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Nanz and Kraft Florists

Posted by David Kraft on December 3, 2018 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Uncategorized

A Fun, Creative Holiday

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Of the many many ways we have fun over the holidays, being creative has got to be at the top. Whether we’re brainstorming the best way to light up the front yard, baking the first of many sets of cookies (or fudge, or candy, or cake), we’re hands-on in our homemaking this time of year. Sure, we cherish our traditions, but making new things is always in order during the season. And if we have kids? It’s almost craft overload on our kitchen table. We here at¬†Nanz & Kraft Florists¬†celebrate creativity in all its forms, naturally, since we’re creative types ourselves. And we want to bring some floral artistry to your table and leave you with a way to make your own.

First things first: our Peppermint & Pine Santa. This sweet, sweet table-topper is a real Norfolk pine tree, supported by a substantial Santa pot and decorated with candy. But this tree also offers you an opportunity to decorate with your own ornamentation. Personally, we love the idea of making a popcorn-and-cranberry garland, which is the perfect size for this little tree. You could also decorate with artificial flowers, or make your very own tree topper.

You’ve no doubt got traditional ornaments and heirlooms and lights to put up on your big tree, so save this special little guy for experimentation and creativity. You can even get several of these and do them each up differently, creating an eye-catching and original piece of decor. Have fun!