Bring on the Springtime Flowers

springtime flowers

By the time that spring officially arrives, the weather in Louisville has begun to warm up, the days are getting longer, and the colors have begun to return to the landscape. The crocus and daffodil, both considered the first harbingers of the season, have shown their face in many places. And at Nanz & Kraft Florist, our floral designers are ready to create amazing seasonal bouquets to celebrate the arrival of spring. Spring flowers are here, and they are beautiful!

The hallmark of arrangements created from springtime flowers is the vivid color and variety. Designers use a lot of green to represent the renewal and rebirth, and vibrant purple, orange, pink, and blue add the excitement to the design.  Continue reading

Honoring Women Around the World


The organizers of International Women’s Day believe that no single initiative, corporation, charity, institution, or government is uniquely responsible for social change. Instead, they believe that people around the globe should stand together in solidarity to fight for justice and equality for women. Observed since 1910, International Women’s Day promotes unity, inspires reflection, encourages advocacy and urges action.

A Global Social Gathering:
On March 8, men and women alike will take part in local, regional, national and global activities of all kinds. The organizers of the celebration ask everyone to share their participation by tagging social media posts with #BeBoldforChange.

International Women’s Day is a worldwide recognition of the contributions made in the past and the present in the social, cultural, economic, and political arenas. Organized events range from a Career Fest in Nottingham to a Technical Symposium in Toronto; from a gala luncheon in Hong Kong to a Fun Run in Brisbane.

There are official events in 20 countries, 33 U.S.cities, and many online gatherings. If you are looking for a way to participate, there really is something for everyone!

Celebrate Strength With Flowers: Both the gladioli and protea flowers signify courage and strength. Ask our expert floral designers to create a custom arrangement for the strong ladies you know who are changing the world.

While the event is global, right here in Louisville women are making a daily positive impact in a variety of ways. Whether they are climbing the corporate ladder or advocating for the vulnerable; mentoring our youth or raising compassionate kids – history is being made in large and small ways, every day.

Nanz & Kraft Florists has gifts, floral arrangements, and plants that will convey your admiration and support in a beautiful way. We commend the women everywhere who are striving every day to make the world a better place.

Floral Design Day – Meet Kaitlin

floral design

floral designNational Floral Design Day is an annual celebration of the beauty of flowers and the talented people who work with them every day.  Although largely recognized within the floral community, we thought we would take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our favorite designers, Kaitlin. If you have received a bouquet or floral arrangement from Nanz and Kraft Florists over the last couple of years, chances are excellent that Kate had something to do with it.

Kate has worked at Nanz & Kraft Florists for two years. She moved to our team at the urging of her floral design mentor, who loved the environment here so much that she encouraged Kate to join her.  “It turned out to be a great opportunity for me, and I’ve grown so much as a designer here”, she says.
Continue reading

Encouraging Acts of Kindness

acts of kindness

In a world of busy days, stressful schedules and pressing obligations, many people are looking for ways to infuse their lives with more happiness. The answer is actually quite simple. Studies have shown that people who practice kindness on a regular basis report increased feelings of happiness and positivity. And February 17th is the perfect opportunity to try it out – no matter busy you are, Random Acts of Kindness Day is designed to fit right into your daily routine! The team at Nanz & Kraft Florists is always on the lookout for ways to increase the level of beauty and joy in our customer’s lives, and we are excited to work with you as you join the global movement of generosity!

“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.” Roy T. Bennett Continue reading

A Month to Celebrate Louisville Weddings

Louisville weddings

According to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, February is National Wedding Month. Although that may not seem like the most natural choice – February is near the bottom of the list when it comes to weddings – the association shares that there is a very good reason behind the designation. February is the month that most couples begin wedding planning in earnest, and wedding consultants and vendors begin to see a spike in both inquiries and bookings for the year. Why so much activity? More people get engaged over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays than any other time, and once the seasonal activity dies down, newly engaged couples are ready to get to work on their ceremony. Nanz & Kraft Florists is proud to be the chosen floral wedding planners for so many Louisville weddings!

Here are a few other reasons we think February is a great time to celebrate the institution of marriage. Continue reading

Flowers to Share All the Love


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. And while the main focus of the day is romantic love, experts tell us that millions of people look to purchase special gifts for the many other people in their lives who they love as well. As a helpful guide, Nanz & Kraft Florists have compiled some of the interesting facts about how we collectively celebrate this popular holiday, and how you can, in turn, celebrate all the love in your life.

We Love Our Families: Once we have our sweetheart’s gift, over 60% of us will begin searching for the perfect gift for family members. Valentine’s Day flowers are perfect for your mother, grandmother, sisters, cousins, or daughters. These bouquets typically include the iconic rose, but often are comprised of many other spring flowers. What better way to convey how amazing you think they are than with a gorgeous bouquet? Continue reading

Sending Valentine’s Flowers from Your Heart

Valentine's flowersOver the years, the floral designers at Nanz & Kraft Florists have seen their share of love stories on Valentine’s Day. After all, when you do what we do, you get up close and personal with the people and the stories that comprise this special holiday. We’ve created Valentine’s flowers for every story – for the brand new love interest, for those getting ready to propose, and for the couple who have been together for a lifetime. There are so many different adventures and journeys that people are on, and each one deserves the most beautiful flowers to celebrate them. In Louisville, the best place to find those special bouquets and arrangements is Nanz & Kraft Florists.

“We had only met a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, so I was nervous about giving flowers on a day so laden with expectation. I was relieved to find plenty of options that were fun and lighthearted, and allowed me to convey that I was really enjoying getting to know her”.  Continue reading

Feeling Better with Get Well Bouquets and Gifts

get well bouquets

No one likes being sick, and no one likes seeing the ones they love in pain. That is why we are so drawn to sending get well bouquets and gifts – we simply want to bring a smile to the face of someone who isn’t feeling well. If your loved one needs a pick-me-up, you can trust the floral experts at Nanz & Kraft Florists to deliver the most cheerful gifts and flowers.

Did You Know? Our relationships with Louisville hospitals, retirement centers, and nursing homes make sending flowers and plants easy.  Continue reading

Ideas for Birthstone Bouquets (Photos)

birthstone bouquetsBirthstones have been associated with birthdays since ancient times, and continue to be meaningful representatives for birthdays throughout the year. Birthstone bouquets capture the essence of the precious gems through vivid floral displays – from the garnet of January to the turquoise of December, the beauty of flowers is the perfect medium for expressing the allure of the birthstone. At Nanz & Kraft Florist, our floral designers have imagined beautiful bouquets you will be proud to give to your family and friends. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Floral Decor

New Year's EveAs the year nears its end, the team at Nanz and Kraft Florists would like to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special occasions all year long – and we look forward to providing the beauty and joy to life’s important moments in the new year. With the holidays rapidly coming to a close, it is time to turn our eyes to New Year’s Eve, and the parties and festivities we enjoy at this time of year. Whether you are the host of the party or are headed out to a friend’s house to celebrate, flowers are the perfect way to decorate.

You probably know that flowers have a language all their own. Over the years, specific blooms have come to represent certain events or emotions, and they often convey meaningful messages to the recipient. On New Year’s Eve, many like to send white flowers. In the floral world, white blooms represent a new beginning and a clean slate – is there any better sentiment on New Year’s Eve?  Continue reading