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Posted by David Kraft on October 3, 2017 | Last Updated: October 8, 2017 Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day Flowers Show Kindness

Sweetest day flowers

Sweetest Day has been celebrated in the Midwest for nearly 100 years, the creation of a group of businessmen in Cleveland, OH in the early 1900’s. The inaugural event consisted of handing out candy and small gifts to shut-ins and orphans, and the day has evolved to include any acts of kindness – although giving candy is still entirely appropriate! We also love the idea of giving flowers, as flowers are known to increase happiness and enhance well-being. With such sweet benefits, why wouldn’t you call Nanz & Kraft Florists? 

Not Just for Romance: Many people think Sweetest Day is a romantic holiday, akin to Valentine’s Day. However, the intention behind the day was not romantic at all. It was meant as a way acknowledge people who were down on their luck and struggling, and let them know in some small way that they were cared for and not forgotten. Now that is a sweet motivation.

Sweetest Day Flowers

What Are Some Ways to Celebrate Sweetest Day? Aside from chocolates and sweets, you can call up a friend who is feeling lonely and suggest lunch; leave a grocery gift card on the doorstep of someone still looking for a job, or send a handwritten note to a relative who has been influential in your life.

If you decide to send Sweetest Day flowers, we love cheerful gerberas, sweetheart roses,and sunny sunflowers – as well as carnations, lilies, mums and hydrangea. Any flower is perfect to send your love and support – just keep the bouquet bright and happy!

Whether for Sweetest Day – or for any day that you want to make someone feel special – you can trust the floral designers at Nanz & Kraft Florists to have the perfect arrangement. Make them smile with beautiful flowers, gifts, or chocolates – just because they are so sweet!