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Posted by David Kraft on November 17, 2019 | Last Updated: November 20, 2019 Flower Gifts Flowers

5 Flowers We Love

At Nanz & Kraft Florist, flowers are always in season and in style because our florists believe in the year-round power of flowers! Flowers are not only fragrant and beautiful but also have amazing health benefits that people can enjoy just by being around them. They can strengthen your memory, improve your mood, and reduce stress. Plus, flowers have been shown to accelerate recovery for patients who are sick, injured, or recovering from surgery.

With so many great reasons to surround yourself with flowers, there’s no reason to wait for a special occasion or holiday to order. Pick a favorite and get a bouquet!

Popular Flowers

The most popular flowers are often so loved for their beauty, fragrance, or symbolic meaning. Flower popularity also depends on where and when you’re living. Camellias and lotus flowers, for example, are beloved in East Asia, but rarely used in other parts of the world. Tulips also enjoyed a period when they were so valuable, they were used as currency and comprised a major portion of Holland’s economy. Tulips are still loved today, but you won’t find anyone who’s willing to pay thousands of dollars for a single bulb.

We chose our top five favorite flowers based on their versatility in floral designs and unique beauty.

1. Roses

peach and red roses with green accents in cube vase

Crisp Autumn Morning

Roses are classically elegant. They bloom in a variety of colors, and each hue has its own meaning. You probably know red roses embody romance, but you might not know pink roses symbolize admiration, orange roses are for passion, yellow symbolizes friendship, blue is for the unattainable, and lavender symbolizes love at first sight. If you’re not sure which roses are right, pick a bouquet of mixed colors.

assorted colorful roses in globe vase

Rose Sorbet

2. Sunflowers

three sunflowers with orange and red floral accents in wood cube

Farmhouse Sunrise

Sunflowers represent dedication, adoration, and pure thoughts, and they’re beautiful in just about any type of arrangement. We especially love their bright yellow petals in autumn designs, rustic styles, and bouquets of bright flowers.

3. Alstroemeria

two sunflowers with orange roses and red and green floral accents in vase


The flower of friendship, alstroemeria also represents wealth and prosperity. These flowers are one of our favorites to use in all sorts of designs. They bloom in a variety of warm colors from peaches and cream, yellows, oranges, and reds to deep shades of burgundy. With their freckled petals, they look stunning.

4. Lilies

vase of dark pink and white stargazer lilies

Enchanting Stargazer Lillies

Another all-time favorite is the stargazer lily. These beauties are available in a few different varieties and colors, but our most loved feature white-rimmed petals with fiery pink and fuchsia bursting from the center. This pink variety symbolizes prosperity and wealth, and their all-white counterparts represent purity and sympathy.

5. Hydrangea

blue and lavender Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are perfect for a close friend or confidant, as they symbolize gratitude for being understood. Their fluffy flower clusters bloom in pastel and saturated shades of pink, purple, and blue and are also available in white and green.

Meanings Behind Your Favorite Flowers

Flowers all have their own symbolic meanings, and some people believe that a person’s favorite flower can actually reveal something about their personality, too! Lily lovers are said to be uniquely compassionate, and gardenia fans are thought to be innocent. If you desire daisies, then you have an adventurous spirit. Lilacs show a love of nostalgia, and tulips represent the love of family. Those who love violets are said to be reserved, yet witty.

Order Flowers for Someone Special

When selecting a floral gift for someone other than yourself, always remember to think about the nature of your relationship with the recipient, the sentiment you wish you to convey with your bouquet, and the type of occasion. We recommend only choosing red roses for romantic relationships and occasions. You should reserve all-white floral arrangements for somber events, as they tend to symbolize sympathy and remembrance. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate, you can’t go wrong with a pretty bouquet of mixed colors and flowers.

With help from Nanz & Kraft Florist, ordering flowers is easy! You can have flowers sent to just about any location, using our simple online ordering feature. We also welcome customers to stop by our flower shops for personalized assistance with choosing a bouquet or floral arrangement for your special recipient.