Decorating with Flowers this Thanksgiving

shutterstock_223853083Thanksgiving ushers in the start of the holiday season. With it comes a relaxing four-day holiday weekend that begins with a veritable feast of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and other traditional favorites. Overflowing with all the abundance of autumn,Thanksgiving affords us the opportunity to express gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives.

Whether you’re attending a Thanksgiving Day gathering or hosting one at your own home this year, flowers are the ideal centerpiece and home accent. From the living room to the Thanksgiving Day dinner table, autumn flowers can help create the perfect mood. Consider one or more of these flower types as a gift for your host or for your own Thanksgiving decorations this season:

The Radiant Sunflowerzoom_96648452923c9508f48eo-14103152214

Sunflowers can shine brightly in the late summer months, but they are also the epitome of Thanksgiving abundance as the fall season gains momentum. As an accent bouquet or centerpiece, a bouquet of sunflowers will bring warmth and fall cheer to any dinner table or Thanksgiving home decor. A Warm Wishes Centerpiece, a Harvest Moon  or a Falling Leaves Centerpiece offer a variety of choices to warm up the mood at your Thanksgiving Day gathering.

Autumn Daisies and Asters

The abundant petals of daisies and asters exude the the blessings of autumn and are perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving. Bright fall colors like orange, red, rust, gold and yellow can help light up your home decor as well as the dinner table during your Thanksgiving gathering. A Gerber Daisies Bubble Bowl offers radiant orange charm, and the Sunny Spirits bouquet is overflowing with yellow and gold daisies plus other autumn accents.

Fall Holiday Chrysanthemums

Bright chrysanthemums (some times called “mums”) are another autumn favorite. With more intricate and varied petals than asters and daisies, the mum will light up any room or centerpiece bouquet. An all-mum bouquet is delightful, but it’s also a great accent flower for just about any autumn arrangement. The Prize Pumpkin bouquet features gorgeous chrysanthemums, button mums, Asiatic lilies, spray roses and solidago in rich autumn colors artistically arranged in a keepsake hand-painted pumpkin vase.

Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to reflect on our lives as we spend time with family and friends. Many of us celebrate and give thanks over an abundant meal shared with those we love. To help set the perfect tone and backdrop for your holiday memories, consider these Thanksgiving flower ideas.

Wintertime Weddings: Enchant Your Guests with Flowers

thumbnail Nothing seems to hold more magic than a wintertime wedding. The softly falling snow, glittering frost, hot cocoa, lights twinkling all over town, the spirit of giving, and the pristine quiet of the winter night all come together to make wintertime wedding ceremonies somehow dreamlike. Those planning winter weddings should take advantage of the season’s natural sparkle and romance by decorating the ceremony and reception with enchanting winter floral arrangements. At Nanz & Kraft Florists, we love nothing more than creating the most beautiful, elegant or whimsical winter floral arrangements for our clients’ inspired wintertime weddings.

Floral arrangements designed specially for wintertime weddings generally fall into one of two categories: winter wonderland or seasonal. The first, winter wonderland floral arrangements feature snowy white bouquets, pearl or jewel embellishments, and frosty white laces or ribbons. The idea is to blanket the ceremony in sparkling white like moonlit snow with the bride’s gown as the primary centerpiece. This decor scheme also usually incorporates crystal and silver accents into the bouquets, table settings, and other decorations.

Ceremonies and receptions decorated with seasonal floral arrangements typically feature white bouquets accented with festive blooms in deep romantic colors, evergreens, pine cones, and other greenery. A pure white bouquet beautifully offsets the red of seasonal blooms like amaryllis. These seasonally inspired floral arrangements create an inviting ceremony with an atmosphere akin to sitting beside a fireplace. Add a warm glow to your tables’ floral centerpieces with the addition of candlelight to your wintertime wedding. In addition to this decor scheme’s cheerful appearance, seasonal colors and dthumbnail-2ecorations will blend seamlessly with the rest of the wedding’s seasonal surroundings, making it feel as if everyone is celebrating your wedding day.

If you have selected non-seasonal colors for your wintertime wedding, floral arrangements featuring your colors will work just as well as all red and white bouquets. Whatever theme or color palette you choose for your wedding day, our expert wedding consultants at Nanz & Kraft Florists will be happy to help you select and arrange the best flowers for your wintertime wedding.


Floral Arrangements Featuring Chrysanthemums


November is the month of the chrysanthemum, which means that this is the perfect time of year to give the gift of these beautiful and versatile flowers. Chrysanthemums have been popular around the world for thousands of years and have come to take on a number of meanings in various cultures. In Europe, for example, the flower is typically used to denote sympathy, while Asian cultures often see the bloom as a symbol of life and rebirth. The varied meanings around the world make this flower particularly special and unique. It has been carefully cultivated over the years to produce numerous vibrant colors, so there is a chrysanthemum that is perfect for every occasion.


The chrysanthemum is considered the traditional gift for a couple’s 13th wedding anniversary. Red chrysanthemums in particular are strongly associated with romantic love, but all chrysanthemum colors can symbolize happiness and love, which are the perfect messages to send on an anniversary.

Celebrating Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year to celebrate with flowers ‘just because’. As people find themselves spending an increasing amount of time indoors, the beauty of flowers can help light up the room and make everything seem just a little bit brighter. The gorgeous fall colors that are so popular during this time of year make it even more appealing to find some flowers to bring inside. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, finding an arrangement that can also work as a decoration or centerpiece is fantastic. Use chrysanthemums and their associations with happiness and longevity to bring some light indoors. Pairing the beautiful flowers with other popular fall blooms such as sunflowers will make the arrangement even more memorable.


Perhaps borrowing a bit from the European use of chrysanthemums as an expression of sympathy, these flowers also make good additions to funeral and sympathy arrangements. The white chrysanthemum send the sentiment of love and devotion, which is the perfect message to send to a departed loved one and the grieving family. Pairing the chrysanthemum with other white flowers, such as carnations, can help form a beautiful arrangement that will perfectly communicate the sorrow and love that is felt by all.

November is the perfect month for giving the gift of a chrysanthemum. Those looking for the right occasion or arrangement should consider one of the above examples and appreciate all that this gorgeous flower has to offer.

Flower Gift Giving on Veteran’s Day, All You Need to Know

thumbnailThe United States has a federal holiday that honors veterans who served in any branch of the Armed Forces. The Veterans Day holiday is observed on November 11th for one simple reason: Fighting in World War I ended at exactly the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 1918. Although the fighting didn’t stop until 11:00 on the morning of November 11th, 1918, the armistice agreement was signed six hours earlier- at 5:00 a.m.

Veteran’s Day is day on which Americans show their respect for soldiers, whether they are alive or not. Patriotic flower arrangements are the perfect gift to pay tribute to veterans or remember those who are no longer here.

No one believed there could be a worse war or one that would kill more people and last for as many years as the Great War, or World War I, did. On May 13, 1938, Congress passed legislation that made November 11th Armistice Day, and from then on, it would be observed as an official federal holiday.

The holiday that is now recognized as Veteran’s Day was known as Armistice Day until 1954. After World War II and the Korean War, President Eisenhower believed that by changing the holiday’s name to Veteran’s Day, the name would symbolize a new intent: to honor everyone who served in the Armed Forces to protect the country.

One of the most emotionally charged and visually moving symbols of World War I is the red poppy. The flower was made famous through a poem written in 1915 by Canadian Army physician and Lieutenant Colonel, John McCrae, M.D. who saw the war’s devastation first hand. The poem, entitled “In Flanders Fields” was something he scribbled as he saw the long rows of white crosses at the graves of fallen soldiers. That vision of white was broken up by red poppies that grew between the graves in that field.thumbnail-1

Our Love, Memory, and Honor wreath with vibrant reds and blues and our Star Spangled Roses are gorgeous ways to celebrate this Veteran’s Day.

Whether you celebrate with poppies or any red, white and blue , flowers are a wonderful way to honor the patriots who have touched your life.

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Who To Give Flowers to On Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is quickly approaching on the third Saturday of October, which this year is on October 18. For nearly 100 years people have sought to find the perfect gift for their special someone, whether it was a lifelong best friend or a romantic partner. There are few better gifts for showing affection and appreciation than flowers. Flowers can light up a room and a person’s face. Finding the perfect arrangement does not have to be a struggle, either. Use these suggestions to start brainstorming ideas that would fit best for that special person in life.

Potted plants

Fresh cut flowers are a fantastic idea, but there are many benefits to going with a potted plant as well. The long lasting nature of a living plant can help add to the symbolism of the gift, speaking to the lasting nature of the important relationship. A number of colorful and beautiful arrangements using a number of different plants can be developed as well. Since Sweetest Day occurs during the fall, many people might enjoy going with fall colors and themes, by including oranges, yellows, reds and greens, but classic potted plants such as a peace lily and similar popular options can also work very well. Mums are also a much- loved, popular option that would be appreciated by most people. Mums come in a wide range of colors, from yellows to reds to purple, making it easy to find a color that will work well for a particular loved one. Whether a potted plant is purchased small to grace a desk at work or large enough to decorate the corner of the living room, they can be a wonderful way to light up the room and add a bit of color year round.

Flowers associated with love

There are several plants that are traditionally associated with love, including orchids, stargazer lilies, and roses. These stunning options all offer unique appearances and rich colors that are sure to delight any recipient. Buyers have a number of different options when it comes to buying these flowers. For example, roses can be given as a single rose, or in a bouquet of a dozen. Roses also can be paired when other gifts, such as chocolate. The flowers can also be purchased as a part of a larger arrangement.

Those looking for the perfect gift for Sweetest Day do not have to stress. By reviewing these suggestions for the perfect flower arrangement, they surely will find an option that will suit their special someone. Prepare for the upcoming holiday and let that particular person know just how much they matter.

Ideas for Flowers to Send this Bosses Day

National Boss’s Day comes around every October 16 in the U.S. It’s a day set aside for employees to show gratitude to bosses they feel have been fair and enjoyable to work for throughout the year. The day serves to help strengthen the bond between employee and employer. “National Boss’s Day” was first established in 1962 and has grown in popularity ever since.

Do you have the type of boss that most workers long to have? National Boss’s Day is the perfect time to let them know how much you appreciate their exemplary skills as “commander in chief,” and flowers can be the perfect expression of gratitude. Consider these flower gift ideas for National Boss’s Day this year:

Autumn Blooms

By mid-October, autumn is really kicking into gear, so an autumn arrangement can be the perfect way to mark the occasion. Flowers that convey autumn include sunflowers, daisies, asters, and just about any bloom in shades of yellow, gold, orange, rust and autumn-reds. A Fresh Fall Bundle brings together long-lasting autumn blooms your boss can enjoy in the office. Artistry of Autumn offers gorgeous premium flowers in fall colors, including lilies, gerbers, safflower, safari sunset leucadendron, solidago, cattails, wheat, and autumn leaves.

Add Some Greenery

For a more “masculine” effect and to help bring good feng shui to the office, green plants can be the perfect addition. What boss wouldn’t love a Money Tree? The Money Tree plant is a symbol of new beginnings and can bring luck and good fortune. It has a braided trunk and long leaves, and it actually does well under fluorescent lights. The Peace Lily promotes harmony and is easy to maintain if your boss has less-than a green thumb. The Croton Plant delights with big, colorful leaves of green, orange, yellow, and a bit of red.

Dazzle them With Orchids

An orchid brings an exotic and impactful energy to any space. The orchid conveys strength, wisdom and integrity. A Daydreamer arrangement blends birds of paradise flowers with oncidium orchids for a tasteful and undeniably beautiful effect.

The Magestic Lily

Few flowers make an impact like the big, regal lily. Enchanting Stargazer Lilies are bursting with whites, pinks and reds, and will always make a bold statement. A European Budvase combines lilies with other accent flowers for a more understated presentation.

If you love your job or at least appreciate your boss, National Boss’s Day is the perfect time to let them know it. Sending flowers always conveys thoughtfulness, and these are just a few ideas to help you pick the perfect gift for National Boss’s Day this year.

Celebrating Survival With Breast Cancer Awareness Flowers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s a time for remembrance of those lost to the disease, support for those currently fighting it, and fundraising to find a cure. The American Cancer Society estimates that doctors will diagnose over 230,000 women with invasive breast cancer in 2014. Breast cancer is a disease that touches hundreds of thousands of families and millions of their friends around the country.

Going Pink for the Cause

Surviving breast cancer is a harrowing experience, and flowers inspired by the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month are an endearing way to support breast cancer survival. The lush blooms of two dozen pink roses are a vibrant and meaningful way to commemorate a cancer-free diagnosis.

In addition to the classic bouquet or vase of roses, other varieties that look beautiful in pink, red, and related colors include azaleas, which are a traditional symbol of womanhood in China. Another beautiful flower for pink bouquets is the carnation, which looks lovely against a bed of green foliage and ferns.

Offering Encouragement During the Fight

Treatment for breast cancer varies wildly from surgery to chemotherapy to radiation therapy, and fighting the disease often takes months or years. Even after a woman receives a cancer-free diagnosis, vigilance against the disease is essential for survival.

Flowers in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month are a powerful way to offer continued support to a survivor and to reduce the emotional ordeal of returning to the doctor for checkups. You may want to choose flowers in an orange hue, which is a color often associated with encouragement and success. Perhaps a lovely bowl of orange gerbera daisies.

Using Pink as a Reminder

The connection of the color pink to Breast Cancer Awareness Month means that flowers may also offer friends and family a gentle reminder of the importance of screenings and checkups. These screenings are particularly important for women who have a family history of breast cancer or are over the age of forty.

Many women assume, “it will never happen to me,” because they don’t have significant risk factors. However, family history and age aren’t the only reasons why a woman might be at risk for breast cancer. Awareness and screening save lives. Pink roses and flowers in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month show that you care about your dearest friends and family.

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death from cancer for women in the United States. Using October as a month to celebrate survival, raise money for a cure, and encourage vigilance against the disease is tastefully and beautifully done with a gift of flowers.

The Best Flowers for Homecoming

Homecoming marks the first major school dance of the year. It’s a time for lightening up and having some fun as students ease into the school year ahead. Flowers are as much a part of the homecoming tradition as the football game held that weekend. Traditional corsages, wrist corsages and boutonnieres are all common flower accessories worn with homecoming outfits, but bringing your date a gorgeous bouquet is another way to start the evening out right. Consider these flower choices and ideas when making your homecoming selection this year:


Chrysanthemums, or “mums,” are considered the traditional homecoming flower. They can be used in corsages and boutonnieres or as a lively accent in mixed bouquets. You can really sweep your date off their feet with a Luscious Lavender Presentation Bouquet, rich with royal purple hues that include lavender spider chrysanthemums, white poms and purple velvet wings.


The carnation is another traditional homecoming choice, offering a rich and elegantly textured bloom in a variety of colors. Carnations are often solid-toned but can also be a rich blend of two or more colors. Their layered, complex but compact shape makes them a great choice for homecoming boutonnieres. They look beautiful as an accent flower or as part of a bouquet or arrangement.


The orchid brings an elegantly exotic feel to homecoming flower accents and arrangements. In shades of pink, purple, white and blends of color, they can look beautiful and chic in a wrist corsage. They also make for a striking boutonnier for the guys. A potted orchid is always a beautiful standalone gift, but they are also stunning as part of a bouquet or arrangement.


When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with roses. The rose is a striking choice for traditional corsages, wrist corsages and boutonnieres. Consider adding even more glamour with a Sequined Wrist Corsage or a Jeweled Wrist Corsage. They are available in a wide range of soft pastel colors to accent any outfit or homecoming color scheme. You can even get them in your school colors. Consider a rose Hand Tied Bouquet or a traditional rose bouquet of a dozen roses for your date. A Mad About You bouquet blends lavender roses with asters, iris and chartreuse.

Homecoming weekend is about fun, friends, football and, of course, showing your date how special they are. Use these tips as a guide to send the right message at homecoming with beautiful, fresh cut flowers.


Fall Season Is Here! The Best Flowers to Buy During Fall!

As the lush greensand blues of summer turn into the vibrant oranges and yellows of the fall, the gorgeous flowers of autumn celebrate cool, crisp nights, hayrides, and the coming holiday season. Bring those amazing fall colors to your home with the best fall flowers, or give a loved one a vibrant surprise for one of the season’s beautiful holidays.

See the Leaves Change Anywhere

Even if you don’t live in one of the spectacular settings around the country where the leaves change into amazing hues of gold, red, and orange, there’s no reason to miss the vibrant colors of autumn. Celebrate with a vase or basket full of beautiful fall-hued flowers.

Inviting friends over for dinner? Celebrate fallling leaves and foliage with some beautiful fall flowers for the table. Delight your guests with orange roses and red gerberas cradled by a feast of yellow daisies. Want to give your guests a delicious way to celebrate the fall? Try a delicious vase of candy corn topped with red chrysanthemums and orange carnations.

Celebrate Fall Birthdays

For friends and loved ones who have birthdays in the fall, you may choose their birth flower as a primary component in a beautiful basket, vase, or arrangement for a gift. September’s birth flower is the aster, October’s birth flower is the marigold, and November’s flower is the chrysanthemum.

An arrangement with asters is a perfect gift for someone you love, marigolds are a sign of warm contentment, and chrysanthemums say, “I love you” when they’re given in red. You may also want to use chrysanthemums in reddish or orange shades if you’re giving a Thanksgiving or fall-themed party with hot cider, football games, and flowers set in pumpkin bowls.

Say Farewell to Summer

The arrival of fall might mean colder nights and the need for jackets and hats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the wistful leavings of a warm summer. A lovely vase of sunflowers or a perfect cube vase of yellow daisies are a vivid symbol of the departing season, and they’re even one of the beautiful colors of autumn.

Whether you’re gathering for a special birthday celebration or you’re looking to celebrate one of the wonderful fall holidays, flowers make every event lively and colorful. Delicate orange roses, vibrant red chrysanthemums, and yellow gerbera daisies will add a little fall spice to every occasion.