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Posted by David Kraft on January 8, 2015 gifts Plants

Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

January 10, 2015 is Houseplant Appreciation Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity to take a moment and appreciate all that houseplants do for us. Better air quality, less stress and more serenity are just some of the benefits that houseplants bring to a home or office space. One of the best ways to celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day is by adding to your own assortment of houseplants as well as gifting plants to friends and loved ones. Consider these ideas for Houseplant Appreciation Day gift-givingĀ for yourself and others:

Croton Plant

The Croton Plant is one of the most beautiful non-blooming house plants you can buy. This gorgeous plant features large, colorful leaves that exude blends of yellow, green, orange and red. Send one already professionally planted in an attractive metal container with a bow accent with the Croton Plant in Decorative Metal Pot.

African Gem Zee Zee Plant

The unique Zee Zee plant is indigenous to specific regions in Africa, but it is a delightfully adaptive and low-maintenance plant that’s easy to care for. It features row after row of glossy leaves atop thick, resilient stalks. Buy one ready for gift-giving in a slate-gray pot and animal print ribbon for a striking presentation.

Peace Lily

Another very low-maintenance and health-enhancing house plant is the Peace Lily. It comes in a blooming version with lovely white flowers and is known for having a cleansing quality on the harmful VOCs present in many households. Peace Lily lives up to its name by promoting serenity in any indoor space, making it the perfect plant for a home or office.

Indoor Gardens

Can’t decide on just one plant? Consider an indoor garden arrangement so that you (or your gift recipient) can enjoy several plants together thriving in one pot or container. A European Garden combines both green foliage and seasonal blooming plants in an attractive 14 ” basket with a bow. A Desktop Garden can bring the serene outdoors into a busy office for a more peaceful space; it features a variety of green plants in a modern glass cube pot with dragonfly accents and a raffia bow.

Whether you’re already familiar with the joys of houseplants or are just becoming familiar, Houseplant Appreciation Day is the perfect time to start or add to your collection. Make Nanz and Kraft Florists your source for houseplants for yourself and the special people in your life.