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Posted by David Kraft on May 18, 2009 Uncategorized

Favorite Mom Contest

Louisville’s Favorite Mom Winners

2nd Place Winner:
2nd place winner 2
Mom, Daughter and the road to the Met
Submitted By: Alexandra S.

Votes: 71 | Avg. Rating: 4.7

Mataji - The Great Mother Goddess
Submitted By: Megan K.

Votes: 61 | Avg. Rating: 4.7

Carol Downs -  One of a Kind
Submitted By: Diane P.

Votes: 59 | Avg. Rating: 4.5

Other Entries in This Contest

Carol Downs -  One of a Kind
My loving mom- A mom to all and a wife to my dad!
Beautiful mother
My mom kicked cancer's butt!
Card playing, always smiling, best Mom-in-the-world!
Tuckered Out


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