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Bring Some Sunshine and Color To Your Fall Season

For many, the fall season means enjoying a walk through the woods as the leaves are changing, cuddling under a warm blanket as the temperature drops and drinking hot cocoa for comfort. At Nanz & Kraft Florists, we are especially excited about our gorgeous fall collection. Nature serves up some of the most beautiful and inspiring flowers during the fall and we are taking advantage of it with our gorgeous creative floral designs and blooming plants. This season, take a look at our amazing fall line and choose something perfect to send as a gift to anyone in the Louisville area. Or, send them to yourself! This is a beautiful time of year and we’re so excited to share it with you. Read More about Bring Some Sunshine and Color To Your Fall Season »
Posted by David Kraft on August 20, 2019 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Fall Floral Design Flowers Sunflowers

Sunny, Bee-Friendly Sunflowers

Nanz & Kraft Florists simply can't thank bees enough. These multi-tasking powerhouses are responsible for pollinating 90 commercially grown crops and over 80% of all flowering plants. Together, plants and bees have adapted and evolved for millions of years each to the benefit of the other, refining their symbiotic relationship over time like the most successful romances do. We're taking a minute to honor the work of bees by showing off one of their favorite flowers. Read More about Sunny, Bee-Friendly Sunflowers »
Posted by David Kraft on August 13, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers Sunflowers

Insect-Resistant Butterfly & Bee Gardens

What is more peaceful than relaxing in your own backyard during the summer? We love long sunny afternoons in a backyard oasis of lounge chairs, lemonade, and peace. Sounds idyllic, doesn't it? Make this serene day even more beautiful by inviting butterflies to your afternoon - it is as easy as adding a few beautiful flowers to your patio or yard. Butterfly and bee gardens are a natural way to both help the environment and add color and interest to your outdoor space - and Nanz & Kraft Florists are here to help you to cultivate the perfect plants and flowers to do just that. Why Bees? The honeybee population is in dramatic decline globally, as well as here in the US. Bees are critical to the ecosystem, especially in the area of cultivating the food (vegetables, fruit and grains) that we need. Playing even a small part to encourage the return of the bees is important - and experts assure us that when gathering nectar and pollinating, bees will almost never sting. Just leave them to do their job, and they will ignore you.  Read More about Insect-Resistant Butterfly & Bee Gardens »
Posted by David Kraft on July 2, 2017 | Last Updated: June 22, 2021 Flowers Summer Flowers Sunflowers