Funeral Flowers and Memorial Gifts

funeral flowersAt Nanz and Kraft, we feel great responsibility when entrusted with the details of important and deeply emotional events in your life. And although the way we treat our customers is important every day, we know that in times of grief, you deserve to be treated with expertise and grace. When dealing with a loss, it can be difficult to make decisions or coordinate details; that is when our professionalism and experience can be of assistance. When you trust us with providing your funeral flowers or celebration of life bouquets, you can rest in the knowledge that the floral designs you select will arrive on time and be absolutely beautiful.

funeral flowers
We will walk you through the many options when choosing funeral flowers. If you are the immediate family and making funeral arrangements, we will help you to choose the casket spray, urn garland or memorial tribute that is appropriate for the service you are holding. We will also counsel on how to match the design of the various arrangements, from the funeral to the gravesite flowers.funeral flowers
For friends and relatives, there are many ways to show support and provide a beautiful floral sentiment. Easel sprays, floral hearts and elegant crosses are all popular choices for the service. Other options include funeral baskets and bouquets, which can be sent to the celebration of life service or the family home. You may also wish to send a long lasting gift to the family; garden memorial stones or windchimes will be timeless reminders of your love. Green or flowering plants, such as a peace lily or orchids, will also provide a visible and beautiful expression of comfort long after the funeral is over.
funeral flowers
The designers at Nanz and Kraft Florists are also happy to create a custom floral design to uniquely commemorate a very special life. Just give us a call. We are here to make sure your loved one is honored, and will do everything we can to make it an easier time.

August Birthstone Flower Collection

august birthstone flowerEach new month comes with a new way to celebrate, offering a unique stone set apart as that month’s birthstone. With August now upon us, it is time for the striking peridot gem to be featured as the month’s official gem. With a hue that is bright and cheerful, this gemstone has long been associated with magical powers capable of bringing about good fortune.

The stone is also thought in some cultures to have healing properties, making it a desired piece to have in one’s collection. While you might not find a peridot while birthday shopping at Nanz and Kraft Florists, we think that choosing florals that showcase this rare color is the perfect way to celebrate all of your birthdays this month!  That is why we have created an August Birthstone flower arrangement especially for this occasion.

August birthstone flower

The peridot is a distinctive and unique stone. You may be wondering how to capture that same essence in a bouquet, but our floral designers have already done the creative work for you. We have combined some remarkable flowers – including roses, hydrangea and bells of Ireland – for a piece that is truly a work of art. These garden flowers, which exhibit the beautiful yellowish-green hues of the gemstone, come in various textures, shapes, and sizes for a masterful effect. This floral arrangement was specially designed as a part of our birthstone collection, and its beauty is as rare as the gem which inspired it.

As elegant as it is timeless, the peridot has been coveted since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Likewise, flowers have expressed the deepest sentiments and emotions since the beginning of time. Combine the two, and you have a birthday gift to be treasured. To order this birthday bouquet, or to have our floral designers create a custom arrangement for your August birthday celebrants, call or stop by Nanz and Kraft Florists today. We don’t just sell flowers – we create memories.





Unique Gifts to Welcome the New Baby

baby giftIt’s official! There is a new member of the family, and we know how excited you are to welcome them into your life. Whether he or she is a grandchild or a close family friend, you stand ready to spoil that precious little one, as well as Mom – and here at Nanz and Kraft, we fully believe you should go ahead and do so. This time is precious and fleeting, so celebrate alongside the proud new parents with a personalized and unique baby gift that they will gift

We recommend Mother/Baby floral gifts to honor the day – for Mom, a bouquet of her favorite seasonal flowers, designed specifically for her by one of our artistic designers. But as for that adorable little one – they deserve an equally adorable companion to welcome them to the world. Our “Just Ducky” ceramic planter is a whimsical way to show the delighted new parents that you are thrilled for them and their new bundle of joy. Our duck paddles in with a real cloth hat and a coordinating bow, along with a pink or blue bloom (or any flower you wish).baby gift

Although flowers are our favorite gift to give, one of our favorite accessories to add to your floral bouquets is this Milkbarn organic cotton gown and hat set, which comes in a variety of different patterns. The baby will be photo-shoot prepared, and ready for all the many photos to come. Nanz and Kraft also has a whimsical assortment of adorable plush animals – from classic teddy bears to turtles, ponies, elephants and even hedgehogs! There is truly something for every family in our baby collection.

baby giftWe are your one stop shop for new baby gifts. From lavish bouquets to incredibly soft plush toys, Nanz and Kraft Florists has it all, guaranteed to make the new addition – and Mom and Dad – feel loved and completely spoiled.

Birthstone Flowers in July

flowers in julyBirthstones have held a special place in culture for centuries, and the tradition is still strong throughout the world today. Each month on the calendar has been assigned one of these meaningful stones, each of which signifies qualities, meaning, and powers that are said to be transferred to those who wear them during their birth month. The month of July is represented by the fiery ruby, often referred to as the king of stones. The ruby is thought to bring prosperity, good fortune and protection to those who possess it. A quality ruby, rarely occurring in nature, is a luxurious and opulent stone which has always been coveted by royalty.

flowers in julyNanz and Kraft is proud to offer the Birthstone Collection, which provides you with artistic interpretations of each birthstone through flowers. When looking to give flowers in July that represent the ruby, the red rose is the perfect option. Just as the ruby enjoys a reputation for luxury, so do red roses deliver lavish beauty and timeless sentiment. This “ruby red” arrangement is skillfully crafted by our Louisville designers, and will make anyone celebrating a July birthday feel regal.

Each month not only has a gem which represents it, but birth flowers are also recognized and very popular as inspiration. For the long summery days of July, the beautiful delphinium is a flower of choice for gardeners and florists alike. At Nanz and Kraft, our talented floral designers have imagined the striking Sapphire Horizons Bouquet, showcasing these bright blue blooms that bring elegance and grace to any bouquet. Even though they look light and airy, the delphinium embodies a very confident spirit – it represents striving towards a goal and seeking new adventures.

flowers in julyWhen seeking the ideal gift for that special someone’s July birthday, Nanz and Kraft Florists should be your first destination. Each arrangement is a work of art, designed to send all the beauty, opulence, and excitement of July right to their doorstep.

Popular Flowers for the Summertime

summer flowersHere at Nanz and Kraft Florists, we love helping you through all of life’s moments that require flowers – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. But sometimes, the best reason to surround yourself with flowers is “just because!” Flowers have a unique ability to brighten our day; and with the long summer days ahead, decorating with seasonal summer blooms is a great way to bring excitement, beauty, and fresh air into your home or office space.

To celebrate the fact that one of her favorite seasons has officially arrived, here are some of the most popular summer flowers – we love them, and we think you will too!

summer flowersOne of the most iconic blooms of summer is, of course, the sunflower. This majestic flower stands far above the rest in stature and showcases a vibrant hue that draws attention to itself in the best way possible. Sunflowers are so named because of their tendency to turn themselves to face the sun during the daylight hours – and don’t most of us love to do the same? In nature, the sunflower can grow from 3 to 15 feet in the air; but even in a cut flower arrangement, the sunflower is an impressive and happy flower that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

summer flowersAlthough one of the best parts of summer in Louisville is being outside more often, it is not always possible for people who still have to work! If that is you or someone you know, don’t despair, just bring summer inside. Other floral choices that are prolific this time of year are white and yellow daisies and their vibrant cousins, the gerberas; mums, zinnias, and begonias; roses, lilies and orchids, and the always majestic gladioli.

Allow the artisans at Nanz and Kraft Florists to arrange expertly a vivid summer bouquet second to none that will emulate being outside on a summer day. Then sit back and enjoy. Because it is summertime and the living should be easy!

A Father’s Day to Remember

father's dayThis is the time of the year to let Dad know just how much he means to you! June 19th is Father’s Day, and with the celebration just around the corner, you are running out of time to plan out a special day to make him feel appreciated. Whether you live locally and can spend quality time together, or are sending something across the country – Nanz and Kraft has some out-of-the-box suggestions that are sure to make his day.

father's dayOne thing we know about Dads, their number one wish on this day is to spend time with those they love. In fact, according to the experts, more of our gift dollars will be spent on an outing with our dad over any other category. Right here in Louisville we have some great options – for those with a passion for cars, exploring the vintage vehicles exhibit at the Swope’s Cars of Yesteryear Museum would be a natural choice for an afternoon excursion. Or maybe Dad would rather spend the day leisurely fishing with some of his favorite people; consider checking out Tom Wallace Lake for catfish or trout, or Taylorsville Lake for largemouth bass. And even if you catch and release, this arrangement is the perfect keepsake gift to remember your lazy afternoon.

father's dayDoes Dad love his Kentucky roots? Give him a basket of authentic KY goods, and it will make him almost as happy as watching a UK Wildcats winning season! From fishing trips to gourmet treats, Father’s Day gifts at Nanz and Kraft Florists will make your day with Dad even more special. How can we help you honor him?

June Roses for Every Occasion

rosesIn the summer season, roses are used for a variety of different occasions – from wedding bouquets and centerpieces to a birthday or anniversary gift for that special someone. Red roses have a classic and timeless nature that inspires the romantic in all of us. Because of their association with romance, these particular roses are considered the most popular flower to give to someone when expressing passion or deep love for them. So beloved is this flower, that rose enthusiasts have set aside a special day all for its honor – Red Rose Day is June 12, and whether you are a florist, gardener, or just a romantic at heart, this is the perfect day to send a bouquet to convey your feelings.roses

Even though on Red Rose Day we specifically celebrate the iconic red flower, the entire month is dedicated to it. June’s birth flower is the rose, making it the perfect gift for all who will be celebrating birthdays. Does red seem a little too formal or romantic for your occasion? Not to worry – roses come in an amazing spectrum of colors that are sure to send the right sentiment, as well as to accentuate any décor.

rosesThe expert florists at Nanz and Kraft have created birthday bouquets with bright whites, pale pinks, and lovely purples – as well stylish summer arrangements in bright oranges and yellows. roses

Whether you are designing the gifts and décor for a summer birthday party, a bridal shower, or simply shopping for a June gift to tell them how special they are to you – the rose is the flower of the month! Stop by Nanz and Kraft Florists today to choose your perfect roses for June.

Tropical Flowers this Summer

tropical flowersSummer is the time of year for backyard parties, cold drinks, and carefree living. Although many of us wish we could be traveling to some tropical locale this season, the reality is that most of us will spend the majority of the summer at home and work right here in Louisville. Nanz and Kraft Florists has some creative ideas to help bring the island paradise vibe to your home or office, and to surround yourself with some island ambiance.

tropical flowersAsk anyone to describe a tropical oasis, and eventually, they will begin to speak about the stunning flowers. We are naturally drawn to the unique beauty that a tropical ecosystem supports – and exotic blooms such as orchids, hibiscus, and birds of paradise are among our favorites to create a striking floral arrangement reminiscent of the rain forest. These arrangements will immerse you in the natural flora, and allow you to imagine, even if just for a moment, that you are there.

tropical flowersAnother vividly bold choice for your summer bouquets is the anthurium, which features a rich red hue and extra shiny green leaves. These blooms are so bright that you may not think they are real, at first glance. Also too beautiful for words are the heliconia, the protea, and the red ginger plant. If you are looking for a standalone flowering plant to adorn your deck or patio, the colorful bromeliad, originally from Brazil, is the perfect exotic choice to create a long lasting container garden.

We may be in Louisville, but we can still bring the tropics to your very own home or office. Create a relaxing and serene backyard ambiance with the assistance of some beautiful plants and flowers this summer, and design your tropical experience.

The Best Flowers for Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesIt’s that time of year! Whether you are spending relaxing afternoons in the pool with the barbecue heating up, or lazy evenings hanging out with friends on the patio – it’s summertime, the quintessential season for taking it easy and for enjoying life. Lush green yards, trees in full bloom and wildflowers lining the roadways are all signs that the warm weather is here to stay for a while. And we do love spending this time outdoors! If there was ever a time to adorn your outdoor living areas with fresh cut flowers, flowering plants or patio gardens, it is now.

outdoor partiesFor those who don’t have a green thumb capable of planting and cultivating a garden, there are other ways to naturally decorate your home and backyard – without all the hours of work! Just imagine the serenity of sitting on your front porch covered in a canopy of hanging plant baskets – impatiens, petunias or orchids spilling over the side in cascading beauty. Choose from flowers in bold hues or stick to traditional greenery to create the ambiance you want.

outdoor partiesAdding color to your yard can require as little work as picking up the phone and ordering some beautifully arranged floral baskets. Use them to line walkways or flank the front door, for an attractive pop of color. Adorn decks, backyard patios, even the balcony of an apartment – all spaces easily made more beautiful with the addition of vibrant potted plants and baskets. At Nanz and Kraft, we have the talented designers to custom create flower baskets that will perfectly accentuate any home or décor style.

Make your summer more bright and inviting, with the help of potted flowers and floral arrangements from Nanz and Kraft Florists. Don’t wait to place your order – we can get that home looking botanical in no time!

Graduation Flowers from Nanz & Kraft

graduation flowersA graduation ceremony, whether from elementary school or grad school, is a momentous occasion in any student’s life. Tradition considers commencement ceremonies “rites of passage”; representing the acknowledgment of the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.

graduation flowersWhen celebrating someone in your life who is graduating, it is only fitting to recognize them for the sacrifice, dedication and commitment required to receive that diploma. Those of us at Nanz & Kraft may be a bit partial to the gift of flowers, but giving fresh blooms is a time-honored tradition. Whether the graduates are wearing the flowers in the form of a graduation lei as they walk proudly across the stage; or if fresh-cut blossoms are presented to them afterward as a nod to their accomplishment, florals have a rich history in academic celebrations. To make the gift even more special, look to the deeper meanings of flowers to create a bouquet – orange roses say ” I’m proud of you,” gladioli or pink roses signify admiration and purple iris represent wisdom. Use these and other meanings to design a bouquet that truly speaks your heart.
graduation flowers
Graduations are overflowing with tradition and custom. From the caps and gowns which are descendants of the first robes worn in religious institutions, to the throwing of those caps into the air – nearly every part of a graduation ceremony has a story. And although there are nearly 6 million students graduating this year in our country, each one of them has their story of struggle, perseverance, hard work and achievement. Celebrate those stories with floral arrangements that speak to your graduate’s personal journey. If you need ideas and inspiration, check in with the florists at Nanz & Kraft. We will help you to beautify any Louisville area graduation with arrangements that are sure to make the grade.