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Posted by David Kraft on October 28, 2018 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Fall Flowers Thanksgiving

A Naturally Gorgeous Tablescape

If you’re ready to build yourself a true Fall tablescape, you’ve come to the right place. Nanz & Kraft Florists is offering our top tips on how to create a dining table that presents a feast for the eyes as much as it does for the mouth. Tablescapes take their cue from the centerpiece you choose. Whatever feeling or mood that centerpiece expresses, the tablescape elaborates upon it, offering a cohesive experience for everyone gathered around it.

For instance, if Farmhouse Sunrise is at the heart of your table, you’ve already established the vibe of your dinner. With its showy, friendly sunflowers at the center and rich red and orange florals alongside, this design is encircled with greenery that gives a fresh, light feeling. The rustic box lends an earthy feel. Your tablescape will follow the casual, rustic, farmhouse aesthetic you’ve set up with the centerpiece, delivering more warmth and ease to the table.

We love the idea of mixing bowls of nuts or pieces of fruit all down the length of the table, with greenery garland being the only embellishment. Use a cream-colored runner or linens to keep with the winning simplicity of this piece. Votive candles rather than tapers seem an appropriate choice for something of this modest scale. Don’t overlook using other natural elements to decorate like curly willow, branches, wheat and gourds. Above all else, enjoy pulling your Fall table together.