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Posted by David Kraft on December 15, 2014 | Last Updated: December 18, 2014 Christmas Holiday

Decorating this Christmas

Christmas is less than two weeshutterstock_235167862ks away. In many homes, the tree is already up and decorated. You may have lights on the outside of your house, or even an elaborate light display.

This is the time of year when people have drop-in guests, or even occasions where invited guests come over. Now that you’ve taken care of the familiar holiday decorating symbols, you may be wondering about, or thinking about the other things you can do to decorate your home to really make the holiday spirit come to life in your home.

For those who spend long hours at the work place, adding some Christmas cheer in the form of holiday-inspired plant and flower arrangements will brighten the environment and boosts the spirit of everyone who works in the area, walks by, or comes to see you.

Flowering plants, floral arrangements, table centerpieces and other festive plants can really light up your home with the bright, cheerful, warm and inviting spirit of Christmas.

Holiday Poinsettias

Holiday Poinsettias


If you want a lovely flowering plant that will last through the holidays – and beyond, a poinsettia is an excellent choice. Bright red bracts are often mistaken for flowers, but the actual flowers are buds where polle n is visible. The beauty of a poinsettia is being able to enjoy the plant for its deep red (or other color) bracts that contrast festively against the lush dark green leaves. Seeing the tiny pollen specks gradually enlarge as the flowers open is even more delightful.

You can choose a large, lush, Poinsettia in a basket – which is ideal for the office, or the delightfully whimsical Snowbird Poinsettia Garden, featuring mini poinsettias, nestled in an attractive metal container with 2 ivy plants, accents of branch sprigs, a festive candy-cane like bow, and three small snowbirds.

"Let it Snow Plant Arrangement"

“Let it Snow Plant Arrangement”

Other Holiday Plants

The “Let it Snow” plant combo is the perfect host or hostess gift, accent for just about anywhere in your home, and the perfect way to bring some Christmas spirit to places of your home that may not otherwise have it. A miniature white poinsettia and pine tree are planted together in this delightful combination, featuring festive accents of sticks of cinnamon, berries and a lovely holiday-inspired bow. The planter is even more delightful because of the decorative snowman in a snow-covered pine cone hat.

If you want a flower arrangement that exudes winter and holiday cheer, then choose the Frosted Wonderland arrangement. This delightfully fragrant bouquet combines pure white stock and hydrangeas. Holiday evergreen branches, decorative twigs and gold-dusted pine cones complete this flower arrangement that comes in a cube-shaped vase.

When you want the perfect Christmas flowers and plants, you can always count on Nanz & Kraft Florists.