Mom. The woman who gave you life, and then devoted hers to loving you deserves an extravagant bouquet. And don’t forget your grandmother, favorite aunt, or anyone who poured into your life, making you who you are.

Of course, we always have the traditional bouquet of red roses for your sweetheart – but at Nanz & Kraft, we’ve got everyone else covered too. We have been hard at work preparing for this most special day. Call us for all you Valentine’s flowers and gifts, whether your loved one lives in Louisville or across the country, we’ll take care of making sure the love arrives on their doorstep.

Order Flowers Early for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day flowersLegend tells us that the red rose was coveted by the Roman goddess Venus; because of her affinity for the classic flower, it has long been considered synonymous with passionate love. No wonder it has become the official flower of Valentine’s Day. Nearly 260 million roses have been cultivated for Valentine’s Day alone, and over 50% of those blooms are red. If you are looking to send red roses to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, Nanz & Kraft has many ways to do so in style.


Send Fragrant Beauty, and they will absolutely feel the love – and then some! Classic red roses are joined by striking stargazer lilies in one of our most popular arrangements that proves your love. You cared enough to send not one, but two exotic flowers on this special day.


Go ahead, go a little crazy – after all, your loved one is the best! These Valentine’s Day flowers are a classic! Traditional red roses overflowing with blooms and greens, and spilling out to prove there is no end to your devotion.

valentine's day flowers valentine's day flowers

Nanz and Kraft also has multi-colored roses, short stem roses in creative containers, roses with teddy bears and even rose petals – browse the beautiful selection on our website, or stop by one of our Louisville flower shops to plan a designer bouquet that is one of a kind.


Whatever you decide to send, Nanz and Kraft would like to make a very important recommendation – order and send your flowers early this Valentine’s Day! February 14th falls on a Sunday, and history tells us that people will be ordering all week long in a rush to deliver over the weekend. By ordering now, and having your Valentine’s Day flowers delivered the week before Valentine’s Day, you’ll ensure that you get exactly the arrangement that you want and your sweetheart can enjoy the flowers all week long at the office.  Everyone wins, which is exactly how it should be on a holiday about love!

The Meanings Behind the World’s Most Beautiful Flowers

flower meaningsAlmost 200 million roses are delivered to recipients each year for Valentine’s Day, and the most popular color is red. A vase of traditional red roses will always go over beautifully with your significant other, but did you know you can add even more meaning to the holiday by choosing different colors or even different flowers?

Sticking with Tradition: The Rose

flower meaningsThere’s a reason hundreds of millions of people give roses to their significant others on Valentine’s Day. Their classic beauty, divine scent, and classy appeal make it easy to say, “I love you” with a bouquet or vase. Roses are one of the premier symbols of love, but you can infuse your gift with a little extra meaning by choosing a color outside red.

For example, you might choose to give your significant other a little bubble vase of yellow roses that can symbolize the serendipitous nature of when you first met. If you’ve only been with your significant other for a short time, a perfect color for your rose bouquet is purple or lavender, which can convey enchantment and love at first sight.

Celebrate an Engagement with Lilies

If you’re engaged and will celebrate your wedding sometime this year, you might want to think about giving lilies this year. As an ancient flower with a history that stretches back more than 3,000 years ago, lilies have gained a reputation for humility and devotion. They’re also the perfect flower to give if you’ve been married for three decades since they’re the official flower of your 30th wedding anniversary.

Surprise Her With Tulips

Tulips are another beautiful choice when you want to offer someone a bouquet with some meaning behind the color you choose. Much like roses, you can choose red tulips to symbolize love or a beautiful display of yellow and pink tulips to symbolize friendship.

flower meanings

Make a Statement with Orchids

The orchid has long symbolized elegance and grace, and it carries a lot of meaning when you offer it for Valentine’s Day. With color meanings much like roses, the architecture of the orchid is complex and requires a delicate touch.

If you choose to go with the traditional red roses this February, Nanz & Kraft will help you design a gorgeous, classic vase. Of course, if you choose to give a bouquet that’s a little “off the beaten path,” Nanz & Kraft has got you covered there too! There’s no doubt your efforts will be rewarded when you see the look on your beloved’s face.

Carnations from Nanz & Kraft

carnationsIt’s the new year, which means it is time to celebrate the official flower of January birthdays – the carnation. This exceptionally versatile flower is often seen hanging around with roses and lilies, daisies and mums, offering its support in a variety of amazing colors. The official flower of first month birthdays is also the official flower of first anniversaries, as well as Mother’s Day – as long as on that day, the carnation is pink.


In order to properly acknowledge this interesting, yet largely under-appreciated flower, Nanz and Kraft has put together some fun facts about the carnation which may surprise you.


  • Carnations are actually 100% edible, as long as they were grown organically (without pesticides). In many fine dining restaurants, the carnation has found its way into drinks and salads, however its bitter taste may not agree with everyone’s palette.
  • If you mix food coloring into a vase of water and place a cut carnation into the vase, the flower’s petals will absorb the color and change hues.
  • Bogota, Columbia produces the greatest yearly crop of carnations, followed by Israel, Kenya and Spain.
  • While California and Colorado are the two states that grow the majority of carnations, it was Ohio who designated the scarlet carnation as state flower. The story says that President William McKinley, prior to his death, wore a scarlet carnation on his lapel for any public appearance; after his assassination in 1901, Ohio honored him by adopting the same flower as their own.
  • The Colorado Flower Growers Association sent Mamie Eisenhower a huge bouquet of carnations each of the 8 years that she lived in the White House. It is said that she personally wrote and sent handwritten thank you cards.
carnations carnations

Whatever the occasion – the carnation is an affordable and colorful flower that will bring a smile to anyone’s day, Whether delivered here in Louisville, across the state or across the country. Nanz and Kraft Florists looks forward to celebrating many moments with you in 2016.

Benefits of Houseplants

houseplant appreciationSince the days of the early Greeks, we have been bringing plants inside to decorate our homes; some eras have seen more acceptance than others but the truth is that houseplants are very beneficial to us. These green helpers should be in every one of our homes, not only because of their beauty, but because of the health benefits they so generously impart to humans. On January 10, we celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day, so this is the perfect time to discuss how green plants enhance our lives.
While most people are aware that plants fill the air with the oxygen we need, while inhaling the carbon dioxide we don’t need – there is far more to it. There are several other key ways that plants make great roommates:

houseplant appreciation

Blooming Peace Lily Plant

  • Green plants actually help to purify the air, helping to protect us from toxins in common household items such as carpets, plastics, inks and solvents (common in books and cleaning supplies).
  • The fact that green plants give off so much moisture – over 95% of what they take in – means that the surrounding air is more moist. In this environment, studies have shown that coughs, colds, dry skin and sore throats are far less frequent. Humidity is also especially tough on the flu virus, which has a harder time thriving and transmitting in highly humid spaces.
  • A study conducted by the University of Kansas found that plants are actually conducive to healing, going so far as to say that they are a non-invasive and inexpensive form of treatment! Lower blood pressure, lower pain levels and lower anxiety levels have all been reported, while patients with green plants in their room are, on average, released sooner than those in non-green rooms.
  • It’s rocket science! NASA themselves has determined the benefits of green plants in small spaces, and recommend that you have a green plant for very 100 square feet of indoor space.

Texas A & M researchers found that focus and attention span are also greatly enhanced by green plants – making green plants a perfect addition to any home, office, dorm room or work space. Who in your life can benefit from green plants? Everyone! So come on in to Nanz & Kraft Florists to pick one up for every room.

Nanz & Kraft Holiday Centerpieces

holiday centerpiecesThe sights, sounds and smells of the Christmas season are familiar and iconic There are many items that need no explanation, we see them and are instantly reminded of Christmas tradition and holidays past. Evergreens, twinkling lights and stockings hung by the mantle all hold a special place in our heart; and the seasonal holiday floral arrangements are no different.

holiday centerpieces

Festive Christmas Centerpiece

If you are looking for holiday décor that is both beautiful and festive, look no further than Nanz and Kraft. Our centerpieces are expertly crafted to bring the Christmas spirit to your holiday gatherings and specifically, to the all-important holiday meal. Beds of fragrant fir branches, pine cones and seeded eucalyptus, and bright red and white blooms represent the Christmas season with gorgeous style. Red, white or gold candles, whether graceful tapers or decorative pillars light the evening meal with soft ambiance; and ribbons and ornaments dress up the arrangements for the holiday. Whether you are having a country Christmas, or a chic celebration, there is a traditional arrangement to suit your needs.

holiday centerpieces

Season’s Greetings


What flowers represent Christmas? Red and white roses, elegant lilies, snowy spider mums and seasonal accents all work together to create memories and traditions for your family. How can we help make your home and table perfect this season? Stop into Nanz & Kraft Florist to speak to one of our Christmas centerpiece experts; or shop our Holiday Gift Guide to order online. However you choose to celebrate this holiday, we wish you many happy moments with family and friends.

Nanz & Kraft – Holiday Treats

holiday treatsWe try to deny it, we try to avoid it. But the fact remains, one of the very best things about the holiday season is sharing great food with our family and friends. While the main holiday meal is a tradition, we are a people who love to snack, and over Christmas, snacking becomes a treasured pastime.


For the holidays Nanz and Kraft offer the traditional fruit baskets, as well as collections of gourmet chocolates. But we also like to celebrate the spirit of Kentucky, so have crated some gift baskets that not only make awesome gifts, but that bring the true flavor of a Kentucky holiday to any seasonal party.

holiday treat

Gourmet Kentucky


Gourmet Kentucky features chocolates, candies and specialty items like jams, sauces and bread mixes which are local to our area. This gift basket celebrates Kentucky; and is sure to please your crowd of locals at the Christmas party. And while our Grillin and Chillin basket will bring the smoke of the barbque to your table; the Kentucky Flavors basket will bring the spice! This tasty basket collects many of the classic tastes of our Kentucky home and puts them together in one place, guaranteed to make the holiday meal one to remember!


Of course, sometimes you just want to dive into a gift basket and start eating! We suggest this decadently rich basket of Godiva, Ghiradelli and Lindt chocolates, as well as additional selections from local vendors. If your idea of a delicious holiday includes sweet chocolate, this basket was made just for you.

holiday treat

Gourmet Chocolate


If your mouth is watering as much as ours, order your holiday gift basket today. These gourmet foods and desserts are guaranteed to be the life of your holiday party – and are likely to start a new tradition. Call Nanz & Kraft today to order these delicious collections for yourself, or purchase as a unique gift that everyone will appreciate.

Nanz & Kraft – Holiday Decor

holiday decorWith Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday season is in full swing. There is perhaps no other time of the year we love more, and the florists at Nanz and Kraft are working overtime to provide spectacular, unique and traditional floral arrangements for your home and holiday table.


Fresh snowfall has a magical appeal; and Nanz & Kraft has created flower displays that commemorate this special season. In the luxurious Bianco, soft white roses and gerbera daisies are set against red berries and gold dusted pine cones for a beautiful holiday piece.

holiday decor


For a fresh way to decorate this season, Holiday Sensation brings seasonal cheer in an innovative arrangement. Classic red roses and hydrangea provide the basis of this striking bouquet; while cranberries and oranges float in a tall decorative vase for an unexpected artistic element. Winterberries, winter twigs and graceful holiday greens finish off a display sure to spark conversations in your home.

holiday decor

Holiday Sensation

Of course, some occasions call for traditional décor – and that is exactly what the Christmas Candle will deliver. Elegant roses rest in a bed of winter greens and pine cones, and the classic hurricane glass and pillar candle evoke old-fashioned thoughts of Christmas gone by. When Christmas includes memories that have lasted through generations, this centerpiece will bring a time honored beauty to your home.


Browse our holiday flower selection for the perfect floral arrangement to fit your decorating style. Pick one of our designer bouquets, or come in to discuss creating one of your own. We look forward to providing beautiful holiday decor for your home this Christmas season.

Nanz & Kraft Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guideNow that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, you’re probably starting to get anxious about finding gifts for those hard-to-shop-for recipients. At Nanz and Kraft Florists, we take all holidays very seriously, but Christmas is a special time of the year. We think that floral gifts are always a good choice, so we’ve put together a selection of outstanding gift choices that make up our holiday gift guide. We have four categories from which you can choose: Christmas Bouquets, Holiday Wreaths, Christmas Gifts & Baskets, and Christmas Plants.


holiday gift guideChristmas Bouquets


Whether you’re looking for a unique gift to send a distant family member or need something to take to a super special Christmas party, you can’t go wrong with Teleflora’s Thomas Kinkade’s Country Christmas Homecoming. This delightful arrangement features a combination of red roses, white carnations, sprigs of noble fir, holly leaves, snow capped pine cones, and a beautiful hand-sculpted Thomas Kinkade keepsake – a tiny white country house surrounded by snow-covered evergreen trees. This arrangement is sure to be a conversation starter and a gift that delivers lasting memories.


holiday gift guideChristmas Wreaths


People are always thinking about decorating the insides of their homes for Christmas. Perhaps you know of someone who enjoys decorating the outside of their home. Our Fresh Boxwood Wreath will welcome anyone and make them smile – whether they’re entering your door, or you’re giving it to them as you enter their door. A boxwood wreath would look lovely on a wall inside a home, an office, or on a bedroom or dorm room door.


Christmas Gifts & Baskets


Christmas is always a time for indulging in luxurious treats. That’s what makes our Christmas baskets such an awesome gift idea. Send or take one to an aging relative in a nursing home. Bring one to the office as a gift for a group to enjoy, or take it to a holiday gift exchange or open house. Our Gourmet Sampler features Lindt, Claey’s Peppermints, Woodford Reserve bourbon balls, and other nuts, crackers, chocolates, and treats, and is sure to please anyone this holiday season.

holiday gift guide

The Gourmet Sampler

Christmas Plants


There are so many beautiful plants to be found around Christmas time. Plants are the perfect gift for someone at the office, a relative in a nursing home, your college student child, or a next door neighbor. If you’re like us, you’ll probably be invited to at least one holiday party, and perhaps an open house or two. You’ll never go wrong if you take a plant. The recipient can display the plant and enjoy it for long after the holidays.


We think that our Festive Basket of Poinsettias will warm up any space with some holiday brightness and ambiance. We change things up a bit by mixing three miniature red and white poinsettias in a woven palm leaf basket. A giant green bow and some gold balls and pine cones provide a woodsy accent.

holiday gift guide

Your holiday gift shopping doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Let our Nanz and Kraft Holiday Gift Guide help you take the drudgery out of buying gifts so you can relax and enjoy some time with loved ones. That’s how the holidays are supposed to be.


Cornucopias this Thanksgiving

cornucopiaYou may have never actually thought about the connection between ancient Greece and your modern day Louisville Thanksgiving, but there most definitely is one. The cornucopia, or horn of plenty, has a long and colorful history, spanning thousands of years.

Greek mythology tells us that Amalthea, who raised Zeus from infancy, broke off a goat’s horn and filled it with fruits. She then presented it to Zeus as a sign of reverence. The idea of a “horn” being filled with the abundance of the harvest is also a story told in Roman mythology, and eventually the horn of plenty (translated to Cornucopia in Latin) was a traditional symbol at the European harvest festivals as well. It is likely that these very festivals were the inspiration for the first Thanksgiving in 1621, making it entirely possible that cornucopia graced the tables of that feast. The cornucopia would traditionally be filled to overflowing with the fruits and vegetables of the local crop; as well as wild fruits, nuts and wildflowers.


Through all these years, the meaning of the horn-shaped basket has remained steadfast – it stands for abundance, plenty, prosperity and good luck; as well as being a popular centerpiece at celebrations of thanksgiving and gratitude. Nanz and Kraft has several cornucopia centerpieces to bring the abundance of the season to your table this Thanksgiving – from a traditional horn filled with fall flowers, to a more unique twist on the horn of plenty. The Living Cornucopia features succulent plants to be enjoyed well after the turkey is eaten; and is accented with festive holiday accessories. This is sure to be the talk of your holiday dinner.


Whatever your style – classic or distinctive – come to Nanz and Kraft for beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece creations. And when you place the cornucopia into the middle of your table, just remember that you are joining a tradition that reaches all the way back to ancient times.

We at Nanz & Kraft offer wishes of a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.