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Celebrating Survival With Breast Cancer Awareness Flowers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s a time for remembrance of those lost to the disease, support for those currently fighting it, and fundraising to find a cure. The American Cancer Society estimates that doctors will diagnose over 230,000 women with invasive breast cancer in 2014. Breast cancer is a disease that touches hundreds of thousands of families and millions of their friends around the country.

Going Pink for the Cause

Surviving breast cancer is a harrowing experience, and flowers inspired by the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month are an endearing way to support breast cancer survival. The lush blooms of two dozen pink roses are a vibrant and meaningful way to commemorate a cancer-free diagnosis.

In addition to the classic bouquet or vase of roses, other varieties that look beautiful in pink, red, and related colors include azaleas, which are a traditional symbol of womanhood in China. Another beautiful flower for pink bouquets is the carnation, which looks lovely against a bed of green foliage and ferns.

Offering Encouragement During the Fight

Treatment for breast cancer varies wildly from surgery to chemotherapy to radiation therapy, and fighting the disease often takes months or years. Even after a woman receives a cancer-free diagnosis, vigilance against the disease is essential for survival.

Flowers in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month are a powerful way to offer continued support to a survivor and to reduce the emotional ordeal of returning to the doctor for checkups. You may want to choose flowers in an orange hue, which is a color often associated with encouragement and success. Perhaps a lovely bowl of orange gerbera daisies.

Using Pink as a Reminder

The connection of the color pink to Breast Cancer Awareness Month means that flowers may also offer friends and family a gentle reminder of the importance of screenings and checkups. These screenings are particularly important for women who have a family history of breast cancer or are over the age of forty.

Many women assume, “it will never happen to me,” because they don’t have significant risk factors. However, family history and age aren’t the only reasons why a woman might be at risk for breast cancer. Awareness and screening save lives. Pink roses and flowers in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month show that you care about your dearest friends and family.

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death from cancer for women in the United States. Using October as a month to celebrate survival, raise money for a cure, and encourage vigilance against the disease is tastefully and beautifully done with a gift of flowers.