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From the Heart: Personalized Gifts Ideal for Father Figures

Father’s Day is, of course, when we give back to the fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and mentors who are the backbones of our families. They are our providers and protectors, our role models and biggest supporters – and our best friends! That’s why we want to thank them in ways that really matter. Fortunately for us gift-givers, Nanz & Kraft Florist in Louisville, Kentucky has a variety of customizable presents and fun, memorable experiences to choose from.

Honor the Golf Dad’s Obsession With His Favorite Sport

No golf dad is anything less than obsessed with the sport. We may not fully get it, but as long as it makes your father figure happy, that’s what counts. Give a nod to the golf dad’s favorite activity by gifting him a flower arrangement with golf-themed accents. That way, he’ll be reminded of what gives him the most life even when he’s indoors at home or the office – and probably pondering the 18th hole when he should be working.

Surprise the Sunday Brunch Dad With Artisanal Gifts

Sundays are sacred for many father figures, especially the Sunday brunch dad, whether he goes out to a religious service or reflects inwardly at home. Afterward, he loves nothing more than brunch with the family. Surprise the wholesome Sunday brunch dad on Father’s Day at his favorite post-church tradition with a handmade, artisanal gift – he’ll seriously appreciate it. Check out our gift shop if you need some inspo. Pro-tip: Pick up the tab this time around, too!

Give the Gourmet Dad What He Really Wants

Swiss chocolate. The best olive oil. Fine meats and cheeses. If these sundries are frequent fliers in your kitchen, you have a gourmet dad on your hands! The father figure who appreciates life’s finer things will no doubt savor delicious goodies. Whether his tastes are sweet, savory, or both, a gift basket piled high with his favorite foods is what he really wants. Fortunately, there’s a good chance he’ll share some with you!

Bring the Outdoors Inside For the Camping Dad

Spending time in nature, unplugging from his phone, and boating and hiking with his loved ones: These moments are what the camping dad lives for! On Father’s Day, bring the camping dad’s favorite thing – the outside – indoors with a fresh green or flowering plant he can lovingly nurture. When he tends to its care, it will remind him of those long, sunny summer days spent with his favorite folks, surrounded by the greenery of nature.

Give the Garden Dad an Experience That Celebrates Nature’s Beauty

Gardening is downright magical. You put seeds in the ground, and with a little TLC, you get food, flowers, and more! That’s why the garden dad is all about that hands-in-the-soil life. If your father figure fits this description, he’ll 100 percent enjoy a DIY flower arranging class – especially if you go with him! It’s a chance to work with nature’s creations to make something beautiful and personalized, like a centerpiece for the kitchen table. What a great way to spend QT together, too!

At Nanz & Kraft Florist, find the perfect personalized gift to make his Father’s Day memorable, heartfelt, and tender. Our team is ready to help you make it one for the record books!

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