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Posted by David Kraft on April 4, 2014 | Last Updated: August 7, 2014 Uncategorized

Passover Flowers; Traditions, Options and Presentations

Flowers have been a traditional Passover decoration for many years. While Jewish law does not have specific regulations regarding which type of flowers should be used, some popular options include roses and spring flowers such as lilies, hyacinths and daffodils. Traditional Jews, however, often stick to using blue flowers.

As Jewish law places restrictions on what type of work can be done during the Passover, it is likely that the house will be decorated well before the traditional holiday starts. Flowers are usually added as a table centerpiece but can also be used to decorate side tables and even the outside of the home. Flowers are also traditionally added to gift baskets with kosher foods and/or drinks.

How to Present Flowers as a Gift

Flowers are a great gift option; however, it is very important that these be presented properly. As Jewish law prohibits your host from engaging in planting or cultivating during the Passover, you will need to either give or send flowers before the holiday or put the flowers in a vase with water before giving them as a gift. Thankfully, stores such as Nanz and Kraft sell flowers in a vase, making it easy for you to order a ready made Passover floral bouquet.

If you do not know your host well, ask him or her (or someone close to him or her) for advice as to what type of floral bouquet to choose. Most Jewish hosts choose a floral arrangement that compliments the table setting, so make sure your arrangement will be suitable by getting some input beforehand.

Passover is a special holiday commemorating the Jews’ freedom from slavery many thousands of years ago. It is a time when families gather together to celebrate the start of a new and better life. Flowers are naturally a fitting decoration for this holiday, as they symbolize beauty, growth, freedom and love. Many Jewish families enjoy decorating their homes with flowers in advance of the Passover; additionally, flowers make an excellent traditional gift for those who have been invited for a Passover Seder meal. Just make sure the flowers you choose match the decor of the home and are given with an accompanying water vase.