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Posted by David Kraft on March 20, 2015 Spring Tulips

Fun Tulip Facts

shutterstock_248293039Spring has sprung, and one of the flowers that seems to scream spring is the tulip. However, what do you know about this popular flower? Become a tulip expert and impress a friend or loved one with your knowledge when you send them a gorgeous bouquet of this fantastic spring flower.

  • Even though tulips are thought of as a Dutch flower, they actually originated in central Asia—likely Turkey.
  • There was a time when tulips were so trendy and popular among Europe’s royals and elite families, that they were the most expensive flowers in the world. This makes a standard bouquet today seem very affordable in comparison!
  • Not all tulips are the same. Actually, there are 3000 different varieties, colors and types—leading to many options for decorating and gift giving with this gorgeous flower.
  • Tulips smell beautifully, of course, but some of the varieties have different scents. Tulips have been cultivated that have fruity scents—that invoke the scent of apricot or peach.
  • While you may not want to eat a standard tulip bouquet delivered for decoration, tulips are actually edible and certain types are cultivated as an accent for salads and other culinary uses.
  • In the United States, tulips are very popular today, but they did not actually arrive to the country until the 1800’s. In this case, the country lagged far behind Europe in the tulip craze.
  • When you think about the beautiful smell of tulips, you may find it hard to believe that tulips are closely related to lilies and actually belong to the same family of plants as onions.
XOXO Tulips

XOXO Tulips

Now that you know some fun facts about the tulip, why not check them out in person? Call or contact Nanz & Kraft Florists and arrange for a delivery of tulips to someone special, or even yourself—there is no better way to say “spring” than with flowers!