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Tips For Making His Valentine’s Day Extra Special with Floral Arrangements

Several excellent reasons exist to give the one you love flowers as a Valentine’s Day present. According to the Society of American Florists, who conducted a research study, 60% of the men they spoke to welcomed the idea of receiving flowers. Scientific data also indicates that flowers make men communicate more effectively; they make more impactful eye contact and have body language that’s easier to understand when blooms are present. Additionally, many men have fond recollections of the flowers they grew up smelling, whether sweet magnolia blossoms or tulips in springtime. At Nanz and Kraft Florist in Louisville, Kentucky, we’re ready to create a floral arrangement to make him feel special this Valentine’s Day.

Tell Your Florist About Him

One of the best ways to ensure your partner’s Valentine’s Day flower arrangement suits his tastes is to tell your florist all about him, including his personality characteristics, what he likes, and what makes him tick. That includes the fragrances he enjoys, which can help tailor bloom selection. Bonus points if he’s told you about his favorite flowers from childhood or if there’s a blossom that reminds him of you. That way, your florist can infuse the bouquet with unique attributes your partner will appreciate. You’ll also want to indicate where the bouquet will be displayed — at home or in the office — as that can impact the overall design for practical reasons.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

There is no specific color of flowers that all men universally like or dislike, but according to the data, some hues have broad masculine appeal. Yellow flowers are famous for symbolizing happiness and good vibes, so giving them to him acknowledges the joy he inspires in you. Orange blooms have an undeniable pick-me-up energy and represent zeal and warmth. Of course, red flowers are a classic choice for any arrangement, thanks to being enduring symbols of love and romance. All these shades activate men’s senses, but if he has a different favorite color, feel free to opt for that instead.

Select Contemporary Designs

There are no set rules for Valentine’s Day floral designs that appeal to men, but often, the default is to go monochromatic or stick to one color palette. Rather than having a wide variety of flowers, a more uniform look with one kind of bloom — like birds of paradise or red anthuriums — appeals to masculine preferences. Look for clean lines as well, which convey a contemporary sensibility. If your partner is the outdoorsy type, however, you can have a wilder design reminiscent of a meadow. This look is best achieved with wildflowers, grasses, and elements that look fresh-plucked from the forest.

Consider the Vase Choice

Rather than super ornate containers, choose minimalist vases in moody or neutral shades that allow the flowers to be in the spotlight. Picture a vivid crimson rose contrasted with a sophisticated black vase, making a bold visual statement. The vessel should blend seamlessly with the clean and modern lines in the overall design, much like a guy’s favorite tailored suit or a well-worn, well-loved leather jacket. These contemporary lines contribute to a sense of elegance and refinement in his Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

If your significant other has hobbies, consider customizing the vase or adding aspects of his interests to the arrangement. For example, if he’s a drummer, embed a mini pair of drumsticks into the flowers. If he lives for sports, include a mini pennant with his team’s logo. Alternatively, you can supplement the flowers with a thoughtful gift like tickets to a sporting event or concert. If he loves eating good food, tuck a reservation card to a gourmet restaurant into the blooms. These thoughtful elements show him just how much you love him and want to make him happy.

Presenting flowers to your partner on Valentine’s Day, regardless of gender, is a heartfelt gesture that can strengthen your relationship. Allow the friendly team at Nanz and Kraft Florist to assist you in selecting the perfect blossoms to convey your love.

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