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Posted by David Kraft on July 8, 2017 | Last Updated: July 11, 2017 Flowers Summer Flowers

Beautiful Summer Hydrangea Designs

In the heat of summer, it is always nice to find those things that bring refreshment. We recommend a glass of lemonade, a cool breeze, and some beautiful summer flowers from Nanz & Kraft Florist. This summer, we decided to highlight one of our favorite seasonal blooms – the light and airy summer hydrangea. Although the hydrangea is most often seen as a supporting player in floral arrangements, it also makes a lovely stand-alone arrangement when several bunches are placed in a large vase.

Looks Delicious! The cotton-candy appearance of the hydrangea may look good enough to eat, but the flower is moderately toxic. Therefore it should be displayed up and away from curious pets. summer hydrangea

What better way to cool off a hot room than with white hydrangea, blue delphinium, and blue iris? (above). Actually, hydrangea is one of the very few flowers that naturally occurs in shades of blue, so be sure to ask our designers to add blue hydrangea for an even more serene vibe.

Or perhaps you want to celebrate the sunshine with this cheerful arrangement of white hydrangea, and yellow roses and lilies. The versatile hydrangea is the perfect accompaniment to nearly every other flower that we offer – which is why you will see its delicate palettes and petals in many of our beautiful floral designs. summer hydrangea

Hydrangea were originally discovered in Japan, but now grow throughout the world – from Asia to the Americas, and nearly everywhere in between. There are approximately 75 varieties of hydrangea, but they all share one unique quality – they are very thirsty plants! When growing on a bush, they will need a lot of water, but after they are cut you will definitely need to keep them in abundant fresh water. However, if they begin to wilt, don’t worry – simply add a little alum to the water, or submerge the entire flower in water until it revives.

Colorful Blossoms: Within most varieties, the specific color of the hydrangea is largely determined by the pH level of the soil. Highly acidic soil will result in very blue flowers, while alkaline soil will yield pink flowers. Interestingly, if the pH level is neutral, a single bush will likely produce flowers of all different colors.

This summer, add elegance and beauty to your summer space, with seasonal flowers from Nanz & Kraft Florists. Whether the hydrangea, or one of the many other flowers available in our Louisville shop this month, you can be assured of the highest quality product and exquisite design. We are committed to it.

summer hydrangea