Fun Tulip Facts

shutterstock_248293039Spring has sprung, and one of the flowers that seems to scream spring is the tulip. However, what do you know about this popular flower? Become a tulip expert and impress a friend or loved one with your knowledge when you send them a gorgeous bouquet of this fantastic spring flower.

  • Even though tulips are thought of as a Dutch flower, they actually originated in central Asia—likely Turkey.
  • There was a time when tulips were so trendy and popular among Europe’s royals and elite families, that they were the most expensive flowers in the world. This makes a standard bouquet today seem very affordable in comparison!
  • Not all tulips are the same. Actually, there are 3000 different varieties, colors and types—leading to many options for decorating and gift giving with this gorgeous flower.
  • Tulips smell beautifully, of course, but some of the varieties have different scents. Tulips have been cultivated that have fruity scents—that invoke the scent of apricot or peach.
  • While you may not want to eat a standard tulip bouquet delivered for decoration, tulips are actually edible and certain types are cultivated as an accent for salads and other culinary uses.
  • In the United States, tulips are very popular today, but they did not actually arrive to the country until the 1800’s. In this case, the country lagged far behind Europe in the tulip craze.
  • When you think about the beautiful smell of tulips, you may find it hard to believe that tulips are closely related to lilies and actually belong to the same family of plants as onions.
XOXO Tulips

XOXO Tulips

Now that you know some fun facts about the tulip, why not check them out in person? Call or contact Nanz & Kraft Florists and arrange for a delivery of tulips to someone special, or even yourself—there is no better way to say “spring” than with flowers!

Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day

social copyNanz & Kraft is pulling out the stops to make sure our flower shop has plenty of green plants and flowers to help our Louisville customers brighten eyes with smiles. St. Patrick’s Day began as a day on which to honor St. Patrick, the “Patron Saint of Ireland,” and the Apostle of Ireland. Although the idea of honoring St. Patrick is firmly entrenched in Irish tradition throughout the world, the man who became St. Patrick wasn’t Irish born. He was born in Britain, the son of a slave-owning aristocratic family sometime around 390 A.D.

The story of St. Patrick began with the Pagan religion. There are no records offering a glimpse into his early life. His letters show that Christians captured him – somewhere around Scotland or Wales, possibly even outside Ireland. His captors took him to Ireland where he became a slave. Many years later, he escaped and went back to Britain.

St. Patrick’s Day festivities have evolved into major celebrations. In communities with large Irish-American populations, municipal officials go all out to create fun events to appeal to everyone. Days typically start with parades. Rivers are often dyed bright green, in keeping with the theme of Irish green. Pubs serve Irish specialties, and green beer flows abundantly.

The Meaning of the Shamrock

St. Patrick was a cleric and a bishop before the Pope of the time, beatified him. As a Christian teacher, he used the shamrock – a three-leaf plant, to teach his students about the holy trinity. As a result, the shamrock became the symbol of St. Patrick, and a symbol of Ireland. A shamrock is supposed to bring people good luck.


Shamrock Surprise


Delight someone with a long-lasting Shamrock Surprise. We go all out for this bit of Irish luck. We plant it in a green ceramic cube, accent it with a shamrock-patterned ribbon, and top it off with a darling leprechaun figurine.


Beer Mug Bouquet


If you really want to surprise someone, give him or her our charming Beer Mug Bouquet. We give this mug an authentic look by using amber-colored water and foam, to create the illusion of a full mug of beer. The beer Stein is topped off with a mound of pure white carnations that could easily be mistaken for beer foam. This is the perfect gift for a beer enthusiast in your life.

Leprechaun Topiary

Leprechaun Topiary

Dress up your office, or dress up a friend by sending them a “Love You, Leprechaun” Ivy Topiary. This lush green plant is sure to brighten any room, and the darling Leprechaun accent is a fun, hopefully lucky charm for the recipient.


How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

footer-590pxNational Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated in America on the first Friday of March each year. Scheduling this holiday on everyone’s favorite weekday makes great sense, as both staff and management are excited about the prospect of a couple days off for the weekend. The fact that this holiday is in March, just as winter is about to start giving way to spring, makes spring flowers an excellent choice for Employee Appreciation Day gift-giving.



Say it with Tulips

Tulips are the quintessential flower of spring, and they are available in a range of bright, beautiful colors to suit every taste and preference. Bring an atmosphere of cheer and gratitude to your workplace this National Employee Appreciation Day by adorning your office with bouquets featuring bright tulips on their own or arranged with other bright spring blooms.

Daisies, Asters and Sunflowers

Few flowers exude sunny cheer like daisies, asters and sunflowers. With a round, sun-like center and cheerful radiating petals, these flowers exude warmth and charm wherever you place them. Daisies, asters and sunflowers can be the perfect way to bring the sunshine into your office and make your employees feel truly valued and appreciated.

Flowering Gardens and Baskets

Butterfly Orchid

Butterfly Orchid

Another way to honor your employees this year and let them know they’re valued is by giving them a dish garden or blooming flower basket. Give the gift that keeps on giving; a garden or basket will remind your employees how much they are appreciated every time they look at it, and it is the perfect addition to a desk, office, break room or other work environment.

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business, the engine that makes it grow, thrive and stay profitable. Without them, your business could not be what it is today. Take the time before the first week of March to order your gift arrangement for delivery on the first Friday of the month. Few flowers exude happiness and joy like spring flowers, and any of the spring choices highlighted here can lift the spirits of your staff and let them know they’re truly appreciated.

If you have any questions or are ready to place your order, contact Nanz & Kraft Florists for more information.


Give the Gift of Violets this February

shutterstock_196566356You might be surprised at just how much meaning and significance the humble little violet has in both ancient cultures and modern day America. The violet symbolizes the rebirth and renewal that comes with spring; it also exudes humility, modesty, faithfulness and the joys of new love. While white violets offer a spirit of innocence and purity, purple violets touch on the spectrum of deeper love.

Stories of the Heart

The heart-shaped leaves of the violet made early apothecaries believe it could be used to treat heart disease and even mend broken hearts. Because of this, it was used as an aphrodisiac and “love potion.” Some forms of Mediterranean violets smell so sweet that their oil is used in perfumes, and the ancient Romans were known to make wine from the violet.

Violets were also extremely prevalent in Greek mythology, showing up in a number of myths and stories. Athens was even referred to as the “Violet-Crowned City,” and violets are connected with stories about Ion, Persephone, Earth Mother Demeter, Pluto, Orpheus, Venus and Cupid. While the appearance of violets in dreams can signify upcoming good fortune and that your future lover may be younger than you, it is also associated with remembrance and resurrection after an ending.

Significance in the United States

The violet is the state flower of four American states: New Jersey, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Illinois. It is also the birth flower for the month of February. Giving violets as a gift can convey thoughtfulness, subtlety, dignity and grace. It is an understated but elegant gift for just about any occasion and an especially nice touch if the recipient has a February birthday:

Delightful Violets. The beautiful Delightful Violets basket features three potted African violets artfully nestled together in with butterfly and bow accents in a a lovely white handled basket. Violet colors range in from purple to blue to pink and white.

Violet Basket. Giving the Violet Basket as a gift means the recipient will receive an abundance of charming potted African violets all nestled close to one another within a 12″ basket. Silk ivy leaves along with a sheer ribbon plus sweet bird accent create the perfectly adorned gift basket.

Blooming Spring Garden. Violets also dazzle as part of an arrangement with other vibrant flowers. The Blooming Spring Garden features African violets along with kalanchoe, mums and ivy accents.

Contact Nanz & Kraft Florists today for more information or to place your violet gift order.


The Different Colors of Roses and What They Mean

shutterstock_14492851With only a few days left until Valentine’s Day, the staff here at Nanz & Kraft Florists are checking things off their lists. We’re striving for perfection because Valentine’s Day is such an important occasion around here. We know that roses are the traditional flower for Valentine’s Day, so we’ve gone all out to give our customers a variety of different rose colors from which to choose.

Roses are steeped in tradition, and we’re not going to change that. We do understand that the tastes of people living in our area today aren’t the same as the tastes of people who lived around here a hundred or more years ago. We’ve given Valentine’s Day a modern twist by offering our customers rose arrangements in different color combinations.

A Variety of Sorbet Flavors

Make your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner even more special. For our Rose Sorbet arrangement, we started with a clear glass bubble bowl. Then we combined different colors of our premium Ecuadorian roses, and the result is a compact arrangement of roses that will make you think of the yummy flavors of fruit sorbets.

Femininity and Elegance

If you’re thinking about giving your beloved something that’s simple, elegant, and very different, we’ve got you covered. We think our Girly Girl arrangement is very special. We chose Chili roses and green hydrangea for this unique arrangement. We use a tall clear glass vase for this bouquet. We add sword ferns for accent, and you can choose to have one or two dozen roses in this special gift.

Variety is the Spice of Life

If you’re tired of giving your beloved the same red roses for Valentine’s Day year after year, we’ve got a beautiful arrangement that’s every bit as sentimental as red roses, but it’s definitely different. We’ve arranged 12 Pink Valentine’s Roses in a clear glass vase. Instead of using baby’s breath, we’re using dainty little pink wax flowers. There are several sentiments connected with pink roses. The color pink can express everything from admiration and happiness to gratitude, grace, gentleness, and sweetness.

We hope our suggestions will help you choose the perfect flower arrangement for that special someone in your life. We know how important roses are to this occasion, but we think it’s fun to think outside the box. We hope you’ll consider giving that special person or people in your life, an arrangement of roses in any color.


Alternatives to Roses and Valentine’s Day

Every February 14, couples seek out the perfect gift to show their love and affection for that special someone. While the red rose has a strong reputation as being the traditional flower of love and romance, it is certainly not the only appropriate gift for the holiday. For many couples, finding a gift that falls outside the traditional bouquet of red roses can help demonstrate an additional level of thoughtfulness. At Nanz and Kraft, we have developed several alternate gift ideas that we believe would be absolutely perfect for demonstrating love this Valentine’s Day. Here are a few that every couple should try.

Hit the sweet tooth, but without the chocolate

People love receiving sweets on Valentine’s Day, but there are plenty of ways to give the gift of sugar without going with a generic box of chocolate. Consider getting some beautiful iced Valentine’s Day cookies. Cookies that have been shaped like hearts and iced with the colors of the holiday will be the perfect way to brighten the day of any recipient while also satisfying the sweet tooth. Their originality and creativity is sure to be appreciated as well.

Give the gift of flowers using non-traditional arrangements

Flowers remain one of the best gifts for the holiday, as they have been used throughout time to brighten people’s moods and the inside of the home. Since Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter, this can be particularly beneficial. Rather than going with the traditional red, consider getting a stunning arrangement that uses new colors, like those in Stargazer Lilies, green hydrangea, red orchids, and other beautiful flowers. The rich colors of the arrangement will look amazing and will be appreciated by any recipient.

Say ‘I Love You’ with a balloon bouquet

This idea is perfect for those who want to express their affection in a fun and unique way. Gathering together six balloons as though they were in an actual bouquet or arrangement can be a wonderful way to make an impression. The colors and expressions will fit the holiday and perfectly showcase how much thought you put into it!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means that it is time to find that perfect gift for that special someone. Those who have been thinking about going outside the box for tradition and finding something other than red roses should find out list helpful. Get started planning now and find the perfect gift to put a smile on the face of that special someone.


Design Your Date


You’re a little bit rock-n-roll and they like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, but together you’re a couple who loves a creative date. Or maybe you want to get the attention of a certain special someone this year. Wherever your adventure takes you, no Valentine’s Day story is complete without the perfect flowers.

We can help you get started by planning your dream date for this Valentine’s Day Weekend, and choosing the flowers that will be just right, whether you send them early to the office or arrive at the door bearing the most beautiful roses ever.

Play our Design Your Date game, and you could even win $100 for your Valentine’s flowers! Enter your email address, first & last name, and fill in the blanks to create a unique Valentine’s adventure perfect for your date. You’ll be entered to win a $100 floral gift certificate just in time for Valentine’s Day. Enter as many times as you’d like and share your story on Facebook to earn 10 bonus entries when a friend enters. The winner will be chosen at random on February 12th and notified by email.

Enter our sweepstakes today for your chance to win and start designing your perfect Valentine’s Day Date!

Send Flowers for the Whole Year

zoom_flowersayear750109Are you in search of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone? Looking for something romantic, but not cliché? Sweet, but not laden with calories? If so, our professional florists and romantics at Nanz & Kraft Florists suggest giving your loved one a beautifully unique, fragrantly sweet, low calorie, gift he or she will enjoy for the entire year.

With Flowers for a Year, you can give your significant other or anyone who holds a special place in your heart the gift of flowers delivered once a month for an entire year, beginning Valentine’s Day (or any date that is important to you). Our Flowers for a Year program delivers artfully arranged bouquets of seasonal blooms to your loved one throughout the year. With Flowers for a Year, your special someone will not only be pleased to enjoy February’s flowers, but also the vibrant blooms of every season.

With a single phone call, our expert florists will arrange to deliver twelve seasonal bouquets accompanied by twelve personalized sentiments to your loved one over twelve months. Tailored to accommodate a range of budgets, we offer three separate levels of Flowers for a Year. So, you can give the gift that keeps on giving (at the price point you find comfortable), and then give some more. With Flowers for a Year, you can be sure your special someone will remember and cherish their Flowers for a Year throughout the next twelve months and for years to come.

We at Nanz & Kraft Florists wish you and yours a truly special Valentine’s Day filled with love, companionship, happiness, romance, and of course flowers.


Your Red Themed Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMRed is the color of the month for January, which makes it perfect for your wedding. If you’ve settled on red as the primary color for your January wedding, you’re probably wondering what would make the best accent color. Let us show you some of our favorite accent colors and design ideas for your red-themed wedding!



Orange and Yellow


Buckman0621-12091482725Accenting your red theme with orange or yellow is a great way to add warmth to a winter wedding. One way to add these colors is to mix orange and yellow flowers into the wedding flowers. A few bright spots of color among the bridal bouquet, altar flowers and reception arrangements are sure to spice things up!


You can also add these shades to your wedding and reception through lighting. Use plenty of candles to add a warm, yellow glow to your reception. For both the ceremony and the reception, consider decorating with strands of lights that have bulbs with warm colors.


Silver and Gold


cake-140614103140Mixing metallic accents into your red color scheme adds a touch of class and luxury to the atmosphere. Silver accents have a cooling effect, while gold – much like candlelight – adds a little bit of warmth to your overall theme. There are numerous ways to add silver and gold to a red palette. For instance, at the ceremony, you can put a canopy draped in red over the altar. Add the silver and gold accents by using ribbons of these colors to tie back the curtains.


At the reception, start with a gorgeous metal cake plate, and consider using metallic accents to decorate the cake. The place settings are another wonderful place to add secondary colors. Make sure that you use finely polished silverware, or cutlery with a gold finish, and consider a set of wine glasses that features metallic plating. Napkin rings, place card holders and candlesticks are a few more great ways to add silver or gold to your red theme.


Black and White


Few color schemes have more style or sophistication than red against black and white. Whites work particularly well at the ceremony. Use a white runner dusted with red roses petals, and make sure to decorate with plenty of red and white flowers.


For the reception, anything goes! Use red on black, red on white or a mixture of all three. Lots of black helps create an intimate atmosphere, while white livens things up. A black and white scheme with plenty of red tends to have a sleek ultra-modern look.


Of course, these aren’t the only ways to add red to a January wedding. For more inspiration, check out the Nanz & Kraft Florists website or stop in and let us show you even more wonderful ideas!


Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

January 10, 2015 is Houseplant Appreciation Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity to take a moment and appreciate all that houseplants do for us. Better air quality, less stress and more serenity are just some of the benefits that houseplants bring to a home or office space. One of the best ways to celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day is by adding to your own assortment of houseplants as well as gifting plants to friends and loved ones. Consider these ideas for Houseplant Appreciation Day gift-giving for yourself and others:

Croton Plant

The Croton Plant is one of the most beautiful non-blooming house plants you can buy. This gorgeous plant features large, colorful leaves that exude blends of yellow, green, orange and red. Send one already professionally planted in an attractive metal container with a bow accent with the Croton Plant in Decorative Metal Pot.

African Gem Zee Zee Plant

The unique Zee Zee plant is indigenous to specific regions in Africa, but it is a delightfully adaptive and low-maintenance plant that’s easy to care for. It features row after row of glossy leaves atop thick, resilient stalks. Buy one ready for gift-giving in a slate-gray pot and animal print ribbon for a striking presentation.

Peace Lily

Another very low-maintenance and health-enhancing house plant is the Peace Lily. It comes in a blooming version with lovely white flowers and is known for having a cleansing quality on the harmful VOCs present in many households. Peace Lily lives up to its name by promoting serenity in any indoor space, making it the perfect plant for a home or office.

Indoor Gardens

Can’t decide on just one plant? Consider an indoor garden arrangement so that you (or your gift recipient) can enjoy several plants together thriving in one pot or container. A European Garden combines both green foliage and seasonal blooming plants in an attractive 14 ” basket with a bow. A Desktop Garden can bring the serene outdoors into a busy office for a more peaceful space; it features a variety of green plants in a modern glass cube pot with dragonfly accents and a raffia bow.

Whether you’re already familiar with the joys of houseplants or are just becoming familiar, Houseplant Appreciation Day is the perfect time to start or add to your collection. Make Nanz and Kraft Florists your source for houseplants for yourself and the special people in your life.