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Posted by David Kraft on March 16, 2015 St. Patrick's Day

Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day

social copyNanz & Kraft is pulling out the stops to make sure our flower shop has plenty of green plants and flowers to help our Louisville customers brighten eyes with smiles. St. Patrick’s Day began as a day on which to honor St. Patrick, the “Patron Saint of Ireland,” and the Apostle of Ireland. Although the idea of honoring St. Patrick is firmly entrenched in Irish tradition throughout the world, the man who became St. Patrick wasn’t Irish born. He was born in Britain, the son of a slave-owning aristocratic family sometime around 390 A.D.

The story of St. Patrick began with the Pagan religion. There are no records offering a glimpse into his early life. His letters show that Christians captured him – somewhere around Scotland or Wales, possibly even outside Ireland. His captors took him to Ireland where he became a slave. Many years later, he escaped and went back to Britain.

St. Patrick’s Day festivities have evolved into major celebrations. In communities with large Irish-American populations, municipal officials go all out to create fun events to appeal to everyone. Days typically start with parades. Rivers are often dyed bright green, in keeping with the theme of Irish green. Pubs serve Irish specialties, and green beer flows abundantly.

The Meaning of the Shamrock

St. Patrick was a cleric and a bishop before the Pope of the time, beatified him. As a Christian teacher, he used the shamrock – a three-leaf plant, to teach his students about the holy trinity. As a result, the shamrock became the symbol of St. Patrick, and a symbol of Ireland. A shamrock is supposed to bring people good luck.


Shamrock Surprise


Delight someone with a long-lasting Shamrock Surprise. We go all out for this bit of Irish luck. We plant it in a green ceramic cube, accent it with a shamrock-patterned ribbon, and top it off with a darling leprechaun figurine.


Beer Mug Bouquet


If you really want to surprise someone, give him or her our charming Beer Mug Bouquet. We give this mug an authentic look by using amber-colored water and foam, to create the illusion of a full mug of beer. The beer Stein is topped off with a mound of pure white carnations that could easily be mistaken for beer foam. This is the perfect gift for a beer enthusiast in your life.

Leprechaun Topiary

Leprechaun Topiary

Dress up your office, or dress up a friend by sending them a “Love You, Leprechaun” Ivy Topiary. This lush green plant is sure to brighten any room, and the darling Leprechaun accent is a fun, hopefully lucky charm for the recipient.