Show Your Love and Affection this Mother’s Day

mother's day From the dawn of history, there have been countless ways that the matriarchs of our societies and families have been honored for their place of esteem. Even today, in countries as diverse as Thailand, Ireland, and Ethiopia and the United States, mothers are celebrated in unique ways. However, although customs may differ, the sentiment is the same. Mothers’ Day is set aside to show mom how much you love and appreciate her in your life, and to thank her for her contributions and involvement in our homes and communities.

mother's dayIn the United States, Mother’s Day became an official national observance in 1914. Championed by Anna Jarvis, the idea was to pause and reflect on what our mothers mean to us; Ms. Jarvis saw it as a day of family prayer and togetherness, without distraction from worldly things. Ironically, after successfully creating the holiday in honor of her mother, Anna would fight to cancel Mothers’ Day later in her life; vastly disappointed in the fact that the day was overly commercialized, and citing her belief that the true integrity of this holiday was lost. Although it is true that Mother’s Day is one of the largest consumer holidays on the calendar, most still believe that the heart and soul of what makes it so important is still as prevalent as it was over 100 years ago when it began.

Showing someone how much you care through one simple gift can be a challenge, but the floral experts here at Nanz & Kraft know that flowers can speak heartfelt messages when you get to know their distinctive symbolism. Choosing flowers based on their meaning is a wonderful way to create the story of your mother in living color.

  • mother's dayRoses are symbolic of appreciation, especially shades of pink.
  • Pink calla lilies express deep gratitude
  • Iris flowers are known to represent wisdom.
  • Orchids represent grace and beauty.
  • Gerbera daisies represent a cheerful nature and simple joy.

This May 8th, your go-to Lousiville florist is Nanz & Kraft Florists– choose from our wide selection, or create a masterpiece all your own. Either way, your mom will love it.

Send a Gift for Administrative Professionals Week

administrative professionalsWhen you call an organization, these folks are the first people you speak with. They greet every client with a smile as they enter the office. They keep up with the daily grind of the business, even while catering to the needs of countless colleagues, vendors or customers. Administrative professionals are the glue that holds it all together for many Louisville businesses, and this April 27 is National Administrative Professionals Day. What a great opportunity to say thank you to your best employees for all that they do!

administrative professionals The observance dates back to the WWII era, although at that time it was named National Secretary’s Day. As time has passed and business culture has changed dramatically, so has the outlook on this particular day. It has evolved over the decades to include a wider global reach and a deeper appreciation for those who chose this field; taking into consideration the breadth and depth of the modern job description. One thing that never seems to change, however, is the love of giving and receiving gifts. What better way to say “thank you” to the administrative personnel that you couldn’t do without than to beautify their space with a colorful floral arrangement or a unique green plant such as bamboo or a succulent garden?

administrative professionalsNanz and Kraft is your one-stop gift giving center – so whether your coworker would appreciate a vase of bold flowers, a chic arrangement of exotic plants, a basket full of delicious gourmet delicacies or an adorable coffee mug, we truly have it all! For every irreplaceable employee on your staff, the perfect gift is right here.

administrative professionalsLouisville is a city full of hardworking, talented people – so let’s acknowledge them this month! Allow our expert floral designers at Nanz & Kraft Florists to help you create something unique and special for the professionals in your office, or choose from the amazing selection on our website. Either way, don’t miss April 27; your employees deserve the best.

Daisies are April’s Birth Flower

daisiesApril is a month filled with cheerfulness and fresh beginnings; a time when Louisville begins to reemerge into warmer weather and sunny days. This is the perfect time to commune with nature; to get out and plant gardens in the backyard, enjoy picnics in the park with friends and family, and enjoy all that nature has to offer this time of year.

Each month has an official birthday flower, and in April that flower is the daisy. This classic flower perfectly embodies all the carefree happiness of spring. The daisy’s traditional significance is childhood innocence and simplicity, often evoking images of fields of yellow and white swaying in the spring breeze.

daisies daisies

Daisies make beautiful arrangements for a home or office, and bring this iconic emblem of springtime indoors. Although the white and yellow flower, known as the Shasta, is the most familiar image of the daisy, there are many varieties of this versatile bloom to choose from. African daisies grow much closer to the ground, as opposed to longer stems; while gerbera daisies bring the bright and vibrant color. As a matter of fact, if you have ever received a floral bouquet which included red, purple, pink or orange daisies, chances are you were holding a bunch of gerberas. This fun and whimsical variety of flower allows for you to create arrangements that fit any décor.

The wide variety of daisies available to you makes it easy to choose for an April birthday bouquet, or for any spring occasion. As a standalone bouquet, or paired with other vivid species of wild or spring flowers, the daisy is a perennially popular choice. The floral designers at Nanz and Kraft are looking forward to assisting you in creating the perfect gift, or the perfect arrangement for your own spring décor. Call us or stop in today for your own bouquet of sunshine.


April is Lawn and Garden Month

lawn and gardenApril is lawn and garden month. But what if you love springtime and flowers, but don’t have a large lawn, or the space to cultivate a garden? Never fear – for those who have small patios, tight front door entranceways and limited front porch real estate – Nanz & Kraft has the answer.

This April, try your hand at container gardening. Anything that can accommodate an appropriate amount of soil – and have the ability to drain water – is a candidate to become a self contained flower bed. Get creative in your choice of containers – whether you choose a pot from a local gardening center, or find décor items around your house; the key is to ift the container – and the florals – to your décor. From rustic baskets to sleek ebony cubes; from decorative tin memorabilia to rain barrels – the possibilities are endless. And as an added bonus, your garden is portable! If you change your mind about its placement, or move to a new home, your perfect garden moves right along with you.

lawn and garden

Container gardening is not limited to flowers, either. Traditional spring growth includes flowering plants and bushes such as azaleas, kalanchoes, begonias and violets. All of these can be purchased at Nanz & Kraft, and displayed indoors in our deocrative containers, or moved to fit your own décor. Make sure to speak to our expert florists in regards the best way to transplant your purchases.

Still not sure on how to bring the spring garden a little closer to home? Try these ideas.

  • Place a wheelbarrow in your front door entrance; fill with soil and add flowering plants traditionally planted in beds.
  • Get a distressed bakers rack from a garage sale; place potted plants of various sizes and colors to form an upright garden. Place a few old pieces of furniture on a back patio, fill a few drawers with soil and plant flowers; place trailing ivy across the top.
  • Hang garden baskets of ivies, ferns or lush colorful flowers from a hook on your porch; situate shepherd’s hooks just outside your door and do the same.

You can celebrate lawn and garden month even if you have neither. If you love springtime, come into Nanz & Kraft and let us help you create an innovative home garden sure to be the envy of all your friends – we’ll do the work, you enjoy the beauty!

Nanz & Kraft – Easter Flowers

easter flowersEaster is a celebration which expresses sacrifice, love and new life. During the spring season, signs of renewal and hope are all around us; the earliest of spring flowers emerging from the cold ground is a sign of coming warm days and sunshine. The same floral display put on by nature can be yours inside your home – and truth be told, Easter just wouldn’t be the same without the gift of seasonal flowers.


Flowers express a range of emotions, and floral arrangements that are common around this time of year often embody the spirit and significance of the Easter holiday. Tulips and lilies are classic flowers found in Easter arrangements; each of these blooms are recognized icons in the Christian celebration of Easter. Tulips are known as a flower of love and passion, indicative of Christ’s sacrifice; and white lilies tell a story of hope and new life, tied to the Biblical story of the Resurrection. This arrangement of springtime lilies, while not white, brings a sunny and contemporary twist to the traditional Easter lily.

easter flowers

Balmy temperatures and emerging nature may entice you to get outside and take a long walk with family and friends to enjoy the season. In fact, those special times were the inspiration behind the Springtime Stroll basket, an arrangement created to celebrate all of the glorious restorations of spring. Daisies, roses, snapdragons, tulips and mums overflow in this beautiful display of nature’s best flowers; placing this in your home or sending it as a gift is sure to create the feeling of fresh picked flowers from a morning walk through the meadow.



When looking for an appropriate centerpiece or floral arrangement for your Easter dinner table, Nanz and Kraft floral designs are a great place to start. As a gift or for yourself; for Easter celebrations or simply to enjoy the beauty of spring – flowers are the iconic symbol of the new season.



Nanz & Kraft – Earth Day 2016

earth dayFor those who appreciate the Earth and all its natural beauty, this is a great time of year. As spring begins to take hold, we can look forward to Earth Day – but did you know there are actually two distinct Earth Days? The most popular American celebration of Earth Day takes place on April 22nd, but not as many are aware of the Spring Equinox Earth Day, observed on March 20th this year, and annually on the vernal equinox.


Each version of the day had its origination in 1970, when their respective founders decided that a change was needed. Both John McConnell, a San Francisco activist; and Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator, saw that the revolutionary mood of 1960s America was the perfect ground in which to plant the environmentalist seeds. McConnell’s Equinox Earth Day focused on global equilibrium and peace; while Nelson’s April 22 “Teach-In” was focused on using grassroots efforts to force legislation. Both days represented opportunities to raise awareness regarding the issues facing our environment.

earth day


If you are looking for a way to participate in conservation of the world’s resources and become a better steward – fill your personal environment with trees, flowers and green plants! Plants are a critical part of our ecosystem, and the more we can replace in our natural environments, the better. Did you know that studies prove that surrounding yourself with greenery can actually improve the air quality of your home or office? Flowers have also been linked to improved moods and increased productivity; and also bring a sense of well being.



As your local Louisville florist, we can create exactly what you are looking for – baskets, arrangements, terrariums and bouquets celebrate Earth every day! Call Nanz & Kraft or stop by today, and be ready for both Earth Day celebrations.



Nanz & Kraft Florist – International Women’s Day

women's dayOn International Women’s Day, observed on March 8, we are challenged to remember and appreciate the struggles women have faced in the past, and continue to face in many places around the globe. While in America we have a rich history that includes women, in some regions women still fight for equality, access to education and safety. This day is set aside for the world to unite in solidarity, and to express our conviction that all people should enjoy peace and freedom.


Looking back through history, there is no denying that women have played a large and impactful role in society, and continue to shape the world around them each and every day. On March 8th, the world will honor women who are making a difference in all walks of life, from the marketplace to philanthropy. But everyday heroes are all around us as well – we all know mothers, sisters, friends and coworkers who influence lives and workplaces in ways small and large. The women in our own lives make sacrifices and share wisdom on a regular basis – this is the perfect opportunity to show them how much you appreciate all that they do to support families and the local Louisville community.

women's day


Floral arrangements speak in a language all their own. On International Women’s Day, express your admiration with a bouquet that reflects her personality, achievements and passions. For instance, our beautiful alstromeria bouquets – also known as Peruvian lilies – denote wealth & prosperity; and hollyhocks recognize ambition and dedication. Choose dark pink roses to show gratitude, a lotus flower to defer to her wisdom, or a graceful palm to the a woman who has attained great success.


Allow the expert floral designers at Nanz and Kraft Florists of Louisville to create an arrangement that is distinctively her, and celebrates the unique contributions she makes to her world.



Nanz & Kraft Florists – National Floral Design Day


floral design dayTrends in art are always changing; and throughout the centuries all people groups have embraced art as a part of their culture. Using elements from nature as décor in homes, places of worship and social gatherings has been a tradition for as long as man has been on earth. The ability to take something that already has inherent beauty to create an image with a deeper meaning is truly the work of an artist. Creating floral arrangements has a long history and is not unique to the United States, but there was an American who championed designing flowers as a mainstream art form.

floral design day

Carl Rittners, the founder of The Rittners’ School of Floral Design in Boston, had a passion for teaching floral design. For over 60 years, the school has taught thousands of students the design fundamentals of utilizing flowers and plants in the creation of living artwork. In 1995, the governor of Massachusetts decided to set aside a day on the calendar to celebrate the acclaim that Mr. Rittners brought to the floral industry. In honor of his birthday, National Floral Design Day was born, celebrated annually on February 28th.

floral design day

Discerning flowers as artwork is something that the floral designers here at Nanz & Kraft Florists are passionate about. If something designed especially for you would make a special addition to your home or office; or if your loved ones would appreciate a custom piece featuring their favorite colors and flowers – National Floral Design Day gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative!   The ways that flowers can be showcased as art is endless, and as your premiere Louisville florist, we invite you to work with us to create a beautifully unique masterpiece.


Nanz & Kraft – Valentine’s Day for Everyone

valentine's day Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly for couples, but they aren’t the only ones who can enjoy February 14…this day is set aside for the love we feel for everyone in our lives! There are so many people that you can celebrate on this special day – and just imagine their joy when a gorgeous bouquet arrives at the door!

  • It’s not every day that your children experience the unexpected surprise of a delivery just for them! Your daughter will love this teddy bear holding a vases of sweet flowers, while your son is sure to appreciate his own plush toy which comes bearing Valentine’s Day balloons.
  • Your sister is more than family, she’s your best friend. For as long as you can remember, she’s been there. Let her know how important she is to you, with this arrangement of pink stargazer lilies that will bring gorgeous color to her home.


  • You may be colleagues, but this co-worker is something special. They are always there for advice and a willing ear; and they even make the commute worth it. This elegant and sophisticated orchid display fits well into any office, while reminding them every day of your appreciation.
  • This teacher not only taught you well, she became a trusted friend, mentor and a true inspiration who greatly impacted your life. Thank her for the guidance with a gift of gourmet sweet treats!
  • Your first Valentine will always be Mom. The woman who gave you life, and then devoted hers to loving you deserves an extravagant bouquet. And don’t forget your grandmother, favorite aunt, or anyone who poured into your life, making you who you are.

Of course, we always have the traditional bouquet of red roses for your sweetheart – but at Nanz & Kraft, we’ve got everyone else covered too. We have been hard at work preparing for this most special day. Call us for all you Valentine’s flowers and gifts, whether your loved one lives in Louisville or across the country, we’ll take care of making sure the love arrives on their doorstep.

Order Flowers Early for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day flowersLegend tells us that the red rose was coveted by the Roman goddess Venus; because of her affinity for the classic flower, it has long been considered synonymous with passionate love. No wonder it has become the official flower of Valentine’s Day. Nearly 260 million roses have been cultivated for Valentine’s Day alone, and over 50% of those blooms are red. If you are looking to send red roses to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, Nanz & Kraft has many ways to do so in style.


Send Fragrant Beauty, and they will absolutely feel the love – and then some! Classic red roses are joined by striking stargazer lilies in one of our most popular arrangements that proves your love. You cared enough to send not one, but two exotic flowers on this special day.


Go ahead, go a little crazy – after all, your loved one is the best! These Valentine’s Day flowers are a classic! Traditional red roses overflowing with blooms and greens, and spilling out to prove there is no end to your devotion.

valentine's day flowers valentine's day flowers

Nanz and Kraft also has multi-colored roses, short stem roses in creative containers, roses with teddy bears and even rose petals – browse the beautiful selection on our website, or stop by one of our Louisville flower shops to plan a designer bouquet that is one of a kind.


Whatever you decide to send, Nanz and Kraft would like to make a very important recommendation – order and send your flowers early this Valentine’s Day! February 14th falls on a Sunday, and history tells us that people will be ordering all week long in a rush to deliver over the weekend. By ordering now, and having your Valentine’s Day flowers delivered the week before Valentine’s Day, you’ll ensure that you get exactly the arrangement that you want and your sweetheart can enjoy the flowers all week long at the office.  Everyone wins, which is exactly how it should be on a holiday about love!