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Posted by David Kraft on March 5, 2018 Floral Design Flower Gifts

A Vivid Bouquet For International Women’s Day

On March 8, we’ll join over 100 countries across the world in honoring the achievements and efforts of women on International Women’s Day. And while we may not have a floral giving tradition for this important day, we here at Nanz & Kraft Florists think we should. In Italy, they exchange yellow mimosa flowers, for instance. And while that would be beautiful, we don’t think our gifts should be limited to one flower; after all, what better way to emphasize the collective power of thousands of unique individual women than to offer them the whole range of flowers?

One way to distinguish an IWD design from others might be its use of color. There are three associated with the day itself: purple, green and yellow, which together symbolize loyalty, growth and a dawning hope or awareness. Not bad messaging, if you ask us. To really honor the most influential women in your life on this important day, you could offer them a design like Head Over Heels. Ablaze with purple and supported by green, this piece is a vivid, beautiful reminder of the strength and grace of the women behind the day.

Make giving flowers to those powerful women in your life a ritual every spring on IWD. And take a note from us and use those colors; your gift will resonate all the more for it.