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Posted by David Kraft on February 23, 2015 Flowers gifts

Give the Gift of Violets this February

shutterstock_196566356You might be surprised at just how much meaning and significance the humble little violet has in both ancient cultures and modern day America. The violet symbolizes the rebirth and renewal that comes with spring; it also exudes humility, modesty, faithfulness and the joys of new love. While white violets offer a spirit of innocence and purity, purple violets touch on the spectrum of deeper love.

Stories of the Heart

The heart-shaped leaves of the violet made early apothecaries believe it could be used to treat heart disease and even mend broken hearts. Because of this, it was used as an aphrodisiac and “love potion.” Some forms of Mediterranean violets smell so sweet that their oil is used in perfumes, and the ancient Romans were known to make wine from the violet.

Violets were also extremely prevalent in Greek mythology, showing up in a number of myths and stories. Athens was even referred to as the ‚ÄúViolet-Crowned City,” and violets are connected with stories about Ion, Persephone, Earth Mother Demeter, Pluto, Orpheus, Venus and Cupid. While the appearance of violets in dreams can signify upcoming good fortune and that your future lover may be younger than you, it is also associated with remembrance and resurrection after an ending.

Significance in the United States

The violet is the state flower of four American states: New Jersey, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Illinois. It is also the birth flower for the month of February. Giving violets as a gift can convey thoughtfulness, subtlety, dignity and grace. It is an understated but elegant gift for just about any occasion and an especially nice touch if the recipient has a February birthday:

Delightful Violets. The beautiful Delightful Violets basket features three potted African violets artfully nestled together in with butterfly and bow accents in a a lovely white handled basket. Violet colors range in from purple to blue to pink and white.

Violet Basket. Giving the Violet Basket as a gift means the recipient will receive an abundance of charming potted African violets all nestled close to one another within a 12″ basket. Silk ivy leaves along with a sheer ribbon plus sweet bird accent create the perfectly adorned gift basket.

Blooming Spring Garden. Violets also dazzle as part of an arrangement with other vibrant flowers. The Blooming Spring Garden features African violets along with kalanchoe, mums and ivy accents.

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