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Posted by David Kraft on November 19, 2014 Uncategorized

Wintertime Weddings: Enchant Your Guests with Flowers

thumbnail Nothing seems to hold more magic than a wintertime wedding. The softly falling snow, glittering frost, hot cocoa, lights twinkling all over town, the spirit of giving, and the pristine quiet of the winter night all come together to make wintertime wedding ceremonies somehow dreamlike. Those planning winter weddings should take advantage of the season’s natural sparkle and romance by decorating the ceremony and reception with enchanting winter floral arrangements. At Nanz & Kraft Florists, we love nothing more than creating the most beautiful, elegant or whimsical winter floral arrangements for our clients’ inspired wintertime weddings.

Floral arrangements designed specially for wintertime weddings generally fall into one of two categories: winter wonderland or seasonal. The first, winter wonderland floral arrangements feature snowy white bouquets, pearl or jewel embellishments, and frosty white laces or ribbons. The idea is to blanket the ceremony in sparkling white like moonlit snow with the bride’s gown as the primary centerpiece. This decor scheme also usually incorporates crystal and silver accents into the bouquets, table settings, and other decorations.

Ceremonies and receptions decorated with seasonal floral arrangements typically feature white bouquets accented with festive blooms in deep romantic colors, evergreens, pine cones, and other greenery. A pure white bouquet beautifully offsets the red of seasonal blooms like amaryllis. These seasonally inspired floral arrangements create an inviting ceremony with an atmosphere akin to sitting beside a fireplace. Add a warm glow to your tables’ floral centerpieces with the addition of candlelight to your wintertime wedding. In addition to this decor scheme’s cheerful appearance, seasonal colors and dthumbnail-2ecorations will blend seamlessly with the rest of the wedding’s seasonal surroundings, making it feel as if everyone is celebrating your wedding day.

If you have selected non-seasonal colors for your wintertime wedding, floral arrangements featuring your colors will work just as well as all red and white bouquets. Whatever theme or color palette you choose for your wedding day, our expert wedding consultants at Nanz & Kraft Florists will be happy to help you select and arrange the best flowers for your wintertime wedding.