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August Celebrates Romantic Flowers

August is National Romance Month, and it is a great opportunity to remind your sweetheart of how much you love them. Summer is full of spontaneity, whimsy, and fun, and so lends itself perfectly to romantic gestures. After all, Valentine’s Day is only once a year, but love knows no season!

Floral experts from Nanz and Kraft Florists have been conspiring with die-hard romantics since 1850, and we have the knowledge, ideas, and beautiful flowers you will need for a month full of romance. And we start with the quintessential flower of love and passion – the rose.

Red Roses

Red roses are the most popular variety of flowers to express true love. A bouquet of these classic beauties needs no explanation to the recipient, as they immediately communicate their message. But red is not the only rose that carries a loving significance – if fact, white roses represent the purity of love and are popular for wedding ceremonies. Orange roses signify a heart overflowing with excitement over the relationship, but If you want to say “I love you every day,” lavender roses are a perfect choice.

The rose isn’t the only flower that represents romance. Daisies are thought to indicate promising, new love, which may have been inspired by the classic “she loves me, she loves me not” game. Red tulips signify a bold declaration of one’s love – and peonies stand for marital bliss and happiness. If you are looking for the perfect flowers to express your special love, give us a call. We’d love to help you to create a custom bouquet that perfectly conveys your love.┬áNational Romance Month gives you the opportunity to tell your spouse or significant other that you would choose them all over again – or to express growing feelings for a new love.

Tips for Adding Romance to Your Relationship

A compact design of assorted Ecuadorian Roses in delicious colors arranged in a clear bubble bowl.

Flowers are a must, of course, and a great place to start for immediately bringing romance into your relationship. Take it up a notch or two, though, by making a grand display of romance by doing activities such as these:

Treat your SO to a fabulous night on the town. We’re talking super fancy restaurant, limo, a show, a club, dancing, go until the wee hours for a romantic night to remember.

Take your special person on a spontaneous romantic getaway. Just the two of you, in a beautiful cabin by the water or a chic hotel in a glitzy downtown area creating new adventures and new memories, is very romantic.

Do something adventurous together. Strengthen your bonds as a couple by performing adrenaline-boosting activities together, such as skydiving, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, or white-water rafting.

Enjoy some quality alone time together. Send the kids to bed or to grandma’s house and put on some music, open a bottle of wine, and cozy up to a nice fire. You can enjoy the evening talking, dancing, or just cuddling, and your bond will become stronger.

Romance is in the air in Louisville, and Nanz & Kraft Florists are here as always, to make sure that your passion is delivered beautifully – through flowers.