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Posted by David Kraft on March 8, 2016 Earth Day Plants

Nanz & Kraft – Earth Day 2016

earth dayFor those who appreciate the Earth and all its natural beauty, this is a great time of year. As spring begins to take hold, we can look forward to Earth Day – but did you know there are actually two distinct Earth Days? The most popular American celebration of Earth Day takes place on April 22nd, but not as many are aware of the Spring Equinox Earth Day, observed on March 20th this year, and annually on the vernal equinox.


Each version of the day had its origination in 1970, when their respective founders decided that a change was needed. Both John McConnell, a San Francisco activist; and Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator, saw that the revolutionary mood of 1960s America was the perfect ground in which to plant the environmentalist seeds. McConnell’s Equinox Earth Day focused on global equilibrium and peace; while Nelson’s April 22 “Teach-In” was focused on using grassroots efforts to force legislation. Both days represented opportunities to raise awareness regarding the issues facing our environment.

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If you are looking for a way to participate in conservation of the world’s resources and become a better steward – fill your personal environment with trees, flowers and green plants! Plants are a critical part of our ecosystem, and the more we can replace in our natural environments, the better. Did you know that studies prove that surrounding yourself with greenery can actually improve the air quality of your home or office? Flowers have also been linked to improved moods and increased productivity; and also bring a sense of well being.



As your local Louisville florist, we can create exactly what you are looking for – baskets, arrangements, terrariums and bouquets celebrate Earth every day! Call Nanz & Kraft or stop by today, and be ready for both Earth Day celebrations.