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Posted by David Kraft on January 29, 2018 Uncategorized

Rose Bouquets That Are Beyond

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the pressure is on to give the perfect arrangement of red roses. We decided long ago that stemmy, leggy red roses rocketing up out of a vase would be the gold standard of floral gifts on February 14th, and we’ve never looked back since. Nanz & Kraft Florists┬áis steeped in the most romantic of all blooms, but our designs are full of variety.

One of the ways we love to present rich red roses is with a good deal of greenery to offer contrast and a feeling of abundance. In the case of our Premium Valentine Dozen Roses, we’ve added berries and curly willow for a rustic, natural effect. We think this look is as current as it is wildly romantic (emphasis on the “wild”) and works beautifully for someone who embraces a more modern floral style.

12 Premium Red Roses

While a dozen or two long-stemmed roses by themselves make a definite impact, it’s perhaps more memorable to offer a rose arrangement that stands out from the pack. Get on your roses early this year, as there’s such a demand for the holiday’s signature flower that you don’t want to lose out on getting to select the exact piece you want. A more customized design communicates your thoughtfulness as well as your love and affection, so don’t be afraid to offer something less traditional this year.