Halloween Flowers and Decorations

Halloween flowers

Halloween is upon us, and at Nanz & Kraft Florists, we love getting in on the fun. From beautiful indoor florals that set the mood, to spooky and whimsical outdoor displays – we have all the Halloween flowers you will need to dress up your home. In all of Louisville, you won’t find more hauntingly fun floral arrangements.
Halloween Flowers

The mums, roses, purple statice, and daisies of this display should have no fear – even when adorned with a creepy glowing house and a fearful ghost lurking about, it’s all in good fun. The pumpkin container will decorate your home for many festive seasons to come.

Perfect for home or office, this elegant display of fall flowers will convey all the treat of Halloween, with no sign of a trick. A sophisticated and modern interpretation of the holiday is expressed through yellow and rust chrysanthemums and bi-color orange roses and is presented in an orange cube vase.Halloween flowers

This cheerful pumpkin provides a welcoming glow to your entranceway or front porch. Filled with kalanchoe and autumn leaves, this metal container is lined with metallic foil for a shimmering jack-o-lantern effect. Halloween flowers

This hardy mum plant is as spirited as they come! Welcome trick-or-treaters with this fun and whimsical potted plant that will last through the season.


If you have a little bit of mischievousness in you, consider displaying these creepy crawlers! Perfect for a Halloween party or to send to a friend who needs a smile, these eight-legged creatures live amongst a succulent garden that is sure to be a favorite for many months to come.

Halloween flowers

When it comes to Halloween flowers and creative gifts, your best choice in Louisville is Nanz & Kraft Florists. Our floral designers have created arrangements that are a little creepy, a little haunted, a little ghoulish but always fun! Call us today, and let’s get to haunting your home with beautiful and whimsical holiday decor.

The Artistry of Wild Accents

wild accents

The artistry of floral design involves much more than simply placing flowers in a vase. The expert designers at Nanz and Kraft Florist know how to combine gorgeous flowers and unique accents; resulting in creative presentations that go above and beyond normal bouquets. These striking arrangements will be the beautiful focal point of all your fall occasions, and festivities.

wild accents

Unique greenery, cattails, foliage, and stalks of wheat create the classic autumn ambiance with a sophisticated touch. Add them to vibrant yellow gerbera daisies and orange lilies for a traditional bouquet that goes from ordinary to extraordinary.

When considering wild accents, there is perhaps no more representative bouquet than Wild Thing. This arrangement is a spectacular display of vivid jewel tones and dramatic geometric interest. Gorgeous hydrangeas, Makara orchids, and roses are surrounded by seasonal thistle, fresh mint, cattails and curly willow in a celebration of color and design that is unparalleled.

wild accents

There are many wild accents that can transform your bouquets into works of art. Some elements that we love to add color and depth include kale and cabbage leaves, many varieties of succulents, gourds, fruit, and berries. Lush backdrops and unique aesthetics are provided by grasses, ferns, foliage, river rocks, mosses, and bamboo. And although you may naturally think these details would only mesh with wildflowers, many can creatively combine with all types of flowers – try succulents with orchids, fruit with roses, or grasses with calla lilies!

Floral design is an art form perfected by the experts at Nanz and Kraft Florist  – and we love to share it with you. This season, let’s get creative with gorgeous flowers and wild accents, to design gorgeous arrangements that you won’t find anywhere else in Louisville.

Gifts to Bring on Game Day

game dayIt’s officially fall – and fall means sports! We are counting down to the World Series, football season is underway, and all of our favorite college teams are back in play. For all the game day get-togethers and Sunday afternoon parties, we suggest some sports-themed gifts to thank your host for all the festivities. Nanz and Kraft Florist has some truly unique and fun ideas to celebrate all things sports!

game day

This ceramic football is the perfect accent for his office or man-cave. Healthy green plants and an homage to his favorite sport will last all season long.

Brighten up the buffet table with this University of Louisville bouquet that shows your team colors in no uncertain terms – go Cards!

game day

If the UK Wildcats are on the big screen at the party, bring along this UK thermos overflowing with treats to share – or keep all to yourself, we won’t tell. Keep the thermos mug (with sturdy lid) to keep hydrated all season while watching your Cats! game day

If you are headed to a friend or family member’s house for game day, don’t show up empty-handed! Featuring Lindt, Woodford Reserve bourbon balls, and other nuts, crackers, chocolates, and treats, this basket is sure to be the life of the party. game day

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that this time of the year is the best for sports! So get your foam fingers ready and grab the sports gifts – it’s going to be a great season. Check out all the options on the Nanz & Kraft Florist website, and pick your favorite!

  • Please note some options are only available in the local Louisville area.

September Sapphire Birthday Bouquets

September sapphire

The September birthstone is the sapphire. And while you may not be able to purchase one of these precious gems for your loved one celebrating this month, the floral designers at Nanz & Kraft Florist have the perfect way to surprise them with a sapphire inspired gift. For all of the events of your life, we are your first choice in Louisville for beautiful flowers, plants, and gifts.

September sapphire

The sapphire is known as the “celestial stone” because of its brilliant blue color that is thought to bring down divine blessings from heaven. Sapphires are symbols of wisdom and are said to bring good health. There are so many meanings inherent in this stone, and September sapphire bouquets are a great way to express them to someone you love. Blue delphinium, orchids, iris, and hydrangea are popular choices for these unique arrangements.

September sapphire

In Louisville, of course, blue means something else as well! If you have a September birthday to celebrate and they are a UK fan, our sports-themed arrangements are amazing gifts. The blue of the September sapphire and the blue of UK Wildcats, all in one bouquet. This may be their best birthday yet.

This September, get inspired! Call us today to discuss a beautiful September sapphire bouquet – we’ll take care of everything from design to delivery! Even if you forgot their birthday it’s not too late – let them know how special they are with a floral bouquet from Nanz and Kraft Florists.

Formal Flowers – Art for Your Wrist

formal flowers

Homecoming weekend is coming soon for area high schools, and we are prepared to provide the designs you’ll want to wear. Even though homecoming is often not as formal as it used to be, formal flowers remain an integral part of the weekend – whether for members of the royal court, for an honored teacher, or for the big dance.  Wrist corsages, known simply as wristlets, are the most popular way for women to wear flowers, and at Nanz & Kraft Florist, we have many ways to design your perfect wristlet.

Orchids and roses are usually the flower of choice for these designs and are most often accompanied by greenery and a ribbon It should be noted that while some school colors may be difficult to match florally, it is quite easy to represent your school colors simply by coordinating the ribbon!

formal flowers
Another way to personalize a classic wristlet and make it your own is by choosing the band. You can opt for the standard elastic, or select one of our many custom designs. Sequined bands in white, pink, red, and more are available, as are assorted jewelry-inspired bands, such as the Spice Drop (Mint) which is shown in this photo. We also have silver cuffs and bangles, rhinestones and faux pearl  – you have so many possibilities! Simply come in, choose your flowers and your band, and you’ll have a unique and personal corsage to show off.

Of course, we are also your source in Louisville for boutonnieres and hand tied bouquets. Simply let us know the color of your dress and we will coordinate the hand-tied flowers with matching ribbons. Come in today to speak with our floral designers to choose your band and show us your colors – and we will ensure that you will have memorable and beautiful formal flowers for your homecoming weekend.

Fall Colors and Autumn Flowers

Autumn flowers

Autumn is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited for the change of seasons. We love the cool crisp air, the changing landscape – not to mention apple picking, pumpkin festivals and hot cider!  Fall just explodes with color, and the autumn flowers in bloom are perfect examples of this beauty. This month, let Nanz & Kraft Florists transform your home or office with gorgeous fall florals designed specifically to celebrate this special season.

Autumn flowers

Showcasing hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and other beautiful blooms in soft, elegant autumn hues, one of our most popular arrangements is Ethereal Autumn. This bouquet will infuse any space with extravagant style and an inviting ambiance. For a contemporary and chic arrangement, choose gerbera daisies and wheat details to combine with orange roses and yellow lilies  – we call it Autumn Radiance, and you will love how it looks in your home. You may also wish to add cattails, fall foliage or twigs and grasses to capture all the magic of fall in your decor.

Autumn flowers

With their rich colors and warmth, autumn flowers are the perfect choice to reflect all the excitement and anticipation of the new season. They also make amazing “Just because” gifts for administrative assistants, best friends, or Mom and Dad. After all, everyone loves the fall season, so let Nanz & Kraft Florists help you celebrate in an unforgettable way. Don’t forget, we deliver all over the greater Louisville area – give us a call today!


Gifts They’ll Love on Grandparent’s Day

It is said that a grandmother never runs out of hugs or cookies, and we know a grandfather’s love is just as deep. In fact, the bond between grandparent and grandchild is one of life’s most cherished, and it is this relationship that we celebrate on September 11. Grandparent’s Day is the perfect occasion to express the love and affection that you feel year-round for these special family members. Nanz & Kraft Florists are here to help!

The gift of a truly spectacular floral design is something every grandmother will love. These elegant flowers look gorgeous in any home, with roses and lilies forming the structural basis for this lavish arrangement. This featured bouquet is also available for nationwide delivery, so whether your grandparents live in Louisville area or are across the miles, you can have the love delivered right to their doorstep. Grandparent's Day

Grandparent’s Day honors grandfathers as well. And although they may appreciate the flowers, we think they may prefer to receive a gift especially for them. Perhaps they have a sweet tooth, and would love a freshly baked cake or pie shipped to their front door. Maybe he is a sports fan and would be thrilled with a Kentucky Wildcats or Louisville Cardinals themed gift. If he is the family’s grillmaster, our Grill Basket pictured below will set him up for the perfect family barbecue. (Please note that gifts mentioned are shipped locally in Louisville. If you need a gift for the world’s best grandfather who happens to live out of town, just give us a call! We’d love to help.) grandparent's day

Grandparent’s Day is the perfect excuse – as if we need one – to shower these extra special people with love and affection. September 11 is right around the corner, so call or stop by Nanz & Kraft Florists today, and we’ll take care of everything you need.

Begin their Year with a Gourmet Gift Basket

gourmet gift baskets

Across Louisville, students have left home to begin the new college semester. With new friends, new roommates and new classes, it can all seem a little overwhelming, which is why a gift send from home can be such a comfort. And although food is always appreciated by college students, their tastes are as different as their personalities. Sweet or salty, health food or indulgent snacks – Nanz and Kraft Florists have the perfect gourmet gift basket for any college student’s tastes. Why one is right for your student?

The Chocaholic: Decadent designer selections make this gourmet basket a real treat for any chocolate lover, and is sure to make late night study sessions a little more palatable. The only thing missing is a tall glass of milk!


gourmet gifts basket

The Cookie Lover: If they used to stand next to the oven waiting for a fresh batch of cookies, your student will love a collection of freshly-baked cookies baked with love by the Sisters of St. Benedict. Monastery Cookies can be ordered in multiple flavors, including buttermint, shortbread, angel, lemon, ginger snap or almerle.

The Junk Food Addict: Their favorite chips, candies, and crackers are guaranteed to carry them through the toughest term paper, with plenty to share with their roommates. gourmet gift basket

The Kentucky Gourmet: This gourmet gift basket features favorite items from our home state, with all the flavors students have come to love growing up.

The Health Nut: Our fruit baskets offer all the natural energy they need – in the perfect package for grabbing a snack while running out the door for class.

gourmet gift basket

Your college student is out there taking on the world – so let them know you support and love them, with the gift of a delicious gourmet gift basket from Nanz and Kraft Florist. We guarantee it will make them smile!

Romantic Gestures

romantic gestures

Each year, there are a few special days that tug on our heartstrings just a little bit more than others. Whether your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a birthday, these days are natural occasions for romantic gestures. What you may not realize is that August is National Romance Month, and it is the perfect opportunity to share the romance with the one in your life that you couldn’t live without. Nanz and Kraft Florists will be helping couples throughout Louisville to pull off romantic surprises, and we’d love to assist you to do the same.

romantic gestures

This month celebrates the idea that romance and love should be recognized throughout the year. The true romantics among us are well versed in showering loved ones with gifts for no special reason. But for the rest of us, the floral experts at Nanz and Kraft have some inspired ideas on how to find unique ways to show you care. This stunning rose bouquet, aptly named “Smitten,” is a great start. Designed to give a timeless and elegant token of your love, it will deliver the romance during this month dedicated to the sentiment.

0414-12092524026National Romance Month is the perfect opportunity to tell your bride that you would marry her all over again. Give us photos of your wedding bouquets and centerpieces, and we would be happy to replicate them for a very special romantic dinner. Imagine her surprise when she sees her wedding flowers waiting for her at your own table!

romantic gestures

Some give a rose once a week. Some plan a picnic and cover the table in rose petals. Some surprise their loved one with a gorgeous floral design. What will you do? Let Nanz and Kraft Florist help you to celebrate National Romance Month in a way she’ll never forget.

Back to School Gifts Made Easy

back to school gifts

It’s time for Louisville to go back to school! From elementary school to the University of Kentucky, school spirit is strong and students are ready to return. This is a great opportunity to celebrate back to school with beautiful, interesting and spirit-filled back to school gifts.

Every teacher will love the color that a fresh bouquet of flowers brings to her desk. This vivid floral arrangement brings the beauty of sunshine right into the classroom and sets the stage for a great year. Browse through our selection of back to school flowers, or create your own design. The arrangement will be delivered straight to the front desk and is sure to be a welcome surprise that starts the year off right.

back to school gifts

Green plants are  not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help to make the classroom more conducive to learning. These versatile gifts help to purify the air from toxins, making it easier to concentrate. Choose this striking succulent garden for a fascinating focal point the students will love, all year long.

Here’s a Tip – succulents make excellent dorm gifts for your college student, promoting productivity and adding beautiful interest to their space with a minimum of care required.

back to school gifts

Speaking of your college student, we can’t let this opportunity pass without suggesting our line of UK-themed items. This green plant is delivered in a thermos that is sure to get a lot of use throughout the year at sporting events and all -night study sessions. Check out our U of L logo items as well.

back to school gifts

One last idea for back to school gifts – gourmet and fruit baskets, chocolates and desserts are all available through our website, and each one is sure to make a huge impression. Whether delivered to the faculty break room at your child’s school, or the dormitory at the university, these delicious treats will make back to school something truly special.  This year, don’t just send them back to school with a new backpack – shop for awesome teacher and student gifts at Nanz and Kraft Florists. You choose, and we’ll do the rest.