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Posted by David Kraft on April 8, 2016 Flowers Gerbera Daisies Spring

Daisies are April’s Birth Flower

daisiesApril is a month filled with cheerfulness and fresh beginnings; a time when Louisville begins to reemerge into warmer weather and sunny days. This is the perfect time to commune with nature; to get out and plant gardens in the backyard, enjoy picnics in the park with friends and family, and enjoy all that nature has to offer this time of year.

Each month has an official birthday flower, and in April that flower is the daisy. This classic flower perfectly embodies all the carefree happiness of spring. The daisy’s traditional significance is childhood innocence and simplicity, often evoking images of fields of yellow and white swaying in the spring breeze.

daisies daisies

Daisies make beautiful arrangements for a home or office, and bring this iconic emblem of springtime indoors. Although the white and yellow flower, known as the Shasta, is the most familiar image of the daisy, there are many varieties of this versatile bloom to choose from. African daisies grow much closer to the ground, as opposed to longer stems; while gerbera daisies bring the bright and vibrant color. As a matter of fact, if you have ever received a floral bouquet which included red, purple, pink or orange daisies, chances are you were holding a bunch of gerberas. This fun and whimsical variety of flower allows for you to create arrangements that fit any décor.

The wide variety of daisies available to you makes it easy to choose for an April birthday bouquet, or for any spring occasion. As a standalone bouquet, or paired with other vivid species of wild or spring flowers, the daisy is a perennially popular choice. The floral designers at Nanz and Kraft are looking forward to assisting you in creating the perfect gift, or the perfect arrangement for your own spring décor. Call us or stop in today for your own bouquet of sunshine.