Nanz & Kraft Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guideNow that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, you’re probably starting to get anxious about finding gifts for those hard-to-shop-for recipients. At Nanz and Kraft Florists, we take all holidays very seriously, but Christmas is a special time of the year. We think that floral gifts are always a good choice, so we’ve put together a selection of outstanding gift choices that make up our holiday gift guide. We have four categories from which you can choose: Christmas Bouquets, Holiday Wreaths, Christmas Gifts & Baskets, and Christmas Plants.


holiday gift guideChristmas Bouquets


Whether you’re looking for a unique gift to send a distant family member or need something to take to a super special Christmas party, you can’t go wrong with Teleflora’s Thomas Kinkade’s Country Christmas Homecoming. This delightful arrangement features a combination of red roses, white carnations, sprigs of noble fir, holly leaves, snow capped pine cones, and a beautiful hand-sculpted Thomas Kinkade keepsake – a tiny white country house surrounded by snow-covered evergreen trees. This arrangement is sure to be a conversation starter and a gift that delivers lasting memories.


holiday gift guideChristmas Wreaths


People are always thinking about decorating the insides of their homes for Christmas. Perhaps you know of someone who enjoys decorating the outside of their home. Our Fresh Boxwood Wreath will welcome anyone and make them smile – whether they’re entering your door, or you’re giving it to them as you enter their door. A boxwood wreath would look lovely on a wall inside a home, an office, or on a bedroom or dorm room door.


Christmas Gifts & Baskets


Christmas is always a time for indulging in luxurious treats. That’s what makes our Christmas baskets such an awesome gift idea. Send or take one to an aging relative in a nursing home. Bring one to the office as a gift for a group to enjoy, or take it to a holiday gift exchange or open house. Our Gourmet Sampler features Lindt, Claey’s Peppermints, Woodford Reserve bourbon balls, and other nuts, crackers, chocolates, and treats, and is sure to please anyone this holiday season.

holiday gift guide

The Gourmet Sampler

Christmas Plants


There are so many beautiful plants to be found around Christmas time. Plants are the perfect gift for someone at the office, a relative in a nursing home, your college student child, or a next door neighbor. If you’re like us, you’ll probably be invited to at least one holiday party, and perhaps an open house or two. You’ll never go wrong if you take a plant. The recipient can display the plant and enjoy it for long after the holidays.


We think that our Festive Basket of Poinsettias will warm up any space with some holiday brightness and ambiance. We change things up a bit by mixing three miniature red and white poinsettias in a woven palm leaf basket. A giant green bow and some gold balls and pine cones provide a woodsy accent.

holiday gift guide

Your holiday gift shopping doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Let our Nanz and Kraft Holiday Gift Guide help you take the drudgery out of buying gifts so you can relax and enjoy some time with loved ones. That’s how the holidays are supposed to be.


Cornucopias this Thanksgiving

cornucopiaYou may have never actually thought about the connection between ancient Greece and your modern day Louisville Thanksgiving, but there most definitely is one. The cornucopia, or horn of plenty, has a long and colorful history, spanning thousands of years.

Greek mythology tells us that Amalthea, who raised Zeus from infancy, broke off a goat’s horn and filled it with fruits. She then presented it to Zeus as a sign of reverence. The idea of a “horn” being filled with the abundance of the harvest is also a story told in Roman mythology, and eventually the horn of plenty (translated to Cornucopia in Latin) was a traditional symbol at the European harvest festivals as well. It is likely that these very festivals were the inspiration for the first Thanksgiving in 1621, making it entirely possible that cornucopia graced the tables of that feast. The cornucopia would traditionally be filled to overflowing with the fruits and vegetables of the local crop; as well as wild fruits, nuts and wildflowers.


Through all these years, the meaning of the horn-shaped basket has remained steadfast – it stands for abundance, plenty, prosperity and good luck; as well as being a popular centerpiece at celebrations of thanksgiving and gratitude. Nanz and Kraft has several cornucopia centerpieces to bring the abundance of the season to your table this Thanksgiving – from a traditional horn filled with fall flowers, to a more unique twist on the horn of plenty. The Living Cornucopia features succulent plants to be enjoyed well after the turkey is eaten; and is accented with festive holiday accessories. This is sure to be the talk of your holiday dinner.


Whatever your style – classic or distinctive – come to Nanz and Kraft for beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece creations. And when you place the cornucopia into the middle of your table, just remember that you are joining a tradition that reaches all the way back to ancient times.

We at Nanz & Kraft offer wishes of a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.



Nanz & Kraft Thanksgiving

thanksgivingThanksgiving is a holiday steeped in tradition, from centuries ago to present day. History tells us that the original Thanksgiving took place in 1621, when settlers from England met with Indians over food to celebrate a successful harvest. But celebrating the harvest was not new or unique; ancient civilizations had annual festivals at this time of year as well. In modern times, we have some distinct traditions when it comes to our own “harvest festival”, Thanksgiving.

In America, the holiday is marked by three classic things – football, parades and food! In some of the oldest known celebrations of the harvest, games and sports were an important element, so our obsession with the big game has deep roots. The legacy of holiday parades is a lot more recent; in the early 1900’s large retailers like Macy’s saw Thanksgiving as the gateway to the holiday shopping season, so they sponsored extravagant parades with their names on them.


Of course the best thing about Thanksgiving is the meal shared with family and friends to express gratitude, which does reflect the legacy of the Pilgrims. While many associate a turkey with all the trimmings with Thanksgiving, other family traditions includes vastly different feasts – from ham, to pasta, to seafood. Whatever food is on the table, however, seasonal flowers and centerpieces are a standard.

The vibrant fall colors of seasonal flowers make for great holiday centerpieces or beautiful hostess gifts. Whatever the autumn occasion, adding the yellow, orange and red ambiance of roses, lilies, asters and sunflowers will warm up any space and bring the spirit of the season to your table.

This year, start at Nanz and Kraft when planning your Thanksgiving holiday meals and parties. From rustic cornucopias to modern floral arrangements, we have the bouquets and centerpieces to fit any holiday tradition!

World Peace Day

world peace dayAlthough the grand design behind World Peace Day is meant to persuade global leadership into making decisions that honor peace and not war; founder Don Morris has a much simpler message for those who would celebrate this day.


“Just be kind to one another.”


Recognizing that regional, national or global change cannot occur until individuals also change, the day stands as an invitation for everyone to establish more peace on their lives. Whether by reaching out to an estranged family member, or taking some time each day to relax and reflect in order to reduce stress, there are many ways to honor the virtue of peace.


Organizers have no logo or slogan, but they do ask people to step out of their comfort zone and be the peacemaker in all of their life’s discord. One way may be to send a floral bouquet to someone with whom you would like to restore a friendship with; the Tranquility Bouquet is the perfect selection. White roses are thought to inspire peace, and paired with white hydrangea in a crystal sphere they make a serene and beautiful arrangement.



Seeking a peaceful mindset often means finding a place to rejuvenate and refresh. These Bamboo chimes are hand-tuned by professional musicians, and with varying lengths each set of chimes produces a unique, soothing melody sure to calm any jangled nerves.



John Lennon once sang “Give Peace a Chance”. On November 17, give peace a chance in your part of the world. Call Nanz & Kraft to explore ways that World Peace Day can be celebrated right here in Louisville.

Nanz & Kraft Dahlias

dahliaWith thousands of hybrids, the full spectrum of colors and a myriad of unique appearances, the dahlia truly offers something for everyone. A member of the Asteraceae family, it can claim sunflowers, zinnias and mums as relatives, sometimes being mistaken for one of these.


Dahlia blooms are made up of florets that are in actuality little flowers in their own right; however, they are often referred to as petals. The single flower dahlia resembles a daisy, with only one row of florets surrounding a large disc center; anemone, water lily, ball and cactus dahlias express the many types of florets available. Dahlias are so diverse in their appearance and so easily hybridized, that there are national organizations and conventions set aside only for the appreciation of the cultivation of these gorgeous flowers. They can be found in nearly every color, and their florets can either be solid, blend from to light to dark shades, or exhibit unique variegated patterns.


Because of its various appearances, from exotic to classic, the dahlia can be easily incorporated into nearly any floral arrangement. They are often found mixed in with roses and lilies for wedding bouquets, as the dahlia flower signifies eternal bonds and lasting commitment. Given this, the dahlia also makes a great choice for anniversaries – especially the 14th wedding anniversary. An alternate meaning of the flower is “great hope for the future”, so is ideal for engagement parties and events.


With so many options within the dahlia family, this autumn bloom will grace any occasion this time of year. Whether creating a Thanksgiving fall centerpiece or a winter white bouquet, Nanz and Kraft will help you to create the perfect arrangement.

Fun Halloween Flowers and Gifts

halloweenHalloween is only weeks away, and preparations are well underway. Die-hard Halloween fans are decorating lawns, while moms are helping kids search for the perfect costume. Although the holiday has its origins in both a pagan Celtic festival, and the Christian “All Hallow’s Eve”; for most it is a celebration of childhood, candy and spooky fun.


Halloween is marked by a number of popular festivities, including hayrides, apple bobbing, costume contests and bonfires. In many locations around the world, trick or treating emphasizes the “trick” aspect of the activity. But here at home, it’s all about the candy! From the earliest ages, children look forward to traveling from door to door asking for a treat. With that in mind, perhaps you have an older child or colleague that is a bit nostalgic for the old days of candy-gathering. If so, this gift is for them. Send them some of their favorite sweet treats and let them know you appreciate that they are still a kid at heart, even if trick-or-treating is a thing of the past.



This is a great time of year to decorate a home or office, either for a party or simply for seasonal ambiance. Nanz & Kraft has created several whimsically “spooky” plants and flower arrangements especially for Halloween. The Haunted Hijinks bouquet is a perfect example of how bright fall blooms – such as roses, hydrangea and mums – can be paired with fall leaves, a few haunted accessories and a pumpkin container; resulting in the perfect Halloween centerpiece.


From spiders in their webs, to cats wearing hats and plants growing out of skulls – Nanz & Kraft’s expert florists have outdone themselves creating fun ways for you to accentuate the fun of Halloween in a beautiful way. We invite you to look around our site to view such arrangements as Kreepy Kalanchoe, That Old Black Magic, and Mums Macabre. We had fun assembling this collection, and we know you and your party guests will enjoy them as well.


Happy Halloween, Louisville!


Nanz & Kraft – Mother In Law Day Flowers

mother-in-lawWe’ve all heard the jokes. But mothers-in-law are more than cliches, and more than jokes. They are a part of our family; and much like our spouse, it is for better, or for worse.


Why does the in-law relationship carry such a stigma? It may be that there are so many nuances involved. While he may be your husband now, he is still her son. And while your wife is a grown woman, the relationship with her mother has been the most influential relationship in her life, until now. Mothers-in-law find themselves in a difficult position of loving how happy you make their child, while taking a back seat in their son or daughter’s life. With so many possible emotions, it is no wonder that there can be some awkward situations and confusing pathways to navigate.




On October 25, you have the opportunity to let your mother-in-law know that through it all, you think she is pretty wonderful. A bouquet of fresh flowers or a long-lasting dish garden will tell her that you love her, and that you are glad that she was “part of the deal”. Traditional Mother’s Day flowers are appropriate – pink carnations, lilies and roses are some of the most often sent – but feel free to send an arrangement that reflects her unique personality. Vibrant daisies represent the joy and laughter she has brought to your home; while orchids convey a feeling of gratitude for her virtue and elegance.


For a gift that she’ll treasure for months and years to come, consider this basket of potted violet plants. The violet represents faithfulness and devotion, and is a fitting tribute to the matriarch who has cared for the family for decades.



Whether your mother-in-law is your best friend, or if you want her to be – October 25th is the perfect day to reach out with flowers. This Mother-In-Law’s Day, come into one of Nanz & Kraft Florists Louisville locations and let us help you to create the best floral arrangement to celebrate your family.

Nanz & Kraft – Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersWhen we experience loss, the timeless beauty of floral displays seem the most fitting and touching way to express our feelings. With flowers conveying so much meaning, they bring peace and heartfelt sentiment to the memorial services, gracefully honoring a loved one who will be missed.


The colors of flowers, as well as the type of bloom, all carry significance. White blossoms generally exude peace and serenity, while also standing for the innocence. Red flowers are a constant tribute to love and honor, and pink flowers reflect appreciation and gentility. Yellow flowers are often sent as a sympathy bouquet to the families of loved ones with whom we had a strong and unbreakable connection in life.

sympathy flowers

The type of flower used in the arrangement can also tell a story. Lilies traditionally symbolize sympathy, and as they are often associated with Easter, speak to hope of new life. Orchids offer one of the most poignant messages, meaning simply “I will always love you”. Whether adorning caskets, surrounding an urn or as a delivery to the home of those grieving, Nanz and Kraft Florists have the perfect bouquets to give tribute to your friend or family member.

sympathy flowers


If you wish to provide a lasting remembrance, there are many gifts and arrangements that will be a timeless reminder of your love and empathy. Orchids, as mentioned, evoke a beautiful floral sentiment, and a single orchid will provide elegance and beauty to any home for many years. Ceramic dish gardens, wind chimes or stepping stones for the garden are all lasting gifts of affection, and will be an ongoing tribute.

sympathy flowers


All of these are available through Nanz and Kraft, and it would be our privilege to assist you with finding the perfect expression of your love. Whether you are looking for wreaths, casket sprays or graveside flower arrangements, come into one of our three Louisville florists for inspirational sympathy gifts.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awarenessOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to renew our commitment to reduce the occurrence of the most common women’s cancer. All women, unfortunately, are at risk for breast cancer, with a woman in the United States having a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her life. But there is very good news! When breast cancer is detected early and treated, survival rates are nearly 100 percent. So this month is especially important to educate women on the importance of screening and early detection.

breast cancer awareness

Komen Wren Birdhouse

Over the years, the pink ribbon has become the official symbol of the breast cancer movement. Modeled after the red ribbon famous for AIDS advocacy, the pink ribbon is a prolific representation of solidarity with women. Further, the color pink in general has developed a strong association with the cause; products from t shirts to notebooks have been tied to the initiative, both to outwardly show support, as well as to raise funds. As the accepted color of breast cancer awareness, there are many ways to show your support in pink.

breast cancer awareness

Pink Harmony

Nanz & Kraft Florists are proud to represent the Louisville Stoneware – Komen line of gifts. The Komen Birdhouse Series is an endearing way to raise money and awareness of this disease, and these whimsical gifts are sure to bring much joy to the recipient. Of course, as Louisville’s premier florist, Nanz and Kraft is also honored to send pretty pink bouquets and floral arrangements to any brave women you know fighting this fight, letting them know that they are not alone, and your thoughts are with them. There are so many beautiful pink flowers to choose from; lilies, roses, hydrangea, carnations. Create your own pink well wishes with the help of our expert florists.

Journeying through breast cancer is not easy, for the patient or her loved ones – but Breast Cancer Awareness month reminds us that we have not given up the fight. To send hope to one of the strongest women you know, call Nanz & Kraft Florists of Louisville this October.

Fall Changes

fall flowersLet’s face it – the thing we love so much about the change of seasons, is the change!


As autumn replaces summer, we put away cold lemonade and enjoy hot cider. We put sandals in closets and take out our favorite pair of boots. Walks outside are invigorating once again, as crisp air puts a spring in our step that the heat of the sun never could. And while we loved the soft pastel palettes of the spring and summer, fall’s vibrancy represents an unmatched beauty. So stow away those summer colors, and let’s celebrate autumn!


Alstromeria, also known as the Peruvian lily, stands on its own as a beautiful fall arrangement. Showing off vibrant hues of yellow, red and purple, this flower is perfect for autumn birthdays or well wishes. Autumn Alstromeria is one of our favorite fall bouquets, right down to the seasonally correct orange cubed vase. This arrangement will be an ideal accent to any home of office throughout the fall months.

fall flowers


If you have someone very special to celebrate, Jewel of Autumn is a luxurious and elegant choice. Made from such desired blooms as roses and lilies and overflowing with rich floral accents and royally vibrant colors; this bouquet is decadent. What better way to reflect the abundance of the harvest season, than with this generous floral arrangement sent to someone you love?



It won’t be long before we are looking at snow flurries and holly berries – so while the fall is here, lets make the most of it. Nanz & Kraft Florists have the autumn bouquets that will deliver the perfect sentiment, whether here in Louisville or across the country. Call us today, and lets get the season started right- with fall flowers!