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Posted by David Kraft on January 21, 2018 Flowers

Put Some Pantone Purple In Your Life

Many designers, florists and other creative types wait all year for the Pantone Color of the Year announcement in December, and with good reason. The color experts have been giving us a design buzz word since 2000, and it has always had an influence on the following year’s decor trends. Pantone unveiled Ultra Violet as 2018’s color choice, an intriguing purple that we here at Nanz & Kraft Florists are excited to style into our floral designs. Purple represents a wide spectrum of tones, some filled with depth, others softer.

Start small when adding purple into your existing decor. Rather than paint a whole accent wall Ultra Violet, bring a fresh floral design into your home that makes abundant use of the color like our Be-Jeweled Bud Vase, with its sky high blooms and popping pinks. In this case, purple’s fun side is shown off. 

One of the enjoyable things about purple is that it comes in a range of hues; many colors are just limited to one expression – not so for purple, a truly diverse color in terms of the emotions and states it evokes. And 2018 is certainly the year to explore its mysticism and majesty, especially through flowers.