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Posted by David Kraft on September 11, 2017 | Last Updated: September 13, 2017 Fall

The Colors of Autumn Flowers

fall flowers“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all of the other seasons.”  – Jim Bishop

The fall season is upon us, and if you are like many, it can’t come quickly enough! As hot days give way to cool nights, and the greens of summer yield to an explosion of colors, there just seems to be a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. From harvest festivals to apple picking, from jumping in fall leaves to decorating for some of our most beloved holidays, autumn holds a special place in our hearts. The team at Nanz & Kraft Florists has the autumn flowers, decor ideas, and harvest centerpieces that will transform your home as the seasons change.

autumn flowers
When looking for the perfect floral designs for the fall, it all begins with color. We love golden yellow, rich magenta, and burnt orange, as well as all of the other fiery hues from nature. The possible floral varieties for these autumn flowers are many – from golden sunflowers to orange lilies and gerbera daisies to vivid red carnations and roses. Asters bloom in the fall and are perfect for colorful autumn arrangements, as are mums and solidago (goldenrod.)

autumn flowers
This season also gives us the opportunity to add a bit of whimsy and creative detail to arrangements. Fruit, gourds, and even artichokes make appearances as representatives of a bountiful harvest; wheat sheaves, lotus pods, cattails, curly willow and berries can also add an organic element. For a truly fall-inspired floral design, be sure to add maple leaves or other fall foliage for an authentic touch.

For the dinner table, don’t forget harvest centerpieces which celebrate the abundance of the season. Blooming plant baskets are wonderful for outdoor decoration, while autumn colored floral bouquets will brighten your entrance foyer and end tables.

autumn flowersFall is here, and Nanz & Kraft Florists are ready with the floral designs  to express the spirit of the season. Whether for your Louisville home, or for a friend miles away – you are sure to find the perfect autumn flowers for every occasion. Shop our online fall collection here!

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