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Posted by David Kraft on December 29, 2014 | Last Updated: June 22, 2021 Flowers Holiday

New Year’s Flowers

New Year and the opportunity for celebrationshutterstock_229555180s, resolutions, and fresh beginnings, is quickly approaching. Every family tends to have their own traditions for welcoming midnight on January 1, regardless of whether they have a few close friends at their home or they welcome large crowds to watch the ball drop. Make those traditions even more spectacular by including plenty of fresh flowers around the residence. These flowers will help to bring a little light indoors and add a smile to everyone’s face. Here are some fantastic arrangement ideas to get started.

Decorations for around the home or apartment

Make the residence look beautiful and welcoming by adding some beautiful white flowers throughout. Consider where people might congregate, such as the living room, dining room, or kitchen. Decorate these spaces in particular with some gorgeous arrangements. White flowers have a strong association with New Year, as they call to mind the fresh beginnings associated with the fresh year as well as the winter wonderland that so many experience in the middle of winter. White lilies and white roses can be particularly useful for this type of arrangement.

Add a centerpiece to the tablezoom_B144119Whitecenterpiece111125122013

Although many New Years parties might not include a formal sit down meal, many do include some kind of food. Whether it is an informal potluck where everyone brings a few different snacks and appetizers or a more formal meal served by the party host, make the table look gorgeous by adding a well planned centerpiece. Use white flowers against evergreens to call to mind the winter wonderland. White lilies can be particularly beautiful. Adding a few candles to the middle of the centerpiece can tie the look together.

zoom_sc11710080385822Have a welcoming bouquet near the entrance

Let guests know from the moment they enter the house or apartment that this is an area that has been decorated for the New Year celebrations. Use some gorgeous white roses, which are often used to symbolize new beginnings, as the central part of the arrangement. These flowers will add a smile to everyone’s face and help set the mood for the evening.

New Years is approaching quickly, so now is the time to begin planning which fresh flowers will grace the residence for any festivities. Select arrangements that will contribute to the beauty of the evening and help make everything look spectacular. Use the above ideas to get started and make sure your home is ready for the New Year. Nanz and Kraft is standing by to make sure every home has the flowers needed to look spectacular!