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Posted by David Kraft on December 27, 2017 | Last Updated: December 29, 2017 Flowers Get well flowers

Perk Them Up With Flowers

The impact of flowers on health and well being is widely known, with study after study confirming that there are real benefits to be had from living a life alongside flowers. After all, we send get well flowers for a reason, and not just because fresh blooms tend to lift the spirit and boost morale. The exchange of flowers keeps us connected to our friends and loved ones. Plants and flowers oxygenate the air around us, making for a healthier environment. And a 2008 study by the American Society of Horticultural Science found that among hospitalized patients, those who kept flowers or a potted plant in their rooms used less pain medication and had lower blood pressure overall.

Nanz & Kraft Florists maintains a collection of floral designs and plants suited to every get well scenario you can think of.

There’s no doubt that flowers and plants can really cheer someone up who is under the weather, but the question is, which one to choose? We favor designs where bright, bold flowers are featured in a range of pinks, reds, yellows and oranges. The compact nature of a design like 1850 below is what makes this piece so perfect; since it will probably go straight to a bedside table or a dresser, you want your arrangement to fit nicely in the space.

Our Pothos plant – otherwise known as our Hospital Cleanser – is intended to freshen up the air, literally breathing new life into a room.

At Nanz & Kraft Florists, we think that there’s no better way to make someone feel better than through flowers and plants, which have proven time and again to be perfect perker-uppers.