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Posted by David Kraft on April 2, 2018 Healthy Plants Collection Uncategorized

A Deep Refresh For Spring With Healthy Plants

We pride ourselves on our understanding of how plants keep us healthy here at Nanz & Kraft Florists,┬áso much so that we’ve devoted an entire category to those plants in our shop. We’re so convinced of the health-giving benefits of plants that we work to get them into the hands and homes of our customers. In spring, we’re often preoccupied with doing a big clean in our homes paring down and sweeping away the last of the winter. But we suggest that you think about what you can add to your space to help make it a healthier, happier year.

We want to highlight two plants in particular. The first is a Pothos, which makes a wonderful air purifier for those recovering in the hospital. This lush green will also help detoxify the air and give a patient something gorgeous to look at.


Though it has a funny name, the warneckii┬ámakes a wonderful plant for the kitchen. It’s the perfect scale to sit on a sunny counter top, where it can work its oxygenating, detoxifying magic on all those cleansers and foodborne scents that lurk in a space where we spend so much of our lives.

We’re all for refreshing the home come spring and eliminating the things that no longer serve us. But equally important is to hold on to—or invite in—the very things that will help us live longer, healthier lives.