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Nanz and Kraft Florists

Posted by David Kraft on August 3, 2018 | Last Updated: June 22, 2021 Flowers Summer Flowers

Finding The Perfect Home For Flowers In Yours

There’s nothing like having flowers in the home, whether you bought them for yourself or received them as a gift. First you take a minute (or 20) to swoon, admiring their glory from every angle, noticing all of the little details and appreciating the overall design. After that, you’re faced with where to place those flowers. Naturally, you seek a spot that will show them off to best advantage and allow them to be admired as much as possible. Nanz & Kraft Florists¬†can help you match the perfect space in your home with the perfect flowers you have in hand (or vase).

Consider the following: Are your flowers heavily fragranced? What is the scale (height and width) of the design? Is the look formal, casual or somewhere in between? Is it a mixed arrangement or an arrangement featuring a single type of flower?

Let’s say you’ve been gifted our Pink Mini Cube.¬†This petite, compact, incredibly feminine piece is fragrant and lush. It’s elegant but also energetic, and would make the perfect bedside-table companion. You could also put it on a bedroom dresser or on a home desk. Its fresh, vibrant feel could go a long way to either waking you up in the morning or keeping you alert while hard at work.

Spend a minute considering where best your flowers might live. They, and you, deserve it.