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Posted by David Kraft on April 9, 2018 Admin Prof Day Flower Gifts Holiday

Raising Awareness For Your Desktop

At Nanz & Kraft Florists, no holiday goes uncelebrated, and that includes Administrative Professionals Day. In fact, we see this as an occasion to not only honor those professionals who so often make up the backbone of our business or workplace, but to call attention to their work space itself. These important people need a desktop that not only functions well but looks good too. And after a long and trying winter, we’re certain your admins areas could use some sprucing up.

Consider the impact of a bright, cheerful mixed bouquet in a front desk or point-of-entry area, where so many of our administrative professionals sit. All too often, this can be a clinical, sterile-looking space, devoted to corralling files and other office supplies. It deserves flowers, and so does the person who supervises it.

If your admins desktop is austere—or if you’ve got a common space that several of these trusted professionals  share—get a glorious orchid and put it there pronto. This makes a stunning gift, and it also adds elegance to any area it becomes a part of. Orchids feel special, which is exactly what you want to convey to your recipient.

This April 25, honor your administrative professionals with a desktop initiative that will have the whole office de-cluttering so they can add some flowers to their desks too.