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Posted by David Kraft on February 26, 2018 Flower Gifts Flowers

Buy Flowers & Plants For Yourself, It’s Good For You!

We’re not doctors, but Nanz & Kraft Florists have made some keen observations about the impact of flowers on emotional well being, and we’re prepared to deliver the results. In short, flowers are good for you.

We’re not going to cite the countless studies that show conclusively that a vase, dish, bowl, planter or any other container full of blooms or greens positively affects your health. But we are going to speak from experience—we live with flowers and plants—and say that everything you’ve read is true. Flowers and plants connect us to nature. They cheer us up. They stimulate and reward our senses. They clean our air. They make us feel loved and looked after. Therefore, we should be buying them for ourselves.

In fact, we’re so sure about their positive benefits, we’ve created a Healthy Plants Collection in partnership with the Institute for Healthy Air, Water, and Soil. It’s a category backed by science and chock full of information from no less than NASA about what’s in our air and how plants clean it.

If you want to pair your healthy plant with flowers, consider the total joy of Orange Crush, an energetic design of hot pink, orange and golden flowers arranged in a vase that is also floating two oranges. Bringing this home (or having it delivered) simply because you love it is reason enough. We don’t need occasions for flowers; they are the occasion, and if we give them to ourselves, we’re practicing self-care.

One of the advantages of just going ahead and giving yourself the gift of flowers is that you get exactly what you want. You get to put them anywhere you want, whether that’s in a personal space such as on an office desk or a nightstand or in a common area, where everyone can benefit from the good vibes. So do yourself a favor and get yourself some flowers today.