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Green Plants and Flowers

There is no doubt that the Irish culture is embedded in our own. We have phrases that are a part of our everyday life, we have foods that comfort us, and we even have a holiday that celebrates all things from Ireland. Interestingly enough, St. Patrick's Day was originally a religious observance honoring a man who was not even Irish - yet today, the over 36 million Americans who claim this heritage see March 17th as a day set aside for parades, green beer, and the wearing o' the green. St. Patrick's Day is a diverse cultural feast day, and one which everyone loves partaking in, whether Irish or not. St. Maewyn's Day? Saint Patrick's birth name was Maewyn Succat. He was born in Great Britain but adored in Ireland after single-handedly bringing Christianity to the nation.   Read More about Green Plants and Flowers »
Posted by David Kraft on February 28, 2017 | Last Updated: March 2, 2017 Flowers St. Patrick's Day

New Year’s Eve Floral Decor

As the year nears its end, the team at Nanz and Kraft Florists would like to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special occasions all year long - and we look forward to providing the beauty and joy to life's important moments in the new year. With the holidays rapidly coming to a close, it is time to turn our eyes to New Year's Eve, and the parties and festivities we enjoy at this time of year. Whether you are the host of the party or are headed out to a friend's house to celebrate, flowers are the perfect way to decorate. You probably know that flowers have a language all their own. Over the years, specific blooms have come to represent certain events or emotions, and they often convey meaningful messages to the recipient. On New Year's Eve, many like to send white flowers. In the floral world, white blooms represent a new beginning and a clean slate - is there any better sentiment on New Year's Eve?  Read More about New Year’s Eve Floral Decor »
Posted by David Kraft on December 15, 2016 | Last Updated: December 21, 2016 Events Floral Design Flowers Holiday

Secret Santa – Your Secret is Safe with Us

When you hear "Secret Santa gift", what do you think of? Closets filled with slipper socks, coffee mugs, and novelty tees attest to the struggle of finding a truly unique gift, but we are here to help! Our Holiday Gift Guide has a wide selection of festive options, many of which will keep you on your budget. Become a champion gift-giver this season, with a little help from your Louisville Christmas helpers - Nanz & Kraft Florists. Did You Know? A recent Rutgers University study proved that flowers instantly elevate happiness levels, across all demographics. With that kind of power to spread holiday cheer, they make the perfect Secret Santa gift!  Read More about Secret Santa – Your Secret is Safe with Us »
Posted by David Kraft on December 5, 2016 | Last Updated: December 20, 2016 Christmas gifts

Keep your Christmas Poinsettias Beautiful

Christmas poinsettias are one of the classic sights of the season, and they seem to be everywhere we look! From church sanctuaries to shopping malls, the star-shaped flower with vivid leaves is synonymous with the spirit of the holiday. If you love to decorate your home with poinsettias - or if you have received a plant as a gift - you'll be happy to hear that with a little care, they will beautifully bloom throughout the season and beyond. At Nanz & Kraft Florists, we love everything about the Christmas season, and we want to make sure that your poinsettias stay looking merry and bright as long as possible. Read More about Keep your Christmas Poinsettias Beautiful »
Posted by David Kraft on November 26, 2016 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas Flowers Plants

Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Celebrations

.single #maincontent .img-featured { object-position: bottom; } Every person has their own special thoughts and memories about Thanksgiving, Everyone has a different reason that the holiday is meaningful to them. And when it comes to hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, each person has their own style of decorating their home to warmly invite their guests. For over 160 years, Nanz & Kraft Florists has been a part of the local traditions and customs of the people who live in the Louisville area, providing gorgeous florals to brighten up the table. This year, start a new tradition - with a fresh flower centerpiece from your hometown experts. Read More about Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Celebrations »
Posted by David Kraft on November 16, 2016 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Thanksgiving

Holiday Gifts & Lists Made Easy

.single #maincontent .img-featured { object-position: top; } Let's face it, there is a lot to do this time of year! From the shopping to the holiday parties, our schedules are full and there never seems to be quite enough time. But don't worry - your friends at Nanz & Kraft Florists have a way to lighten your burden and check a few things off the list. With simplified holiday gift giving, we take all of the work out of your shopping - so whether you are delivering holiday gifts in Louisville or across the country, we'll take care of the work. This is how it works - if you ordered flowers for your clients, friends or colleagues in a previous year, Nanz & Kraft Florists maintained a database of both your recipients and your order history. All you have to do is pick a beautiful seasonal product or gift, and let us know what you would like the card to say! Then sit back, relax, and leave the rest up to us. You can trust us - we have been helping Louisville locals compile corporate and personal Christmas list orders for over 30 years. Read More about Holiday Gifts & Lists Made Easy »
Posted by David Kraft on November 8, 2016 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Christmas Flowers

A Traditional Louisville Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving signifies the beginning of a special and memorable time of year. No matter what food we share, which home we gather in,  or which football team we root for - we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving all year. Nanz and Kraft Florists is proud to be a part of so many Louisville thanksgiving traditions, providing the beautiful seasonal arrangements and Thanksgiving centerpieces that decorate your home and warmly welcome your guests in. Read More about A Traditional Louisville Thanksgiving »
Posted by David Kraft on November 1, 2016 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Thanksgiving

Halloween Flowers and Decorations

Halloween is upon us, and at Nanz & Kraft Florists, we love getting in on the fun. From beautiful indoor florals that set the mood, to spooky and whimsical outdoor displays - we have all the Halloween flowers you will need to dress up your home. In all of Louisville, you won't find more hauntingly fun floral arrangements. Read More about Halloween Flowers and Decorations »
Posted by David Kraft on October 11, 2016 | Last Updated: November 22, 2016 Floral Design Halloween