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How to Spot an Eco-Friendly Florist

We’re all familiar with sustainable energy and food sources, but did you know that flowers, yes flowers, can actually have a harmful impact on the environment? If they aren’t grown, sourced, shipped, and used sustainably, your beautiful bouquet might not be eco-friendly. At Nanz & Kraft Florists in Louisville, we’re committed to upholding sustainable floristry practices while continuing to deliver beautiful and eco-friendly floral designs to our clients.

Growing Plant in Ground

What Is Sustainable Floristry?

Sustainable floristry is just like regular floristry but practiced with the health of the environment, florists, and flower recipients in mind. Sustainable florists provide their clients with products and flowers that are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly flowers are slowly grown without the need for extra energy for unnatural lighting or harmful fertilizers.

5 Signs of an Eco-Friendly Florist

Flowers in a Greenhouse

1. Accepts Recycled and Reused Containers

A big part of sustainable floristry is reusing supplies whenever possible. As a sustainable florist, we encourage both commercial and private clients to reuse their vases and other containers. We’re always happy to refill vases and some of the most amazing vintage vases have come from our clients’ cupboards.

2. Sources Flowers Locally

Flowers sourced from local growers cut way back on the impact of flower shipping and delivery.

3. Uses Recyclable Materials

Sustainable florists use recyclable materials whenever possible. We like to wrap flowers in paper, rather than plastic. We also do our best to avoid using florist’s foam whenever possible.

4. Donates Unused Flowers

Sustainable florists let no bloom’s beauty go to waste. Eco-friendly florists donate still-lovely, unused flowers to hospitals and nursing homes or make sure they make into a compost bin.

5. Promotes Seasonal Blossoms

Seasonal flowers are the most eco-friendly because they don’t require artificial light or extra energy to grow. They’re also usually the freshest, most beautiful, and most affordable flowers available.

Field of Pink and Purple Flowers

How You Can Help

In addition to choosing an eco-friendly florist, there are a few things you can do to help improve the sustainability of floral arrangements, too.

Extend the Beauty of Your Flowers

To get the most out of your flowers, make them flowers last forever. You can either hang them or press them to dry and then display them in your home to be enjoyed for years to come.


If you choose not to dry your pretty bouquet, you can reuse your flowers in another way because they’re fully compostable. Add them to your own compost bin or drop them off at a local garden to live a second life as fertilizer for locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Growing Buds

Shop Locally

Shopping locally arguably has the biggest positive impact on the environment. By selecting a local, sustainable florist, you’ll reduce the impact of shipping flowers with a national delivery service. Plus, local florists will provide your recipient with the freshest, in-season blooms available. To learn more about the eco-friendly efforts of Nanz & Kraft Florists, we welcome you to stop by or contact one of our flower shops today.