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Posted by David Kraft on August 31, 2017 | Last Updated: September 4, 2017 Uncategorized

Flowers for the Perfect Homecoming

homecomingHomecoming is a time for alumni to revisit old stomping ground and reunite with old friends; and for current students to create new memories. Whether your favorite part of the weekend is the football game, the parades or the big dance, Nanz & Kraft Florists have the formal flowers you’ll need to make the event truly special.

Where Did Homecoming Come From? The NCAA maintains that the first-ever homecoming festivities took place at the University of Missouri in 1911.  The head of the athletic department invited alumni to “come home” for the annual game against the University of Kansas. When over 10,000 alumni arrived to enjoy the rivalry – as well as to attend speeches, parades, rallies and a formal dance – they knew they were onto something. Many of the same events are still a part of annual homecoming weekends across the country. homecomingDuring homecoming weekend, there are several occasions which call for formal flowers:

* Often, the mothers of the football players are honored with corsages.
* The homecoming court generally receives corsages as well, although some traditions call for bouquets.
* Returning alumni may choose to wear flowers in their school colors to express pride.
* Those attending the formal dance will purchase corsages and boutonnieres as has been customary for centuries.

Where Did the Boutonniere Originate? Both the corsage and the boutonniere were officially recognized in Victorian era France. The corsage was worn by women walking through the streets, both as a fashion statement, and as a way to ward off some of the more unpleasant smells in the streets. Boutonnieres were actually an accidental fashion trend. When overcoats and suit jackets were introduced with lapels which folded down, the buttonhole was exposed. In order to “cover” the buttonhole the men used flowers, often plucking a flower from their sweethearts corsage as a sign of their relationship.

No matter what style or color flowers you are looking for, you can be assured that Nanz & Kraft Florists have everything you need. From formal flowers to homecoming bouquets, we’ll make sure the event is both memorable and gorgeous.