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Posted by David Kraft on August 19, 2016 | Last Updated: June 22, 2021 Back to school gifts Uncategorized

Begin their Year with a Gourmet Gift Basket

gourmet gift baskets

Across Louisville, students have left home to begin the new college semester. With new friends, new roommates and new classes, it can all seem a little overwhelming, which is why a gift send from home can be such a comfort. And although food is always appreciated by college students, their tastes are as different as their personalities. Sweet or salty, health food or indulgent snacks – Nanz and Kraft Florists have the perfect gourmet gift basket for any college student’s tastes. Why one is right for your student?

The Chocaholic: Decadent designer selections make this gourmet basket a real treat for any chocolate lover, and is sure to make late night study sessions a little more palatable. The only thing missing is a tall glass of milk!gourmet gifts basket

The Cookie Lover: If they used to stand next to the oven waiting for a fresh batch of cookies, your student will love a collection of freshly-baked cookies baked with love by the Sisters of St. Benedict. Monastery Cookies can be ordered in multiple flavors, including buttermint, shortbread, angel, lemon, ginger snap or almerle.

The Junk Food Addict: Their favorite chips, candies, and crackers are guaranteed to carry them through the toughest term paper, with plenty to share with their roommates. gourmet gift basket

The Kentucky Gourmet: This gourmet gift basket features favorite items from our home state, with all the flavors students have come to love growing up.

The Health Nut: Our fruit baskets offer all the natural energy they need – in the perfect package for grabbing a snack while running out the door for class.

gourmet gift basket

Your college student is out there taking on the world – so let them know you support and love them, with the gift of a delicious gourmet gift basket from Nanz and Kraft Florist. We guarantee it will make them smile!