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Posted by David Kraft on March 14, 2023 Uncategorized

Finding the Best Flowers for Mom’s Panache and Style

The south is especially beautiful in the springtime, even though the humidity and temps are on the rise. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to sit under a big magnolia tree and sip on lemonade with a good book in your hand. It’s also the time to start thinking of what you’re going to get your mom for Mother’s Day, as you want her to know just how much she means to you. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, though, as a custom floral arrangement is sure to please every time. So get in touch the the experts here at Nanz & Kraft Florist in Louisville, Kentucky; we can design a bouquet that caters to your mom’s exclusive and discerning tastes.

The Superhero Mom

Ever wonder just how the superhero mom manages to accomplish all that she does, day in and day out? With boundless energy and to-do list in hand, she moves through the world like an efficiency expert, ensuring that everyone in her family is clothed, fed, and on time to all of their obligations and appointments. It’s truly something to see, as well as worthy of gratitude and attention come Mother’s Day. Surprise her this year with a bouquet that puts ranunculus front and center. This poised flower is elegantly put together, but it has layers that are a nod to the many tasks the superhero mom gets done every day.

The Outdoorsy Mom

Some people just innately feel connected to the natural world and seek it out as often as possible. That can mean long strolls by the lake, spending hours in the garden, or even just working from home from the back patio. Indeed, no time spent outdoors is wasted for the outdoorsy mom, as it’s where she recharges her personal battery and finds inspiration. Help bring some of the natural world inside for your outdoorsy mom on Mother’s Day, then, with a creative arrangement of garden roses that will bring a biophilic design element into any space. What better gift is there for the mom who loves nothing more than green spaces?

The Artistic Mom

Creative moms are in a class all their own. Whether they are skilled painters, printmakers, crafters, or seamstresses, artistic mothers are seriously inspirational, capable of manifesting beauty simply with their own two hands. It’s likely why your home is impeccably decorated, your sense of fashion is on point, and your appreciation of art is low-key on par with a curator. So if you are blessed to have an artistic mom, show her you appreciate her creative spirit on Mother’s Day with a dazzling floral arrangement worthy of a museum. Add dramatic flair specifically with anthuriums, bright red blooms that conjure the image of an artist’s palette. How fitting!

The Sports Mom

The errands that the sports mom runs are many: She ferries the kids to and from practice, brings her proverbial bullhorn to all of the games, makes sure that everyone is well-fed and has healthy snacks for the bus, and so much more. But the sports mom doesn’t mind being busy, as she sincerely loves her kids and wants them to succeed both on the court and off of it. That’s why gifting her with a custom bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day is a thoughtful and generous idea; it will let her know that you see all that she does for you and appreciate it with all of your heart. As for what to feature, make hydrangeas the focal point of the arrangement. Their fat, round blooms will bring to mind the basketballs and volleyballs that bounce around in the trunk of the sports mom’s van.

The CEO Mom

It takes a lot for a woman to be promoted to CEO, a rarity in the working world. Some do manage to rise through the ranks, though, assuming their rightful position of power with poise and grace. If that sounds like your mom, that’s a feat worth honoring on Mother’s Day for sure. To do so with the class and elegance your CEO mom exudes, surprise her with a stunning bouquet of sophisticated orchids. They will look refined and purposeful on your mom’s desk, signaling to all who see them that she is valued at home as well. What better energy could you bring into an office environment?

You can’t go wrong with the gift of fresh cut flowers on Mother’s Day, a classic way to convey your gratitude and make your mom feel valuable and loved. After all, flowers are aesthetically-pleasing, good for her health, and oftentimes have a fragrance that will delight the senses. So reach out to the floral pros here at Nanz & Kraft Florist to get started today.