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Posted by David Kraft on May 5, 2015 Uncategorized

Spring Flowers: Hydrangea

HydrangeaWhen you think of the quintessential southern garden, you probably picture one or more hydrangea shrubs, because no formal garden would be complete without plenty of show-stopping hydrangea flowers spreading their delightful fragrance everywhere. Hydrangea is a genus to which no fewer than 100 species belong. This luxurious shrub is native to Eastern and Southern Asia, including China, Japan, places in the Himalayas, and Indonesia. There are also native North and South American Species.

Hydrangeas have an exceptionally long blooming season. That gives the people who love these magnificent giants of the floral world, the chance to enjoy them for as long as possible. Hydrangeas are enjoyable as cut flowers in vases all by themselves, in arrangements with other flowers, or as dried flowers. They still look lovely when they are dried.

Today, it is possible to grow some hydrangea species as potted plants. That may be why it is such a popular mother’s day gift and virtual symbol of the holiday in France.

Hydrangeas are unique in that they can adapt to a variety of growing conditions. Some species like Oakleaf, for example, thrive in shady areas, while others need full sun to part shade. Soil condition has a lot to do with color variations in flowers. Shrubs that grow in neutral soil pH produce flowers that are cream-color, whereas those grown in acidic soil have blue flowers. In soil with a very alkaline pH, the flowers turn pink to purple.

We think that hydrangeas are so spectacular, they’re ideal for any gift for any occasion. We’ve come up with some of our arrangements that incorporate hydrangeas, making them even more special.


New TV

For a gift that looks like it’s straight from the garden, give someone our “New TV” arrangement. This combination of pink roses, green Bells of Ireland and green accents, comes to life with pure white hydrangeas. We add accents of curly willow to give it a whimsical garden-like feel.


Susan Marie

Say hello to spring color, spring flowers and tantalizing fragrance with our Susan Marie arrangement. Colorful pink hydrangea, roses, and rosemary make up a delightful and unique arrangement that delivers the delight of spring to any recipient.


Happy Birthday Sis

You don’t have to have a sister to enjoy our delightful “Happy Birthday, Sis” arrangement. We use a classic short cylinder vase to combine velvety red roses, stargazer lilies, hydrangeas, and splashes of lime green accents. This delightful arrangement can deliver any message you want to send – even though its name suggests it is meant as a birthday gift to your sister.

Let our expert floral designers here at Nanz & Kraft, help you with all your floral arrangement and flower gift needs.