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Posted by David Kraft on July 17, 2023 Uncategorized

60 Memorable “Just Because” Moments to Send and Receive Fresh Flowers

Sending flowers is common when milestone occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and holidays roll around. However, at Nanz and Kraft, the preferred florist in Louisville, Kentucky, we believe in embracing everyday opportunities to give the special people in your life blooms “just because.” Each morning brings a fresh chance to express support, love, and gratitude, and what better way to convey these sentiments than through the language of flowers?

Whether proclaiming “I love you” with classic red roses, celebrating joy with radiant sunflowers, or sharing genuine emotions with hydrangeas, along with a heartfelt card message, your intentions will be clear and meaningful. This simple act can transform an ordinary day into a noteworthy occasion worth remembering. While there are plenty of reasons to sweeten someone’s doorstep with fresh flowers, we have compiled a list of 60 that stand out to remind you that you don’t need a holiday to make your loved one smile.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. It’s almost your half-birthday
  2. You have been handling all of the cooking for the family
  3. You’ve handled all of the parenting responsibilities solo
  4. Your partner has a week-long business trip and you’ll be home alone
  5. The patio is sparkling clean, thanks to you
  6. You completed couple’s counseling and are getting along well
  7. After weeks of being a study buddy your partner passed a test
  8. You need a reason to smile after a bad day
  9. You ran a 10k for the first time and feel proud
  10. You revamped your decor and a bouquet would tie it all together
  11. You got up to take the dog for a walk all week
  12. You were finally discharged from the hospital
  13. Your stylist messed up your haircut and you need a reason to smile
  14. You mastered your partner’s favorite bread recipe

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. The first 18 years of your life were on their dime
  2. They paid your college tuition in full and you’re grateful
  3. They gave you money for your first, last, and security deposit
  4. They always make Christmas and Thanksgiving magical
  5. They hosted an amazing bash for your sibling
  6. You want to acknowledge the anniversary of their first date
  7. They always watch your fur baby when you leave town
  8. You had an amazing visit and you want to say thank you
  9. They took their doctor’s advice and quashed a bad habit
  10. They figured out their new phone all by themselves
  11. They did something that was on their bucket list for a long time
  12. They gave you excellent financial advice 
  13. They took a trip to a new place they were not familiar with
  14. They did a nice thing for someone you both love
  15. You wouldn’t want them to be anyone else

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. They met an incredible person and made their relationship official
  2. They adopted their first child
  3. You rewatched a film you always loved as kids
  4. They got the keys to their brand new home
  5. It’s been too long since you last saw them
  6. Their birthday is right around the corner
  7. You like to surprise them on their wedding anniversary
  8. They took a big step with their gender transition
  9. They brought a brand new rescue kitty home
  10. Someone they love passed away and you want to comfort them
  11. You haven’t been as good of a friend as you could and you’re sorry
  12. They finally quit smoking and you’re thrilled for them
  13. They are having their first stand-up comedy show
  14. They faced their fears and went to the doctor for a checkup
  15. Anytime you call on them, they are there for you

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. You had a second interview but still didn’t get the job
  2. You broker your personal bench press record
  3. You’re inspired by the nice weather outside
  4. You helped a co-worker in a big way
  5. You made a toast at a wedding that was a smash hit
  6. You worked out at the gym each day this week
  7. You busted your tail and cleaned the entire house
  8. You finished doing the paperwork you’d been putting off
  9. You stayed neutral in a heated argument and are proud of yourself
  10. You are having a party at your house and want things to look elegant
  11. You lost a pet that meant the world to you one year ago
  12. Your work desk is looking empty and flowers would fix that
  13. You managed to get tickets to the Billie Eilish concert
  14. You decreased your sodium intake and you’re proud of yourself
  15. Your self-esteem is compelling you to buy flowers

Whether it’s a bouquet featuring the blossoms they adore or an arrangement with a significant message, there’s always an excellent reason to express adoration, appreciation, and beauty with fresh blooms “just because.” At Nanz and Kraft, we’re standing by, ready to change regular days into spirited celebrations.