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Spring’s Most Charming Flowers

There’s no better way to say “see you later” to winter and welcome spring than with a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers from Nanz & Kraft Florists. Our flower shops are fully stocked with all your favorite spring blossoms, and our Louisville florists can’t wait to share our brand-new seasonal designs with you.

Surprising Facts about Spring Flowers and Springtime

This year, the first day of spring falls on March 19th. The flowers won’t know what day it is, but they can sense the lengthening days and rising temperatures. This is how they know it’s time to start growing and to get ready to bloom.

A breath of spring fresh air! Beautiful Gerbera daisies, roses, beauty aster and more in pretty pastels are the epitome of spring!

Spring Has Sprung Bouquet

In the United States, we celebrate the start of spring on the vernal equinox, but people in other parts of the world use different systems, like the lunar calendar, to mark the seasons. People in Japan actually take their cue from the flowers themselves. They don’t recognize the beginning of spring until their national flowers, the cherry blossoms, have started to bloom.

When to Expect the First and Last Spring Flowers to Bloom

The first flowers of the year don’t even wait for spring. Even in cold climates, crocuses, Lenten roses, and snowdrops fight the frost and bloom as early as late January!

The earliest spring flowers mostly begin blooming near the end of March and beginning of April. These early risers include hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, irises, and pansies. Late spring flowers don’t bloom until May and June, as they need more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and a longer time to develop. These include roses, lilacs, bluebells, daisies, and peonies.

Some of Our Favorite Flowers for Celebrating Spring

So many lovely flowers blossom during spring, which makes it super challenging to select just a few favorites. While we love them all, these seven have become some of the most popular spring blooms thanks to their exceptional beauty, sweet fragrances, and special symbolic meanings.


Pink Azaleas


1. Azaleas

Azaleas are actually shrubs that can do quite well in the garden outside or a container inside. They’re also lovely for floral bouquets. These fluttery blossoms come in alluring shades of pink, red, and white, and they represent femininity.





Pink Peonies


2. Peonies

Peonies don’t bloom until very late in spring. Their reluctance to bloom and their blushing pink hues might be why they sometimes symbolize bashfulness. These pom-pom blossoms also represent a happy marriage, honor, prosperity, and romance, which makes them an excellent choice for a bridal bouquet.







3. Lilacs

Lilacs are shrubs that can grow up to 15 feet tall. When in bloom, they have the power to perfume an entire neighborhood with their delightful fragrance. They bloom with clusters of tiny flowers in pink, white, purple, and blue, which respectively symbolize passion, purity, spirituality, and tranquility.





Yellow Daffodils


4. Daffodils

Of all flowers, daffodils are likely the most emblematic of spring. Like the season, they also symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, and renewal. We simply adore their trumpet-shaped blooms in cheerful yellow, white, and orange.





Purple & Yellow Pansies


5. Pansies

These early bloomers have petals that look like cute, little faces, and they bloom in several different combinations of colors. A popular choice for flower beds and indoor containers, pansies represent free thought and admiration.







6. Daisies

Daisies have fresh, white petals and bright yellow centers that give than easy sort of beauty. Representing motherhood and childbirth, they’re also perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day.







7. Freesia

The flower of friendship, freesia blooms are better known for their fragrance, used in many perfumes, lotions, and candles, than for their looks. Though they are beautiful. They bloom in vibrant colors with up to twelve blossoms per stem.




Welcome the Season of Renewal with Spring Flowers and Blossoming Plants

Make the most of springtime by celebrating its arrival with flowering plants and bouquets of fresh seasonal blooms from Nanz & Kraft Florists! They’ll instantly lift your mood, transform your home, and fill your life with color.