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Posted by David Kraft on January 23, 2014 | Last Updated: January 30, 2014 Events Holiday Our Store

How to Decorate Your House With Flowers in 2014

As the New Year begins, people find themselves searching for ways to decorate their homes for the period between the festivities of the holidays and the bright colors of spring. Bringing some flowers indoors can be a fantastic way to liven up the home, even in the middle of winter. As the time to put away the holiday decorations arrives, leaving homes feeling bare and colorless, try these spectacular ideas for adding a bit of color to the home with flowers during these first few months of 2014.



Even though the holidays might be over, red is still a very good color for winter. Arrangements that pair reds with another color can look spectacular. Consider red flowers such as tulip, miniature roses or even berries. These types of plants are very versatile and should work well in a variety of arrangements. Homes with white walls will look especially pleasing with the red contrast in winter.


Another popular winter flower is the primrose, which offers simple beauty and complements the other colors and patterns it is placed near. White spider mums or baby’s breath would also be excellent selections for this color scheme. White helps to bring new life and contrast into rooms where darker colors often become prominent because of the winter months.


Orchids of all colors can be great for the winter. They tend to do well with humidity, so they can even thrive near a window near a shower. Since the blooms last about a month, placing a few around the home in the weeks following the New Year can be the perfect time period as they will need to be replaced around early spring.


An easy way to help bring any flower arrangement to life is to use a variety of different sizes and shapes for the vases. The flowers can be arranged around the houses in areas such as on a mantel, on a side table, or even as a centerpiece. While white vases are always easy to match, earthen colors are also growing in popularity, making them a trendy pick for the new year.


Fashion gurus are predicting that fern and palm leaf patterns are going to be popular in 2014. Those who are feeling a bit trendy can get a jump on the expected popular pattern and use these types of plants with their flower arrangements. Use the greenery of the ferns or palm to pair along with some of the bright flowers to help bring both color and style into the home.

To keep spirits high and homes feeling fashionable during the long winter until the spring sun begins to shine, try to add some flowers to the interior decor of the home. Take a few of the suggestions above, add some personal style, and enjoy the indoor oasis until spring arrives.