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Nanz and Kraft Florists

Posted by David Kraft on December 1, 2017 Christmas Gourmet Baskets

Scrumptious Secret Santa Gifts

Everyone loves to play Santa sometimes, and no more so than when that involves concealing your identity from a randomly-assigned gift recipient for weeks. It just doesn’t get more fun than the group gift swap, with its cloak of anonymity and big reveal at the end.

But it can be a challenge, too. After all, we often don’t know the personal preferences and tastes of our assigned giftee, which is why so many people default to joke or gimmick gifts. And as fun as those are, we at Nanz & Kraft Florists think you can do better.

One thing that absolutely everyone loves is an assortment of special goodies. Offering your recipient something like our Gourmet Fruit + Flowers is like handing over multiple gifts; each item is another surprise, taste and experience. Not to mention, this box of goodness comes with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. This is a picnic in the making, and the kind of gift that keeps giving back.

If you know your recipient is counting his or her calories this holiday season, offer them a healthier gift. Our Cinnamon Cider Basket is inspired by the orchard, with shiny apples doubling as “flowers.” Winter greens, cinnamon sticks and pine cones round out this sweet gift, which could stay on a desk in an office or travel home with the recipient.

Let us put just the right gift in your Secret Santa hands. We promise not to reveal your identity.